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Everything You Should Know about Homa Hotel Tehran

Homa Hotel Tehran was built back in 1974 and started its work in the same year. This building was last renovated in 2018. It has 16 floors and 177 rooms and Suites which are equipped with the best furniture and facilities. Tehran’s Homa Hotel has a touch of both modern and traditional Persian style. With the warm, hospitable behavior of this hotels professional staff you will most definitely feel at home.

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Complete guide of Tehran’s BRT

Bus Rapid Transit system, commonly known as BRT is one of the latest mutation ways used in especially big cities across the world for transportation objectives. BRT Tehran facilitate public transportation task by applying speed buses. As like other parts of the planet, Iran has integrated such a system to meet its daily transportation needs as well. Nowadays, most major cities of the country, including the capital, have their own BRT routes and buses.

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Museums in Tehran; History in Mid-Town

The very name of “Museum” immediately takes our minds to culture, history, heritage, and art and which land is more packed with all of that than the region of Aryans – Iran. Marks of human influence of a couple of thousand years, countless dynasties emerging and vanishing and while doing so also upholding unique ideologies and thought-processes, the advent of world-conquering religions and prophesized intellectuals, and standing at the midst of Eurasian road in the best geographical location possible have all blessed Iran with a broad spectrum of ethnic groups, world-class monuments and heritage sites, exceptional traditions and beliefs, game-of-thrones like epic stories and heroes, and tons of mind-blowing archeological items scattered throughout its soil.

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