Obtaining a visa can be a stressful obstacle on the way of traveling to new countries and visiting new places. Getting an Iran Visa is no exception. If you have decided to travel to Iran, you may already know there are different ways to get an Iranian tourist visa. Your online search results may be confusing with conflicting information. The official government website offers very little help as to requirements and time frames.

Here we have provided a short guide on the ways you can apply for your Iran visa online, including up to date fee information. If you follow the steps below, you can expect a pleasant (stress-free) experience in getting your Iran visa.

Iran Visa

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Which type of visa?

Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues different kinds of visa for those who want to enter the country based on the purpose of their travel including Entry Visa, Tourist Visa, Pilgrimage Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Education Visa, Temporary Work Visa, Transit Visa, Media Visa (Press Visa), Investment Visa, Marital Visa, and Medical Visa. Each having their own requirements, our main focus here is on Tourist Visa through which non-Iranian nationals who intend to visit Iran for touristic purposes can enter the country.

You can get your Iran visa in 2 days through 1stQuest

You can get your Iran visa in 2 days through 1stQuest

To apply for a Tourist visa, you can either fill the Iran visa application form online through its website, get Iran visa on arrival (Iran VOA) at the airports, or let travel agencies do all the steps and make the process hassle-free for you. Apply for Iran visa online through the agencies’ websites (like 1stQuest) and they will get the authorization number you need to collect your visa.

Iran visa

Applying for your Iranian Visa is easy with 1stQuest.com

But which one you should choose: VOA, e-visa site or visa through an agency? All in all, the approach you may choose depends on several factors like your nationality, the city you are located in or you want to travel from, the time span you can wait for the visa to be approved and also the risk you are ready to take for getting VOA or visa in advance.

Applying for Iran visa is really easy with 1stQuest.com

Applying for Iran visa is really easy with 1stQuest.com

To sum it up, VOA is available for citizens of most countries except the US, UK, Canada, Somalia, Bangladesh, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka who are not eligible to get Iran visa on arrival and should apply in advance.

Do you want to get your visa in 2 days without any hassle? 1stQuest will take care of all the process with best support. It`s cheap, easy and the chance of rejection is almost 0%.

On the other hand, the citizens of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Syria, Armenia, Venezuela, Serbia, and Bolivia can enter Iran without a visa, they only need to get entry permit at the borders.


Iran Visa On Arrival fee

Avoid delays and stress at the airport, apply for your visa in advance.

Even if you are eligible for VOA, you may still want to be sure about getting the visa stamp and choose the more secure way of getting the visa authorization number in advance. Here you can have two options: submitting information on the e visa Iran website or applying through an agency. Our recommendation? If you have enough time to wait, the Iran e-visa website would be a good option. Sometimes it takes several weeks to respond or you need to apply several times as your applications get rejected with no clear reason; I say with no clear reason as we had clients traveling to Iran as a family or small group, with the same host and travel information among which some get rejected while their fellow travelers get their visa number. However, if you do not have enough time to wait for the website to finally respond, the most logical choice is asking a travel agency like 1stQuest to apply for you. Now that you have decided on the type of Iran visa you want to get, it is better to get more detailed information about the Iran visa fee.

1stQuest service fee for Iran visa is just 19 EUR

1stQuest service fee for Iran visa is just 19 EUR

What are the Iran visa fees?

Having different procedures, you need to pay different costs for each of the above-mentioned ways. Depending on your nationality, you should pay 10-150 euros for Iran VOA. TheseIran visa fees are simply a reflection of what Iranian citizens should pay at the time of their arrival to the respective country as visa fees. See the table below for more detailed information and note that the costs mentioned in the table was announced by Iran MFA in 2018 but may change by the time you arrive at Iran airports. So our recommendation is to have enough cash (as Iran would not accept international cards) in case it is needed.


NationalityFee/ EuroNationalityFee/ EuroNationalityFee/ EuroNationalityFee/ Euro
Argentina70Fiji55Malt75Sierra Leone120
Belarus25Germany75Morocco30South Africa80
Belgium75Ghana75Nepal40South Korea50
Bosnia50Guinea75New Zealand150Sweden75
Bulgaria75Hong Kong80Nigeria55Taiwan100
El Salvador60Luxembourg75Russia70Zambia70
Eritrea40Macedonia50Saudi Arabia30Zimbabwe45


Applying online for a visa authorization number, travel agencies would charge from 30 to even more than 60 euros for their services. However, our service fee for the visa, at 1stQuest, starting from 19 euros; yes, much cheaper than what you may expect. Getting the authorization number, you should pay the collection fee or as it is named stamp fee in the embassy or at the airport (where you had chosen as your pick up the place). Again the cost of visa stamp varies based on your nationality and also the consulate or embassy through which you are getting your visa stamp. But in most cases, the cost is less than what you pay for VOA. If you choose to get your passport at your door, an extra cost of 10-15 euros may also be added.

Besides the Iran visa fee and also the service fee (if you are applying through an agency), you need to have valid insurance which mentions Iran clearly, otherwise, you need to buy one. But don’t worry, it is almost 14-20 euros and you can easily buy one at the airport or in advance through 1stQuest applying for your visa.

Iran visa

Apply for Iran visa through 1stQuest

All in all, our recommendation is to apply for authorization number in advance but to apply via an agency as the e-visa site is still non-responsive in most cases. The advantages of getting your Iran visa via 1stQuest are threefold: you can be sure about entering the country without any problem; you will avoid all the queues and waste of time at the airport, and you can pick up your visa at any embassy or Iran international airport you mention in your request. Also having a connection at MFA can speed up the process of getting authorization number which mostly takes 2 weeks.

1stQuest is one of the best agencies offering online Iran visa services at reasonable prices, easy to use procedure and responsive staff. Our agents will be on your side throughout all the steps from applying for Iran visa online to picking up your visa at the embassy or airport, answering your questions and providing any information or service you may need like travel insurance.

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