Bus Rapid Transit system, commonly known as BRT is one of the latest mutation ways used in especially big cities across the world for transportation objectives. BRT Tehran facilitate public transportation task by applying speed buses. As like other parts of the planet, Iran has integrated such a system to meet its daily transportation needs as well. Nowadays, most major cities of the country, including the capital, have their own BRT routes and buses.

BRT Tehran

For decades, people of Iran have to use buses as the only means to solve their public transportation needs. Back then, bus schedules were memorized by the individuals who needed to use public transportation and that was a major part of their daily routine.

Tehran’s red and double-decked buses of the 1980s and 1990s have now become modern and colorful full-of-ads speed buses which ease transporting thousands of people every day. As the capital of the country, Tehran enjoys one of the most efficient BRT systems across the globe.

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Tehran's BRT color guides

Tehran’s BRT color guides

BRT or the metro

Comparing to Tehran Metro, the city’s BRT system has some major advantages;

Firstly, Tehran’s BRT system is a 24-hour medium while the run time of Metro ends at 11 PM.

Secondly, Using BRT demands fewer costs comparing the expenses of Metro services.

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And as the last but not least one, some tourism-related destinations in Tehran, along with many other daily-needed places in this megacity, are only reachable through the city’s speed bus system; the feature which is yet to be achieved by Tehran’s still-developing Metro service.

Tehran’s speed bus system is the major medium to take you from the east to the west and from the up-town to the incredibly crowded down-town in the fastest way you may imagine.

As one of the main means to get to the desired destination across the overcrowded capital, the 10-line routes of Tehran’s BRT System are listed below along with the start and endpoints of each line. The number of stops as well as the covered distance by each line is also included in the following table.

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The table is followed by the full map and colorful guides that show each route.

10-Line BRT Routes of Tehran

Lines Starting Point End Point Number of Stops Distance


Line 1 Azadi Terminal Tehranpars crossroad 27 18.5
Line 2 Azadi Terminal Khavaran Terminal 28 18.5
Line 3 Science & Tech Terminal Khavaran Terminal 24 13.5
Line 4 Tehran South Terminal Afshar Terminal 24 21.5
Line 5 Science & Tech (Elm-o-san’at) Terminal Argentina Sq – Beyhaqi Terminal 10 9.5
Line 6 Chamran Highway- Afshar Terminal Sohanak (Laleh Terminal) 17 14.5
Line 7 Railway (southern part of Tehran) Tajrish (northern part of Tehran) (Valiasr Ave.) 36 18
Line 8 Tehran South Terminal Khavaran Terminal 6 7
Line 9 Sohanak (Laleh Terminal) Javanmard Ghassab Metro Station 34 34
Line 10 Jannat Abad Terminal Azadegan Terminal 25 23.5

Tehran BRT in Full Maps:

Note: Zoom-in to see more details.

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