So far in 1stQuest blog, we have covered the best hotels for foodies in Tehran and also mid-range hotels in the city. What that means is that basically, we have gone over hotels in Tehran on the matter of food and price but what we have in store for you today is the top hotels in the middle of Tehran or midtown so we haven’t missed out on geography either.

So, why are these hotels even worth mentioning? In addition of being economically at a reasonable price because of their location, 5 top hotels in the middle of Tehran grant their guests and roomers a wide variety of easy-access public transportation networks that fan out nearly through every critical district and street of the city and connect the utmost southern part of the city, even the Imam Khomeini International Airport, to the commerce hub of the country in Tehran – The Grand Bazaar, to the northernmost alleys of Velenjak or Darband districts where the rich kids of Tehran once showed off their opulent lifestyles, glamorous through-the-roof parties, and a couple of thousands of Dollars western vintage cars. Ever the same, having the opportunity of booking a room in one of these hotels in Tehran means that you get the chance to experience real Persian culture and lifestyle first-hand and up-close and that puts the 5 top hotels in the middle of Tehran in a grander perspective, enough for us to do an article on them.

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1. Espinas Hotel

Espinas Hotel, a 5 star hotel in Tehran, starting from €70 per night. See rooms and prices here.


Not to be mistaken with the Espinas Palace Hotel right under the feet of Alborz Mountains in the north of Tehran, Espinas Hotel stands out quite noticeably in Keshavaraz street, right to the west of Valiasr Square, one of Tehran’s most important cultural hubs with a three-story metro station and direct access to 24/7 busservice patrolling the Valiasr Street top to bottom, downtown to uptown. Espinas Hotel (Espinas Persian Gulf) is a resort of over 220 tastefully decorated rooms with some luxurious units added to the mix. A traditional Persian tea house with Hookahs, restaurants ready to serve the most exquisite Persian and international dishes, a wellness center accompanied with a fully-equipped gym, an Atrium café well known for its lattes, fresh free breakfast buffet, an indoor swimming pool and sauna hut, and many more are just some of the facilities and amenities ready for guests’ comfort. What makes this old and well-known hotel in Tehran truly amazing is the mindset of its designer and current and former managers. They knew the surrounding busy city life will someday grow exponentially and as a result, it will turn out to be a face-off checkpoint of multiple very distinct cultures that will even attract more people to this part of the city and they maintained their hotel accordingly. A short tour of Espinas hotel, one of the top-ranking candidates in our list of top hotels in the middle of Tehran, will show you exactly what we mean where every detail of the hotel boasts of two features: serenity and tranquility.

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2.Howeyzeh Hotel

Howeyzeh Hotel, a 4 star hotel in Tehran, starting from €42 per night. See rooms and prices here.


The runner-up of our list is going to be Howeyzeh Hotel in midtown Tehran. Right in the middle of Taleqani Street and not so far from the famously recognized Iranshahr park as one of the most iconic hangouts of artists and art students and also in walking distance of Taleqani metro station, Howeyzeh Hotel is a 4-star resort truly living up to its name and the recommendations it’s been gathering over the past few years. Standing tall on the conjunction of Taleqani and Nejatollahi streets, it’s hard to ever find the contemporary lobby of the hotel without a bus-sized group of European or Asian tourists which makes the hotel fairly quiet for the most part. That being said, the friendly bilingual reception alongside the helpful staff tries to make up for all the sound and uneasiness that might be going around in the hotel.

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Howeyzeh Hotel’s rooms don’t disappoint either. 150 rooms on each side of any floor in the form of doubles, royals, VIPs, and suites do a great job of making any guest with any kind of taste happy and satisfied. These spacious comfortable rooms are real life-savers after a long day in the busy city of Tehran and the surprisingly quiet ambiance of the hotel makes all the difference between this midtown 4-star hotel and other lower classed resorts. So if you’re really into adventuring through Tehran from a staging point that gives you good access, a mighty fresh free breakfast, and a subtle resting place for the night, then make sure to book a room in this hotel via 1stQuest’s dedicated page on Howeyzeh Hotel while having fun and learning more about the premises.

