Looking to travel to Iran in the future? if you have started planning your trip, you may already have realized traveling to Iran requires a visa. Visa requirements are different depending on the country you are from. For some, they are pretty straightforward, while for others they can end up being a hassle. We’ve listed the requirements that will work travelers with a Pakistan passport.

How can Pakistanis apply for an Iran visa?

Iran and Pakistan have good terms and relations towards each other. This makes that the requirements for Iran Visa are not too difficult for travelers with a Pakistani passport. However, unlike several nationalities, it is not possible for Pakistani passport holders to get an Iran Visa on arrival. The only procedure for obtaining an Iran visa for Pakistan is to visit the local embassy or do the application online. From April 2017, Iranian Embassy made it mandatory that all the Iran Visa applications will be processed online. They have developed a website and an online portal for this purpose so you can apply for an Iran visa from the comfort of your home. Once your application is processed an interview will be held in the nearest consulate or embassy. Iran visa for Pakistan is available through 1stQuest.com now.

iran visa

Iran visa

Documents needed for Iran visa for Pakistan:

Once you have provided the basic details, your application process is started and then you will be asked to provide the visa requirements and documents such as:

For tourist visa:

1. A valid passport with at least 6 months validity
2. A confirmed return ticket within a 30-day timeframe
3. A photo to be attached to the Iran visa application form
4. Visa stamp fee, which is payable to the Iran Visa & Passport Office at the embassy. which is 40 EUR for the embassy and 29 EUR if you apply online through 1stQuest.
5. The authorization letter that has to be sent from the Iranian travel agency to Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs at least 48 hours before your arrival to Iran airport.
6. Not officially listed but mandatory: travel insurance valid for Iran. Printed.

Iran visa

Each country has its own photograph requirements, Iranian requirements are that the photo should be taken with a white or off white background and it should have been taken in the last 6 months to reflect your current facial appearance.

How much is the price of Iran visa for Pakistan 2019?

The Iran visa fee for Pakistan is 40 EUR for the embassy and 29 EUR is the service fee if you apply online through 1stQuest.


Iran visa for Pakistanis

Traveling to Iran from Pakistan

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What’s involved for Pakistanis to apply for an Iran Visa?

The procedure for applying for an Iran visa for Pakistan according to the visa policy of Iran starts with filling in an Iran Visa Application form. This can be downloaded from the website, or you can get it from the Iran Embassy as well or you can fill the 1stQuest online Iran visa for Pakistan application form. Once you get the Iran Visa form, get it filled completely and correctly. Here you will have to select the type of visa you wish to apply for and the timing of your interview at the embassy you have chosen to issue your visa. The information you need to fill in also includes

  • Passport Number
  • Residential Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Purpose of visit
  • of days you will stay
  • The cities and areas where you will be traveling
  • Processing Fee
  • Period for which you require Visa
Iran visa application for Pakistan

Iran visa application for Pakistan

Other documents that you need to submit with the Iran Visa Application form are your National Identity Card and Passport with Photo Copies, two latest photographs, and a medical certificate.

For females traveling alone to Iran must submit an authorization letter from their father or husband otherwise their application for Iran visit Visa will not be considered. You can apply for an Iran visa at ultimate ease through 1stQuest. so do not hesitate to apply.

Once you have filled in the Iran Visa Application form and have collected all the required documents, you can submit the documents and the passport to your nearest Iran Embassy in Pakistan from Monday to Thursday 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. You will also have to pay the visa fee while applying for Iran Visa.

Once your Iran Visa application gets approved, you can collect your Passport and documents from the Embassy from Monday to Thursday from 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM. However, it is better to call before you leave for the Embassy so that you may save your precious time.

Iran visa

If you want to personally visit the consulate for applying for visa then make sure you have the following documents:

  • Completely filled Visa Application form with a copy
  • 4 recent photographs
  • Valid Passport for 6 months
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Visa fee

The timings of Visa Application Department are from 9 am to 12 pm, in Pakistan, you can visit the following embassy & consulates to apply for the visa.

Also, keep in mind that the embassy can ask you for additional documents and requirements for during the application of your Iran visa.

Iran visa application form

Imam Khomeini airport

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What types of Iranian visas can Pakistani passport holders apply for?

There are several types of visas that you can apply for, including tourist, pilgrimage, business (short term business activity), transit (usually valid for three days), Iranian student visa, temporary worker visa, parent visa, spousal visa, and Iranian marriage visa.

Tourist visa

This is the type of visa issued for a short period of leisure travel. No business activities are permitted with this visa. The maximum stay in Iran with this visa is 30 days. Exceptions are rarely made.

Business visa

This is the type of visa that permits a short period of business activity in Iran.

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iran business visa

Iran business visa requirements


Transit visa

If you are not staying in Iran for traveling but wish to travel further to a third destination, then this is the type of visa needed. It is valid for travel through a port in Iran and is usually valid for three days.

Although there is still an easy way to get your Iran visa online through 1stQuest.

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