Tehran is a beautiful city with lots of beautiful sites which could make great recreational spots and tourist sites as well. Here are some places you should see if you ever go to Tehran and free things you can do there as well.

1)Family fun in Tabiat Bridge

The Tabiat bridge is the largest pedestrian bridge in Tehran. On the bridge, there are restaurants where you could buy and enjoy great and delicious meals without any restrictions. At nights especially, the bridge has an amazing glow because of the perfect lighting. You could take beautiful pictures on the bridge and enjoy the amazing view from up there. if you are looking for a 1-day tour in Tehran check out this article: Explore Tehran

Tabiat Bridge, Tehran

Tabiat Bridge, Tehran, Iran

2) Artists Park

The Artist park is a beautiful hangout spot. It is popularly known as the Iranian artist park. There are lots of galleries to behold and take pictures of; there are traditional and vegetarian restaurants and cafes as well. For those who have love arts and communication, the park is a wonderful place to communicate with locals and buy Iranian handicrafts as well. if you are looking for a good hostel in Tehran, check out this article: Tehran hostels

Artists Garden (Bagh e Honarmandan), Tehran

Artists Garden (Bagh e Honarmandan), Tehran, Iran

3) Darband

Darband is a beautiful and lively place to go if you need a break from the Tehran population. You could have breakfast or any other meal by the water while relaxing in the cool, serene, and tranquil environment without any form of disturbance. You could also enjoy the view by the road as fruit paste vendors would be trying to reach out to you to patronize them. In Darband, there is the beginning of a popular Hiking trail for those who love Hiking and for those who does not, chairlifts are also available. if you are looking for luxury accommodations in Tehran, check out this article: luxury hotels in Tehran


Darband, Tehran, Iran

4) Darakeh

Darakeh is located north of the provincial capital of Iran. It is a popular hiking area, and you are free to take a tour around it. The green mountain known as Darakeh is not so difficult to climb so if you are fit and not scared of heights, you could freely give it a trial. After that, you could take out some time and experience what life is like in the Persian village. You could Stroll into one of the tea houses and sip some black tea while you enjoy the warmth of the room. If you are looking for beautiful parks in  spring, check out this article: Tehran parks

Darakeh, Tehran

Darakeh, Tehran, Iran

5) Milad Tower

The Milad Tower is a great spot to get an all-around view of the city and mountains. You can also visit the art gallery and the Milad towers museum. Feel free to visit a revolving restaurant While on top of the mountain as this experience will certainly thrill you. The view is indeed spectacular. in the Shahrak-e Gharb neighborhood, there are lots of options. For example, a mix of cosmopolitan food in Tamasha, coffee in Sam Cafe, Turkish food in Apostrof and some Gelato Lab ice-cream. to learn more about things to do in Tehran, check out this article: things to do in Tehran

Milad Tower, Tehran

Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran

6) Azadi Tower

The Azadi tower contains lots of unique objects which you could see and freely take pictures of. These objects include marble, painted poetry, gold and enamel pieces, cool shades of the miniature, and many other vanished paintings that glitter. All these objects are kept in good condition, and they all represent different periods in the countries history.

Azadi Tower, Tehran, Iran

Azadi Tower, Tehran, Iran

7) Discover Tajrish Bazaar

Tajrish Bazaar is a place to get a perfect Iranian shopping experience. You can freely walk in and observe the food stalls, and other numerous shops selling fruits, clothes, and other items which you can barely find anywhere else. You could also like other pilgrims visit the Bazaar Shale’s Shrine.

Tajrish Bazaar

Tajrish Bazaar, Tehran. Iran

8) Enjoy the view at Tehran roof (known as Bame Tehran)

The Tehran roof is a place you will love to be especially if you love heights and you want to have a full view of the big city of Tehran. Getting up the Bamm is easy as the road has a mild slope which makes it comfortable for walking. You can also use a bus service if you don’t want to walk. Feel free to try the small foods sold at the end of the walking road. The bungee-jumping and paintballs are facilities you could freely take pictures of.

Bam e Tehran

Bam e Tehran

9) Explore the Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is the wholesale center that distributes almost every kind of product to other shops around Tehran. So, no matter what it is you are in search of, you can be sure to find it in Grand Bazaar. You could also try the delicious Iranian delicacies in the different restaurants around the Grand Bazaar.

Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar

10) Ferdows Garden

The Ferdows Garden Is known for its beauty. Its a site you will love. The gorgeous stream that flows through it is something you would really love to see and take pictures of. The different shops selling different artistic products and the cozy café restaurant will surely leave a lasting memory.

Ferdows garden, Tehran, Iran

Ferdows garden, Tehran, Iran

11) 30 Tir street

The 30 Tir street is where the national museum of Iran is located. Very close to the National Museum of Iran is the Museum of Islamic Art which contains art which has existed throughout the Islamic period. The street surprisingly contains the two churches, a Zoroastrian fire temple, and a Mosque. You could like other passerby’s take pictures standing in front of Angel’s wings.

30 Tir Street, Tehran, Iran

30 Tir Street, Tehran, Iran

12) National Garden

The National garden contains lots of plants which you would love to see. They include both Iranian and non-Iranian plants such as African, American, Japanese, Australian, Himalayan and many other plants. The national garden also contains six lakes, hills, waterfalls, fruit garden, picnic area, wetlands and many other beautiful areas which you would love to see. It would also interest you to know that the horticultural and botanical library has over 11,000 volumes.

National Garden Tehran

National Garden, Tehran, Iran

13) Mellat Park

Mellat park is one of the oldest park in Tehran making it a must-see. About 120 trees and shrubs exist there, and if you are the botanical type, you find joy exploring each one. There are two famous statues that make the Mellat park an attraction; they are the “Amirkabir statue” and the “Mother statue.” For the movie lovers a 4D cinema is easily accessible, they even equip you with sunglasses. There is a lake in the park, even though it is artificial the yellow bridge on the lake makes it a spectacle. The first locomotive in Iran sits on the southern side of the park, an old piece but an attraction nonetheless, there is a zoo on the west side of the park, and about 30 species have a home there. The park also has a section for sports facilities like table tennis, football, and the likes.

Mellat Park Tehran

Mellat Park, Tehran, Iran

14) Saint Sarkis Cathedral

Established In the early 70’s the church is a well-decorated masterpiece. Inside the Saint Sarkis Cathedral are many pictures which used to be hung, but have all been replaced with the passing of time. A memorial of the Armenian genocide resides in the church premises and is one interesting place you might want to see. They usually have mass Sundays and Fridays; you might want to join them.

Saint Sarkis Cathedral Tehran

Saint Sarkis Cathedral, Tehran, Iran

15) City Theater

The city theater is a complex which used for art performance, for the lover of art, it contains a whole lot of performing spaces you can visit including the main hall, somewhere called the performance studio, the sayeh, Qashqai, and the cheharsou. The theater itself houses a cylindrical modern building which in itself is a spectacle to behold, rich in architectural heritage. Various art festivals Go on in the theater, and lots of young creative Iranians also perform on the street for money, you could do well to tip them while visiting.

City Theater, Tehran, Iran

City Theater, Tehran, Iran

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