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3.Laleh Hotel

Laleh International Hotel, a 5 star hotel in Tehran, starting from €50 per night. See rooms and prices here.



There are a lot of Laleh Hotel branches in all over Iran but the one in our list of top hotels in the middle of Tehran is located on Dr. Fatemi street in the capital of Iran – Tehran. Part of a larger group called the Laleh International Hotels Group, the Tehran branch sits on the northern side of Laleh Park in midtown being relatively close to Keshavaraz blvd and Espinas Hotel. This area of town is where all the artistic hippy type of vibe and culture is beaming and the atmosphere thrives with young college students energy of and spirit, making the nearby gathering spots and cafes a wonderful plan for a late evening walk or coffee sit-down in a cozy underground coffee shop with a mixture of western design and Persian culture or all the way around.

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Tehran’s 5-star Laleh Hotel has 380 rooms with a complete set of accommodation facilities leaving no room for nagging neither a bad time for its guests. The existence of various facilities such as pool, sauna, bank, different stores, Namakdon restaurant with delicious Iranian foods, Rotisri French restaurant, Chinese restaurants, etc.

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4.Rudaki Hotel

Rudaki Hotel, a 3 star hotel in Tehran, starting from €33 per night. See rooms and prices here.

Although being placed 4th on our list of top hotels in the middle of Tehran, Rudaki Hotel has one or more good impressing features to compete against some powerhouses. Another 3-star hotel no so far away from the main street of Valiasr and all the cultural, historical, and business fuss going on around it that makes the option of a fairly affordable yet comfortable stay possible for any newcomers to the bustling capital of Iran or local guests alike. If you look up Tehran hotels online, you would definitely come across the Rudaki Hotel with nearly 50 rooms with convenient access to 2 different metro stations close by, Theatr-e Shahr and Ferdowsi stations. Despite the fact of being located midtown Tehran and on the edge one of the busiest and most crowded spots in the city – Enghelab Street, Rudaki Hotel gives out a safe and sound vibe to its guests and it’s one of most wallet-friendly recovery resorts in the middle of Tehran after a long tiring journey.

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In addition to great public transportation access, Rudaki Hotel is close to some of Tehran’s most visited museums and if you’re up to it, a 20 minute stroll through some alleys, can take you directly to Enghelab square near Tehran university with never-ending rows of book stores and small or big bookstore  malls rows against each other that bring anybody in Tehran to their shelves. The hustle of the book hub in Tehran with approximately 8 million in population and a very politically alive university in the mix is a site to see.

The old building of Rudaki Hotel was renovated back in 1394 (2015) and now it can accept hundreds of guests in its 49 rooms on 9 different floors. All the necessary facilities such as flat-screen TV, air conditioner, free WiFi, fridge, and many more can be found in these rooms.

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5.Parsian Kowsar

Parsian Kowsar Hotel, a 4 star hotel in Tehran, starting from €38 per night. See rooms and prices here.

Only a few meters to the north side of Valiasr square Parsian Kowsar sits in all its glory and glamour. With a semi-traditional architectural design, this 4-star hotel represents true authentic Persian hospitality and its critical positioning near on the major spots of the city brings all types of public transportation systems within the reach of its guests. Parsian Kowsar consists of 96 rooms in different forms on 5 floors that are ready to host the weary travelers and tourists.

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Museums, bunch of well-known shopping centers, and administrative building on the side of the main streets are nothing in comparison to the flock of young people and couples in love flocking the area to have a romantic dinner or time in one of the restaurants or coffee shops nearby or just to go for a walk alongside one of Tehran’s most eye-catching streets. The mood on the street leading to the hotel is so energetic and alive pouring out of all the people passionately strolling down or up Valiasr street and magnificently blending in with all the business hustle going on in close by shops and flavored with a view of small hang-outs in every corner that resisting an evening walk in the area is impossible.

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