Booking a hotel is one of the most important steps while planning for a trip. In order to cut off the unnecessary expenses, this article helps you choose the right room for you and your travel companions. Many traditional hotels in Iran are the renovated old houses with Islamic-Persian interior designing elements. So when booking them online, you might see different names for rooms that tell a story about the history of the room. Hotel booking in Iran is a very simple process through

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Single room

This room accommodates one guest with a single bed. In many Iranian hotels, there are no single rooms due to their sales policies. Instead, they provide you with a double room at a lower price.

Pars Hotel Tabriz

Pars Hotel Tabriz, Iran

Double room

It is the cheapest option when you are traveling with a partner. Almost all the hotels in Iran supply double rooms. The area is suitable for two or three people and normally there is enough space to add an extra bed.

Twin room

A twin room is suitable for two people traveling together with necessity to sleep on separate beds. In this type of room, there are either two single beds or a single bed and a double bed.

Triple room

This is a great choice if you are in a group of three; for instance three friends or a couple with a child. The price of a triple room is much cheaper than getting a single and a double room.
In case the hotel does not provide any triple rooms, it is possible to ask for an extra bed to put in your double or twin room.

Mehr Traditional Hotel

The dining room of the Mehr Traditional Hotel in Yazd, Iran. This 250-year-old brick building once housed the family of a wealthy goldsmith.


This type of room is assigned to four people. Quads are a great option for groups or families with a limited budget. You may find two double beds or four single beds in a quad room. This kind of room is usually provided in traditional hotels in Iran.


It is not easy to find quintuple rooms in Iranian hotels but some of traditional hotels provide quintuples for big groups. You can book a quintuple in the hotels below:
Panjdari hotel in Shiraz
Kianpour historical house in Isfahan
Adib Almamalek hotel in Yazd
Amirza traditional house in Kashan
Eyvan hotel in Mahan;Kerman

Saraye Ameriha Kashan, Iran

Saraye Ameriha Kashan, Iran

Junior suite

Junior suite provides you with a double bed and a sitting area, as well as a working space. If you need to dedicate some time for your work while traveling, this room suites your needs.

Royal suite

A royal suite consists of one or two bedrooms connected with a living area. In Iranian hotels, you may find different names for this kind of room.
Check out these elite hotels for their outstanding suites:
Abbasi hotel in Isfahan
Ghasr Monshi hotel in Isfahan
Espinas Khalij Fars hotel in Tehran
Almas 2 hotel in Mashhad
Darvishi Royal hotel in Mashhad
Saraye Ameriha boutique hotel in kashan
Zandiyeh hotel in Shiraz
Laleh hotel in Yazd

Laleh hotel yazd

Laleh Hotel Yazd, Iran


Apartments are usually used for long stays. Therefore, they are equipped with kitchens and cooking utensils, dryer, washer, etc.
You might be interested in checking the hotel apartments below:
Mehrgan hotel in Tehran
Hasht behesht hotel in Isfahan
Shams hotel in Shiraz

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