So you now you have decided to visit Iran and everything seems to be sorted out except the permission to enter the country…! You feel lost since there are different ways to get a visa but you have no clue which one suits your situation better. Here in this article, we have categorized
relative information by nationalities, so you get to the point faster and start your Iran visa process right away.

Iran Visa-free nationalities

Passport holders of the countries below are allowed to travel to Iran without a visa. However, the duration of stay for each nationality is different.
Armenia: 90 days in 180 days
Azerbaijan: 14 days
Bolivia: 30 days
China: 21 days
Egypt: 20 days
Georgia: 45 days
Lebanon: 30 days within 180 days
Malaysia: 15 days
Syria: Visa not required if arriving directly from Damascus airport only for 90 days every 180 period
Turkey: 90 days
Venezuela: 30 days

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enter Iran without visa

Iran visa free countries

Iran visa for The United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America

Citizens of these three countries have to undergo a very long process to obtain an Iran visa. They should apply for their visa through a travel agency around 2 months before their date of arrival. They need to provide their passport photo, a passport-sized photo, professional CV and a detailed itinerary of their Iran trip including all the hotels they’re going to stay in and all the places they’re planning to visit. The 1stQuest support team has helped many travelers from these three countries. Their dedicated team assists travelers from step one until their
departure day. Feel free to contact [email protected] to get more information.

US, UK, and Canadian citizens must get authorization from the agency. After the code is provided, they should go to an Iranian embassy or consulate in any country to pick up their visas before they arrive at an Iranian airport.

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Iran visa for Afghanistan, Bangladesh

Passport holders of these two countries cannot apply for an authorization code through travel agencies or MFA official website. They need to go to an Iranian embassy or consulate directly and ask for an Iran visa. However, they can apply for insurance, book their hotels, flight and bus tickets, tours and other services with 1stQuest.

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Iran visa for Iraq, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Yemen, Jordan, Somalia, and Pakistan

Citizens of these countries must apply for an authorization code through a travel agency and pick up their visas from an Iranian embassy or consulate. They cannot opt to collect their visa at Iranian airports, nor apply for an Iran visa on arrival.
In order to apply for a code, they should:
1. Fill out the visa form at
2. Upload the photo of their passport’s first page and a passport-sized picture
3. Pay the visa service fee

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Iran visa application form

Iran visa application form

Iran visa for other countries

Nationals of all other countries have three options in order to get an Iran visa:
i. You might think it is best to apply for your Iran visa through the MFA official website. Take my advice as previous customer support at 1stQuest: in most cases they keep you waiting for weeks and in the end, they ask you to apply through a host or travel agency in Iran. Do not waste your time on this option!

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ii. The second option is to get a ticket to Iran, pack your bags and apply for a visa on arrival. Here are the reasons this is a
risky decision:
First, some airlines do not allow you to get on board if you do not have a visa of your destination country in your passport.
Second, there might be a waiting line at the airport and chances are you get rejected and forced to return to your country.
However, if you are planning to apply for a visa on arrival, you need to have these documents in hand: Your passport, two passport-sized photos, travel insurance, hotel reservation for your first night in Iran and your visa fee (in cash).

iii. The safest and most reasonable method to get an Iran visa is to apply for an Authorization Code through a travel agency or
a host in Iran. The chance of visa refusal is the least possible and you get your code within 3 working days. Follow the steps below to learn how to get the authorization code and pick up your visa:

1. Fill out the visa form at
2. Upload the photo of your passport’s first page and a passport-sized picture
3. Apply for travel insurance at the end of your Iran visa application form
4. Pay the service fee
5. Receive your insurance file and authorization code via email in the following 3 working days
6. Print out both files on the paper
7. Pick up your Iran visa  an Iranian embassy or at the airport upon arrival.
Keep in mind that you need to decide where to collect your visa when you’re filling out the visa application. If you are located near to an embassy or a consulate it is a better idea to get your visa from them. It is even cheaper!

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Iran visa

Iran visa

Entry to Iran by a land border

If you are planning to enter by a land border, it is mandatory to have your visa collected in advance. In order to do so, you need to choose one of Iranian embassies or consulates to pick up your visa from before your arrival.

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Rejected by MFA official website before

It is pretty common to get rejected by MFA official website when you apply for your code through them. Most of the time they ask you to apply through a host or an agency in Iran.
There is nothing to worry about. You can rest assured that your rejection will not affect your second visa application and you are not the only applicant experiencing this process.

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What if I have dual citizenship?

In case you have two passports and one of them is British, American or Canadian, you are not allowed to use your second passport to travel to Iran. However, if you need more information about your personal case, feel free to contact 1stQuest support team at [email protected]
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