Iran is a land of not only rich history and culture, oh no. Iran has room for everybody!  Different types of hotels and accommodation settlements await every tourist and traveler with any level of budging that plans to travel and see the enchantress of Middle-East, the land of Aryans, Iran. Different types of hotels in Iran positioned in all major cities and pretty much most of the smaller ones in the country give travelers and wanderers a whole lot of housing options to choose from.

In other words, Iran never fails to fulfill the need of any travelers for accommodation and housing. Today, we are going through some of the different types of hotels in Iran you can hope to find so you will have a clear view on what to expect and be prepared before you even start to pack.

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Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels in Iran

Boutique Hotels in Iran

As described by many dictionaries and websites, boutique hotels are small, luxurious hotels located in a very desirable and fashionable area of a city. However, the main point that everybody seems to be fixating on is the personality and history of the hotel. This very feature separates boutique hotels from other different types of hotels in Iran and also in the world. Fortunately, for you, many boutique hotels in Iran already cater this essential characteristic for their guests since in many historical cities and even in the capital – Tehran, many houses and buildings used as boutique hotels are beyond light years old and exploding with a sensation of true Persian lifestyle. These impressive traditional boutique hotels attract the most sizable portion of incoming tourists to Iran, hoping to spend a few days in a mixture of culture and specially-designed and furnished settlement boasting with tales of precious Persian history and meeting locals of distinct cultures and backgrounds which never seem to disappoint newcomers with their unique appearance, customs, and history.

Some of the old buildings and aged mansions turned into modern boutique hotels with the latest amenities and facilities for an enjoyable stay in Iran include Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel in Kashan, Ghasre Monshi Hotel in Isfahan, Khaloo Mirza Boutique Hotel in Yazd, Bekhradi’s Historical House in Isfahan, and so on. If you’re looking for more present-day boutique hotel in Iran, keep in mind some names such as Hanna Boutique Hotel in Tehran, Tooba Boutique Hotel in Tehran, Arian Hostel in Tehran (I know, it says hostel in the title but they insist on being a boutique hotel), or even Khajoo Hotel in Isfahan. Either way, modern or old, each boutique hotel in Iran emits a sense of original Persian culture and hospitality never to be found anyplace else on the face of the earth.

Apartment Hotel

Melal Apartman Hotel

Melal Apartment Hotel

Another way to have a great time in the jewel of Middle-East and enjoy a semi-luxurious stay in the country and in its different types of hotels is to book a room in an Apartment Hotel. One thing that the big cities in Iran doesn’t seem to be lacking is apartments and another thing that is not too-hard-to find in Iran and in Iranian people is the love for tourist. Put that in a pot with true Persian hospitality and the resulting potion will be your unwillingness to leave Iran after your stay, even if it’s just for a couple of days, in one of Iranian’s Apartment Hotels. Compared to the Boutique Hotels in Iran, Apartment Hotels in Iran don’t host their guests in an environment of historical aesthetics, rather they welcome them to a  more upper-class setting.

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This type of hotel gives its guests the option of cooking in a lovely kitchen and living in spacious rooms so that anybody would feel like home, despite the fact of being miles away from their original home. From the list of different types of hotels in Iran that you can book a room in, Apartment Hotels land somewhere not too high from the middle of the pricing ladder, automatically making them more affordable accommodation settings for travelers in Iran interested in not emptying all their trip money on a room in a grand hotel or a high-priced lodge. Apartment Hotels are spread widely across major cities in Iran and even some smaller ones seem to be catching up to the idea of hosting tourists in an atmosphere more close to their homes. Some of the very best and spacious Apartment Hotels in Iran are the Niloo Hotel in Tehran and Melal Apartment Hotel in Tehran and other cities as well. If you hit a barricade in finding one of these hotels, simply go to and ask their 24/7 support team for more information and help on the subject.

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Hostels in Iran

Hostels in Iran

Multiple times we have covered the topic of hostels in Iran and in particular cities all around the country since they are unmatched in beauty and the ambiance they offer their guests with. Like any other country in the world, hostels provide travelers with a more affordable housing option but don’t let that throw you off track. Some of the hostels in Iran are not that cheap and they carry a heavy burden of history, culture, traditions, architecture, and beliefs of the Persian people, or Iranians, on their pillars and have been the house of many famous individuals in the past and are of great importance to the local people. That’s why, when traveling to Iran, you should keep an eye on the name of the hostel your booking a room in and the date of your travel since the prices tend to skyrocket in the pick of tourist high-season in Iran.

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The Hostels in Iran will definitely give you the pure authentic Persian vibe and usually come in combination with newer amenities like free WiFi connection, lockers, laundry services, parking spaces, and many other good things we expect to see in a famous Iranian Hostel.  Although hostels in Iran are generally well-equipped and ready to accept guests, they are not as luxurious as grand hotels or apartment hotels in the country and that’s the reason they have secured a lower ranking on the ladder of pricey accommodation settings in Iran. Out of all other different types of hotels in Iran, in my own experience, spending a few days in an Iranian hostel has proved to me that glamorous looks and top-notch services don’t necessarily mean an enjoyable stay and sometimes a tad of history and culture can do a whole lot more and make a trip way more enjoyable than getting the best services.

Some of the best hostels in Iran are the Taha traditional Hotel in Shiraz, Tehran Heritage Hostel, Amirza Traditional Hotel and Hostel in Kashan, See You in Iran Hostel in Tehran and many more.

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Iranian Guest House

Iranian Guest House

There is an often-unrecognizable thin line between being named a hostel or a guesthouse in Iran because, most of the times, they are incredibly similar in terms of interior or even exterior architectural design and ambiance, services, locations, and pretty much any other feature in that manner. They are like two brothers with one of them slightly more classy and the other one a much more down-to-earth guy; hope that helps you in telling one from another.

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While traditional houses and boutiques rule over all other different types of hotels in Iran and are unbelievably in demand by journeyers to this mystical land, well those who are not running on a tight budget at least, guesthouses carry the title of the most-affordable type housing that can be found in Iran. In our list of different types of hotels in Iran, guesthouses are the ultimate solution for backpackers and people traveling on a low budget. Like boutique hotels in Iran, guesthouses are also divided into two groups: traditional and modern. While some of the more traditional ones offer a unique atmosphere with an amazing sense of cultural and history enclosed in their walls and space, the new modern ones aim at satisfying the new-age travelers and Millennials with updated facilities and services. However, even in the new modern ones, don’t expect too much, we are talking about guesthouses. Some of them may surprise you will an all-day snack bar accompanied with tea or coffee or some other might even offer you free breakfast in the room but at the end of the day, the amenities of guesthouses are far from what you get in a typical hotel or a well-known apartment hotel stuffed with luxury and prestige.

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Some of the best guesthouses we can recommend are as follow:

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