Dreaming of exploring the ancient wonders of Iran? Good news awaits! Many nationalities enjoy visa-free travel to Iran, a land steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty. In this guide, we unveil the countries whose citizens can enter Iran without a visa, along with the duration of their stay.
Visa-Free Travel to Iran: A Golden Opportunity:

Delve into the list of fortunate countries whose citizens can enter Iran without the hassle of obtaining a visa. From Armenia to Venezuela, explore the diverse range of nationalities granted this privilege and the duration of their stay. Check out the table below for a detailed breakdown.


Country Day
Armenia 90
Oman 90
Turkey 90
Syria 90
Georgia 45
Lebanon 30
Iraq 30
Bolivia 30
Hong Kong 21
Macao 21
China 21
Egypt 20
Venezuela 15
Azerbaijan 14
Kazakhstan 14
Malaysia 14
India 15
United Arab Emirates 15
Bahrain 15
Saudi Arabia 15
Qatar 15
Kuwait 15
Indonesia 15
Brunei 15
Japan 15
Singapore 15
Cambodia 15
Vietnam 15
Brazil 15
Peru 15
Cuba 15
Mexico 15
Bolivia 15
Bosnia and Herzegovina 15
Serbia 15
Croatia 15
Belarus 15
Uzbekistan 15
Kyrgyzstan 15
Tajikistan 15
Tunisia 15
Mauritania 15
Tanzania 15
Zimbabwe 15
Mauritius 15
Seychelles 15
Russia (tourist groups only, at least a group of six travelers)* 15
* For more information on visa-free Russian group tours, contact us.

Note: citizen of these countries can enter Iran every 6 months for 15 days and this is not extendable. For stay more they simply need to apply for Iran Single Entry Tourist Visa. For Indian nationalities it’s only applicable to those who are travel by air. 

Your nationality was not listed in the visa-waver program. 1stQuest is ready to help. Apply for Your Iran Single Entry Tourist Visa with 1stQuest Now.

Are you a British, American or Canadian Passport holder? Contact our support team at: [email protected] to assist you with the procedure. 

And if you’re Afghan, Pakistani or Ukrainian you need to apply through Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly. According to law travel agencies can not help you, unfortunately.

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