The first time I ran into tourists in Tehran, I was shocked by the fact that they knew where Fatemi Street or Iranshahr district were and how they could take Tehran’s metro, taxis, or even buses to get to their accommodation spots. Most of the best and very affordable Mid-range hotels in Tehran are located in midtown or closer to the downtown of Tehran since their very location make them more cost-effective and desirable to tourists and travelers planning to stay for a good amount of time in the capital of Iran.

Eskan Forsat Hotel

After a long day of possible annoyance and headache in the streets of Tehran which are caused by its immense urban lifestyle and fast-paced nature, knowing the fact that you’re going to sleep sound and safe in one of the Mid-Range hotels in Tehran that’s really worth to its name, puts your mind in an easy state. For this reason, we recommend that you give the Eskan Forsat Hotel in Tehran a shot. Vastly famous for its unique and unseen friendly atmosphere amidst tourists visiting Tehran, Forsat Hotel has a lot of options and amenities ready for you.

We’re going to start with the location. Eskan Forsat Hotel is located at No.29 Musavi Street, between Enghelab and Somaye Street.  near the two metro stations of Ferdowsi and Darvazeh-Dolat which give the guests direct and fast access to the most parts of Tehran.

In your time staying at this well-situated hotel in the heart of Tehran, you have the great opportunity to go and visit some of the most symbolic and memorable tourist attractions in Tehran such as the lively and vast Grand Bazaar, Golestan Palace that thrives with a magnificent atmosphere, the National Jewelry Museum, and so many other attractions. Forsat hotel is a 50-minute drive away from Imam Khomeini international airport and only 19 minutes away from Mehrabad’s Airport for Domestic Flights via a taxi or a cab.

As for the rooms, all 42 of the hotel are spread on 5 floors and are well-furnished with flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, mini-bars, en-suite shower bathrooms, safety deposit boxes, and comfy beds. All of these rooms are exceptionally clean and quiet so you can take refuge in them after a long exhausting day. Furthermore, the free, unlimited and high-speed Wi-Fi connection helps you with all of your internet needs and saves you a lot of time and effort of buying internet packets from Iranian vendors.

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In the early morning, you can enjoy a magnificent free breakfast which is included in the price of your room. Hotel’s continental restaurant and coffee shop are open since early morning till late night, ready to offer guests with a variety of exquisite and delicious cousins and dishes, hot drinks and cold beverages.

Eskan Forsat Hotel is a fairly modern and newly rebuilt hotel in the center of all the action that is going on in Tehran. Back in the year 1971 when this hotel was first to build, it was considered to be in the uptown of Tehran and itself an attraction and travelers from around the world. However, since its renovation back in 2008 it is considered as one of many Mid-Range Hotels in Tehran that has the capacity and the professional staff and environment needed to host tired yet willing tourists who are fond of sightseeing and discovering more about the political and economical capital of Iran.

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Karoon Hotel

Karoon Hotel, Tehran, Iran

Karoon Hotel, Tehran, Iran

Karoon Hotel is a 3-star placed in one the oldest and the longest street in Tehran, called Valiasr street. Having to book a room in a hotel in this street gives you easy and straight-up access to all corners of Tehran. Karoon Hotel has over 45 years experience in accommodating guests and travelers and was renovated back in 2014 to stay up to modern standards and provide convenient housing for its guests. On interesting thing to add is that Karoon name is derived from Karoon (Karun) river in the south of Iran – The longest one in the entire country.

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Being placed in the middle of Valiasr street brings this hotel close to many major shopping centers for those who want to buy a souvenir from Iran. Also, the BRT line that goes all the way up from downtown Tehran to Tajrish square in uptown, crawls all along this historic street.

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Therefore, some of the heritage sites such as Golestan Palace, Tehran Grand Bazaar, Negarestan Garden are at the tip of your touch.

As one of the best mid-range hotels in Tehran, the management of the hotel has considered many up-to-date and convenient facilities and amenities for who wish to stay at Karoon Hotel. Because of that, this hotel has received multiple international awards and trophies. One of the best features of this hotel is that they make their own traditional bread right inside the hotel. So, don’t forget to enjoy this wonderful bread at your breakfast when you book a room in Karoon. Hotel’s yard is also definitely a sight to behold in Iran spring and summer. The odor of orange blossoms spread throughout the interior of the hotel giving it a homely and alive sense that takes the guests on a fictional journey to the hillsides of “Shomal” or north of Iran, where the aroma of citrus farms never ends. Coming back to reality, the hotel’s reception works sleeplessly around the clock to ensure a pleasant and unforgettable experience for guests. They can also help you with airport shuttle transport since the hotel provides its own exclusive airport pick-up service.

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But the real fever of “Staying at Karoon Hotel” starts to kick in as soon as you start to walk into your room. Twenty four rooms in 3 different types of economic, traditional, and VIP suites are ready to welcome guests with various tastes. All rooms are exquisitely decorated and have air conditioning, a mini-bar or a fridge if you will, a safe box for your precious items, and an LCD TV set. The free internet connection is so good that it has sped up some of its guests in giving this hotel very positive reviews regarding this particular manner. Extra information that we can give you on the hotel’s rooms is that they are divided into 8 single rooms, 16 double rooms that some have separate beds and others have double beds for families and larger groups.

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Here you can enjoy eating Persian foods alongside international dishes in the hotel’s brilliant restaurant. Same as many other mid-range hotels in Tehran, Karoon Hotel offers excellent food and snacks at its restaurant and coffee shop. But, fortunately for those interested in old Persian lifestyle, this hotel has a traditional Persian tea house to serve its guests with Persian herbal teas.

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Diamond Hotel

diamond hotel

Diamond hotel, Tehran, Iran

Another of the best mid-range hotels in Tehran that can be found close to uptown is the Diamond Hotel. This 3-star luxurious hotel is located near Modares highway and near the administrative and business center of Tehran. This gives it the option of being most suitable for M.I.C.E tourism and travelers coming to Tehran with business goals in their minds and plan to have a relaxing and uplifting accommodation in one of the busiest cities of middle-east.

The category of rooms in the Diamond Hotel is by no stretch short and unfulfilling to anyone with any kind of taste. Rooms are categorized from A to D to serve different needs of different guests. A total of 60 rooms established in this northern hotel provide an eye-catching view of the city. Also, the hotel is in close proximity of Tehran International Fair which makes it even more desirable for businessmen and C.E.O’s that want to visit the fair.  Other nearby sites are Milad Tower, Niavaran Palace, Sa’ad Abad Palace, and many more.

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With over 60 accommodation units on three different floors, Diamond Hotel is ready to welcome a lot of travelers and guests. Multiple amenities and facilities such as conference halls, sports clubs that include a gym, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a coffee shop next to the pool, and a sauna are set up so that guests can relax and wash away all their stress. The hotel’s restaurant and cafeteria truly are at the level that you expect from a 3-star hotel. The free high-speed wireless internet provided by the hotel also helps guests and travelers to share their stories from this magnificent hotel and Tehran with their families and friends on social media.

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As we mentioned before, the rooms are in four-levels of A, B, C, D. All of these rooms are equipped with in-door fridge (mini-bar), wardrobe, phone, drawers, writing desk, closet, and TV set. Private en-suite showers, toiletries, and slippers can be found in each room and to differentiate units from each other, furniture and tea-maker machine have been added to some of them.

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