Persian hospitality can’t be a thing without the Iranian host forcing lavishing and mouthwatering food one after another to their guests, ultimately being the reason of the guests’ stomachaches hurting at the end of his stay at an Iranian house or at an Iranian hotel, for that manner. This issue is totally severe and serious while no guest can leave the house of an Iranian guest without a handful of leftovers and puzzling sensations of wanting to taste more delicious Persian dishes without exploding.

The same hospitality etiquette and showering-guests-with-amazing-foods can be tracked down in Iranian hotels approach towards all guests and roomers, especially in a culturally-rich and advances as Tehran – the capital of Iran. Many hotels in Tehran prepare and serve their guests with exquisite traditional Persian cuisine in the way they were made for long-gone Iranian Shah’s. And, as for international dishes, luxury hotels in Tehran don’t fail to make your draws drop down in creating the most modern and up-to-date international menus. All this proves that Tehran can be a wonderland for foodies. That’s why, in this article, we are going over some of the best hotels in Tehran for foodies of all tastes.

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel

Ferdowsi International Hotel, Tehran

Ferdowsi International Hotel, Tehran, Iran

Neighboring all the hustle and bustle of Tehran city, Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel brings flavor and taste not only to its guest but also to our list of best hotels in Tehran for foodies. This grand hotel was built back in 1989 and the renovation efforts in 2019 introduced a hint of modernity to the authentic traditional Persian architecture to preserve its spot as one of the best hotels in Tehran. This hotel is well-situated in the center of Tehran with easy access to some of the most impressive sights of the city and just a few minutes away from the …. Metro station, making exploring in Tehran a piece of cake. But exploring in the metropolitan areas is not the only option Ferdowsi Hotel offers. Here you can explore through the diversity of the hotel’s restaurant; Breakfast Restaurant, Fast food, Zeitoun Restaurant, Traditional Restaurant, and even a French Restaurant, you just name it. While the tasty and also, fatty Persian foods are never at absence at the traditional diners of the hotel can be a bit problematic for European tastes, the excellent choice of freshly-arrived fruits and organic vegetables in the buffet dishes brings back faith in the performance of the hotel, food-wise. However, the main reason for us to bring up Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel on our list of best hotels in Tehran for foodies will be its traditional Persian restaurant with original Persian decorative items covering its chairs and tables, clay dishes to give guests the sensation of dining in an old Persian style, and a massive samovar that takes history-enthusiasts on an imaginary journey.

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Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Mahal Hotel, Tehran

Taj Mahal Hotel, Tehran, Iran

Indian and Persian cultures don’t fall far from each other, due to their tight historical relationship that ties them tightly to each other and probably the prominent reason why the performance of the Indian Restaurant of the Iranian-Indian Taj Mahal Hotel in Tehran doesn’t fall flat as well and secures a place on our list of best hotels in Tehran for foodies, or in this case, foodies that are huge fans of spicy oriental food, of course. Cards on the table, Taj Mahal restaurant isn’t the cheapest Indian food you can find in Iran, but without the slightest shade of doubt is the best one you can enjoy in a trip to Tehran and while staying in one of the hotel’s rooms which are a combination of Indian and Persian culture. At this restaurant, the yummy special bread and the one-and-only Kari dish are served in an appropriately decorated setting. Also, in Taj Mahal’s restaurant, traditional dishes from the north of Iran are served like Mahi Mahi. The huge crowd that rushes into the restaurant’s space just shows you how much the spicy Indian food of this magnificent hotel is appreciated among Iranians and they put it on their must-visit list and always suggest it to tourists and travelers. Other favorable juicy delicious foods on the menu are the Chicken Stew, Booti Kebab, and the Tomato Soup.

Taj Mahal Hotel’s restaurant is a deluxe one in our list of hotels in Tehran for foodies and, as we mentioned above, a little bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth the money and the waiting time on the table during busy nights. Additionally, if you’re in Tehran on a business trip and finding a location for your next business meeting is turning out to be a real pain in the neck for you, we highly recommend this restaurant, since the food is the lighter version of their original dishes in India and the interior design and decorations do live up to the highest expectations.

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Espinas Palace Hotel

Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran, Iran

Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran, Iran

If you’re planning to have your meal in a cozy yet luxurious restaurant of a hotel in the center of Tehran, while the sweet sound of live music gently rubs your ears and brings to you the tranquility of spending time in a very delicate space, then Espinas Palace Hotel is the spot for you to book a room at. With prices above average, the restaurant’s staff try their best to serve the best possible quality food to the guests and show them the best time of their life in this marvelous 5-star hotel in Tehran. If we could give our unbiased opinion, we would say that Espinas Hotel is our top pick for the best hotels in Tehran for foodies and in general, everybody who enjoys excellent food and lively atmosphere of a professional hotel. The title of best dish of this restaurant probably goes to its traditional Persian stew called Dizi which is a commonly-made stew of potatoes, tomatoes, beans, and, of course, an inseparable ingredient from Iranian dishes, red meat which are all smashed together in a very Persian style routine. Please note that how tasty this dish sounds and feels in real life, never order it with the excellent yogurt made inside the restaurant, or anywhere else in the country, since they are the all-time food duo of Iran.

The great food, good service, and authentic Persian flavors of this restaurant is something you don’t want to miss out on your trip to Tehran. The diverse salad buffet, the juicy Kebabs, and the other savory Persian stew called Ash-e Reshte all boost up Espinas Palace Hotel as one of the best upper-intermediate hotels in Tehran for foodies.

Parsian Azadi Hotel

This is a 5-star hotel that has been host to many international faces for many years and it’s not an exaggeration to say having a tasty food to serve has been a major factor in this case. Having a delightful trip can be possible when you choose the Tehran Parsian Azadi Hotel. The hotel has a great location in the best area of Tehran. It is only three kilometers away from Tehran International Exhibition Center. Surely you have plans for sight-seeing during your stay in the hotel. Well, in that case, Sa’ad Abad Palace, Golestan Palace, and Negarestan Garden are waiting for you with their rich history. If you are interested in skiing you can try Tochal Ski Resort as well.

The menu of the four indoor and outdoor restaurants of the hotel is packed with lists of flavorful and delicious domestic or international food that a short stay at one of the hotels well-furnished rooms won’t cut it and you need to stay at least for a few days to get a taste of the very unique dishes of the hotel’s restaurant. Same as other hotels in Tehran for foodies, Parsian Azadi Hotel is not a moderately-priced hotel and the food that comes with it, are priced in the same fashion. Most of the international travelers visiting Tehran are madly in love with the Persian restaurant and it’s true Persian cuisine and dishes. However, don’t let that make you feel worrisome about other diners of the hotel, because the Italian one and also the Grill restaurant too have been praised in the comments about the hotel in many travel agency websites.

The Bice Restaurant, the very old-running Italian restaurants in Iran, has been the place for many controversies over its lasting-years of service. The restaurant has a European design and vibe to it and the meals are prepared by the skillful hands of professional cooks and the management is trying to keep this place up to international standards. However, the way tourists have evaluated the quality of the food, well let’s just say that there is a noticeable room for improvement. We really hope that the Bice Restaurant picks up its game so it can make its way up to top tier list of restaurants in Tehran and consequently, Parsian Azadi Hotel can move up to be the best hotel in Tehran for foodies.

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