Are you interested in seeing the beautiful country of Iran, but not sure how the visa process works? You’ve come to the right place! This article outlines the Iran visa for Australians process, wishing to visit this historical land famous for its warm hospitality, stunning architecture, and rich culture.

Australians can apply for an Iran visa in a couple of different ways. Unlike some other countries, Australians aren’t obliged to visit Iran as part of a group tour and are welcome to travel solo, however having an English-speaking guide to enlighten you on the significance and history of each site will certainly enhance the experience.

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Iran Visa application for Australians

The more conventional method of visa application is applying online, then send the required documents to the Iranian embassy in Canberra. Step one of this process is applying for the visa grant at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. You must start this application no earlier than 3 months before your planned arrival in Iran, whilst still allowing sufficient time for the entire process to take place; it’s suggested you start the process as early as possible to allow for any delays. It’s a straightforward application; you simply select your required visa type and provide personal and passport details, as well as a photo of yourself. Once all the required steps are completed, you should receive an email within two weeks informing you of the outcome. Communications regarding your visa application will be via email, so ensure you regularly check your inbox.

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Alternatively, an approved travel agent can complete this step on your behalf, providing the visa grant notice for you to collect at an Iranian embassy or at the airport on arrival.

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Once you have received the email containing your visa grant notice, you must post all required documents to the Iranian Embassy in Canberra. It’s important to note that you do not need to visit the embassy in person, nor send your passport, except in the unlikely case that you are requested to be seen for an interview. The documents to send include the visa grant notice, applicable visa fee by bank cheque or money order, and a filled-out Iran visa application form. The grant notice is valid for 30 days from the date of issue, so it’s essential that your documents reach the embassy before its expiry. Ideally, these items should be posted via registered post so you can keep track of your documents. Keep in mind it can take up to 2 weeks for your visa to be finalized from the date your documents arrive at the embassy. Urgent applications are possible, with the process taking only 3 days; however, this option will set you back an extra 50% of the regular visa cost. A normal application cannot be changed to an urgent application once the documents have been received at the embassy, so consider any time limitations before posting.

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Your Iran e-visa will be sent to you via email, so make sure to double-check your junk and spam box if you haven’t received anything within 2 weeks. Print out a hard-copy and keep it somewhere safe, as you will need to provide it to Iranian officials when you arrive at the airport. As with all travel documentation, hold on to it until you’ve left the country.

Apply for Iran visa

Apply for Iran visa

Iran Visa on arrival for Australians

The other visa method is visa-on-arrival, which is available to select nationalities, including Australia. The e-visa method above allows you to stay up to 90 days in Iran, however the visa-on-arrival method only allows 30 days, so bear this in mind when choosing your method of visa application. This visa method is valid for tourists only, and anyone that has previously had an Iranian visa application rejected, as well as dual Iranian/Australian citizens, are not eligible for Iran visa-on-arrival. Visa-on-arrival is as simple as applying on the 1stQuest website (just like the first step mentioned above), then printing out the grant notice to present at the visa-on-arrival desk in the airport and paying the applicable fee. The grant notice will be emailed to you, however, it’s also possible to check the status of your application online.

The conditions of the airport visa include a confirmed return ticket to/from Iran, as well as accommodation details (address and contact details in the case of a home-stay; invitation letter; or hotel booking confirmation).

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How much is the Iran Visa fee for Australians?

The fees for an Iranian visa vary, depending on your type of visit.

According to the MFA website, the standard tourist entry fee of 90 days is $166 AUD or $249 for urgent applications. The visa-on-arrival fee is $145 EUR (approx. $235 AUD at the time of publishing), payable at the airport. These are the standard visas for traveling around Iran and are what this article is based on.

For the religiously devout looking at doing a pilgrimage to the holy sites of Iran, it’s just $59 AUD or $89 for urgent. A family visa is also available; however, it is only issued to non-Iranian men and children whose wife and mother is an Iranian citizen. The price for this is $66 normally or $99 for urgent. These visas are not as straightforward as the standard tourist visa and may require further information and documentation.

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A standard condition of tourist visas is that work and study are prohibited, and those wishing to undertake work or study whilst in Iran will need to apply for the relevant visa.

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