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How Australians can Apply for an Iran visa?

Are you interested in seeing the beautiful country of Iran, but not sure how the visa process works? You’ve come to the right place! This article outlines the Iran visa for Australians process, wishing to visit this historical land famous for its warm hospitality, stunning architecture, and rich culture.

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Iran in Depth

A Wonderful Experience in Yazd

The desert city of Yazd, located about 620 kilometers from Tehran or 310 from Esfahan, is an old town with a rich history. There are many things to do and see in and around this fascinating city, including significant Zoroastrian sites, the historic city of Yazd with its still-inhabited mud-brick dwellings, and the vast expanse of sand-dunes and desert activities. Along with its laid-back atmosphere and predictably dry weather, it comes as no surprise that Yazd is a popular tourist destination; there are several travel agencies with English speakers in the main town, with some goods and services even priced in euros. Two friends and I made a last-minute plan to go to Yazd over a 4-day weekend, and it quickly became one of my favourite Iranian destinations.

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