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Top Things to do in Cairo:

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, has so many interesting places and activities to offer to any of its visitors. This ancient and historic city is also known as the city of Thousand Minarets since it is home to so many mesmerizing monuments with Islamic architecture. In this post we’ll go through all the amazing places you can visit during your stay in Cairo. So stay tuned and take notes:

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Isfahan Traditional Hotel; Persian Hospitality at Its Finest

Isfahan traditional hotel, the benevolent “Half of The World” city, embodies the soul, the much-praised culture and history, and the luxury of renowned families inheriting it for generations. Witnessing the hotel from the outside, it may seem it doesn’t have much to offer; however, as soon as the archaic ornamented door opens up on its axle, the real beauty of the hotel splashes out causing any enterer to freeze on their heels and have a moment on spasm.

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