What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is when a person travels overseas to obtain medical, dental, or surgical care, while simultaneously enjoying this trip as a leisure vacation. Medical tourists are usually looking for a more budget-friendly, accessible, yet professional treatment. Most patients traveling abroad are seeking cancer treatments, cosmetic and plastic surgeries, fertility treatment, and bariatric surgery. Many Asian countries have seized this opportunity to duly provide them with their desired care to a point where now the continent is experiencing a boom in the medical tourism industry.

Iran, and more specifically Tehran, has now become capital in the field of cosmetic surgeries in the world, especially in nose jobs. In 2017, Iran’s medical tourism sector estimated worth was about 1.7 billion US dollars, which is expected to grow to 4 billion US dollars by 2020.

Who Is Traveling to Iran for Medical Care?

Iran’s medical tourists are of two types: Some are travelers coming from neighbor countries; namely Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Oman, and Afghanistan. This group is usually seeking both lifesaving treatments and cosmetic surgeries such as ophthalmology, infertility treatment, open heart surgery, spine surgery, and organ transplant.

Iran also has medical tourists visiting from more developed countries who are mostly looking for cosmetic, life-altering procedures including but not limited to the highly popular rhinoplasty, bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, breast surgery, and gastric sleeves or bypasses.

A key factor in choosing Iran between these groups is the Iranian surgeons’ high experience and proficiency in the field.

traveling to Iran

Traveling to Iran

Why Are Medical Tourists Choosing Iran?

Iran is quickly becoming the next international medical tourism hub, both for medicinal and cosmetic procedures. Reasons for the country becoming the popular destination that it is range from the low costs to the skilled hands of the Iranian doctors and surgeons.

Cost-effective Options

Years of sanctions resulting in inflation has been drastically decreasing the value of Iran’s currency compared to the dollar and Euro. This itself has rendered all expenses virtually ridiculous and nonexistent for travelers possessing such currencies. For example, a rhinoplasty all-inclusive package in Iran is approximately 90% cheaper than the surgery in the U.S; you can a high-quality full nose job package in Tehran with $1,800 to $2,800 while just the surgery cost $5,000 to $30,000 in NYC or LA.

World-class Facilities

A medical job is the most sought-after career choice among Iranian people. The enthusiasm in the field has led to hospitals and clinics constantly seeking to improve their facilities and to provide both their staff and their patients with state-of-the-art technologies. There are now specialized hospitals that have been granted the license to admit international patients in the country’s biggest cities, competing with each other to bring in the most up-to-date equipment available worldwide.

Talented and Experienced Surgeons

Most medical professionals in Iran get their medical degrees from renowned medical schools in the U.S., Europe, and Iran and after having years of vigorous training they are faced with a vast market. There is a running beauty obsession in Iran due to the country’s high standards and media’s advertisements. The added population of medical tourists to Iranians, who are already in constant demand for various cosmetic and other surgeries and procedures, offers Iranian doctors the chance to master their skills like no other ones in the world.

Quick and Accessible Services

One of the driving factors for medical tourists is the fast provision of services meeting their needs. As a medical tourist, you will never have to go through the hustle and bustle of a waiting list and finding the right doctor and the right hospital: everything you might need has already been provided for you before you even reach your destination. As a medical tourist in Iran, you will also be considered a VIP patient and given a private room in the special ward most hospitals have designated for tourists.

Traditional and Alternative Methods

Iran has a long history of traditional medical practices coupled with a generous landscape. Many of the traditional herbal treatments are still an inseparable part of Iranians’ everyday life. Iran is also a land of Hot Springs, volcanic mud, and mineral springs, with many medical resorts built around them to facilitate the use of their benefits for those interested.

Rich History and Mesmerizing Landscape

A prominent aspect of medical tourism is its combining of medicine and tourism. A medical tourist in Iran can enjoy all the perks of any other traveler. The first historical and urban settlement in Iran dates back to 4000 BC, and since then this country has hosted many rulers and dynasties, the relics of which still visible in every part of the land. Also, Iran’s unique and varied natural sites are a must-see for anyone interested in a wholesome vacation in nature.

Governmental Support

Iran’s government has also been supporting the field after realizing its potential as revenue for boosting the country’s economy, granting about 200 hospitals IPD (International Patients Department) permits. The country has also embarked on a visa waiver program, easing what used to be a tedious process of obtaining a visa.

How Can I Arrange My Medical Trip to Iran?

Due to all the mentioned advantages, many people are looking to travel to Iran to obtain medical aid or for cosmetic surgeries. As a medical traveler, you may choose to travel personally during an extensive period and while in the country, you can put in the time to search and find different doctors, visit various facilities, and witness their work firsthand.

Of course, with the burgeoning demand, new online and offline resources have risen to help guide you in this trip should you wish. Nowadays, people find it easier to use the available online medical facilitators that help facilitate their trips, introduce them to the best cosmetic surgeon available in Iran, and see to it that their experience stay positive throughout. One of these companies is GOMEDIRAN which is one of the most reliable and the best online medical facilitators working in this field and providing medical tourists with the care.

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