There are too many hotels in Iran. Below is a list of some of the Iranian hotels that offer a somewhat different experience. We have featured them because of their location, architecture, or some other quality that make them unique. These Iran hotels are so beautiful that everybody gets in love with them! Make sure you have one of them reserved for your trip to Iran.

Laleh Rocky Hotel, Kandovan

Take a trip back in time and live like a caveman. In one of the oldest villages of Iran, habitats carved their home in stone; more recently, one was turned into a hotel with 16 rooms and suites. You can experience a unique sense of primitive comfort in this place. Some of the rooms are equipped with Jacuzzi for which the heat comes from the mountain bedrock.

Kandovan Laleh Rocky Hotel

Kandovan rocky hotel offers a unique ambiance in northwestern Iran.

Naranjestan Hotel, Mahmoodabad

Naranjestan hotel will not have a hard time impressing you with its friendly staff and superb location. If you crave for some peace and quiet, look no further. Located in the heart of the Caspian region of Iran, Naranjestan with its villas and suites is just what you are looking for. In short, this place is nothing short of an excellent spa resort. You can enjoy its massage parlor alongside other features such as its traditional restaurant.

Narenjestan Hotel, Mahmoodabad

Some peace and quiet can be found in the confines of this hotel in northern Iran.

Abbasi Hotel, Isfahan

Some dub this place the oldest hotel in Iran; in one form or another, Abbasi Hotel has been accommodating people for over three hundred years. No matter when you go there, you will find the garden exquisite and refreshing. Around the garden are the rooms of the original caravansary that Shah Abbas ordered built. If you want them, be sure to book a good while in advance, as they are the most popular. You are bound to spend a good while in this courtyard as you can find several cafes and restaurants that serve traditional Iranian foods, desserts, and drinks.

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abbasi hotel | Iran

One of the oldest hotels in Iran, Abbasi is a favorite destination of travelers to Iran.
This fascinating hotel is one of most beautiful hotels in Iran.

Shiraz Grand Hotel, Shiraz

From where this hotel is located, you can have a nice view of Shiraz, the city of roses and gardens. In fact, the mausoleum of Hafez and Eram Garden are just a stone throw away. Shiraz Grand hotel is nicely designed so as to give most rooms a balcony wherein you can enjoy Shiraz’s nice weather for a few minutes in the afternoon.

grand hotel shiraz | Iran hotels

Shiraz Grand Hotel is adjacent to the Koran Gate, the entrance of Shiraz.

Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran

One of the best Iran hotels, luxury seems to be the objective of the creators of this hotel and one cannot but give them credit for a job well done. Recently, the second branch of the Espinas Palace hotel, Espinas Palace opened in northern Tehran. With the capacity to host upwards of thousands of people, it is one of the biggest hotels in Iran. Not only in the choice of location, but also in design and service all branches of Espinas hotel are top-notch choices. for more information about luxury hotels in Iran, check out this article: Top 5-Star Hotels To Make Your Stay Comfortable In Iran


Espinas Hotel | Iran | Tehran

Espinas Palace is the first luxury choice of travelers to Tehran.

Dariush Grand Hotel, Kish

Named after one of the Achaemenid kings who brought that Empire to the height of its glory, the architects of this magnificent hotel adopted elements of the Achaemenid architecture so as to inspire a sense of ancient glory in the visitors. Dariush Grand hotel’s location is also ideal as it is close to the center of the Kish island.

dariush hotel | Iran | Kish

Recreating Achaemenid architecture, Dariush Hotel is one of the better-known hotels of Kish.

Zeinoddin Caravanserai, Yazd

Built in the heart of the desert to host merchants from around the world, Zeinoddin Caravanserai is a restored caravansary that many people choose to embed in their trip to Iran. It is located between Isfahan and Yazd and can give provide an almost authentic desert experience. The rooms center around an inner court; bathrooms and showers are shared. Sleeping on the roof is possible during summer, though you need a thick cover to protect you from the desert cold. Most people who stay in this caravanserai recount stories of the beauty of the night stars and its numerous stars.

Caravanserai_Zein-o-din | Yazd | Iran

Zeinoddin Caravansary is a cozy and comfortable refuge in the heart of Iran’s central deserts.

Dad Hotel, Yazd

An old historic house dating to the Qajar period, Dad hotel is one of the oldest boutique hotels in Iran. You cannot expect five-star services from this house and you may be disappointed in the breakfast buffet, but the smell of mud and brick in the afternoon can compensate for all that. Yazd is maybe the most traditional city in Iran and its hotels, this one, in particular, reflect that point as well. Stay in Dad hotel and live like the people of this old town.

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Dad Yazd hotel | Iran

An exotic choice of stay in Yazd’s old town.

Bam Sabz Hotel, Ramsar

Located on the mountain hills of Alborz, and overlooking the Caspian Sea, Bam Sabz hotel is accessible only by cable cars. In as much as it is far from the hustle and bustle of city life, the residents can experience a wonderfully peaceable time in the heart of the northern forests of Iran. Bam Sabz Hotel not only offers rooms and suites but also semi-remote jungle pavilions. Ramsar is reachable by plane, but the 5-hour drive can be a hoot as one can take in the beauty of the region’s natural beauty.

bam sabz hotel | Iran

Enjoy the great view of the Caspian Sea and Alborz forests.

Navizar Hotel, Garmarud

It is an often complaint of travellers to be impressed by the outward appearance of a Navizar hotel to later be disappointed by its interior and service. With Vaziran, you will have the reverse feeling: What is exotic about this hotel is the extraordinary hospitality of the Afshinfar family who runs the hotel. Alamut is one of the least discovered parts of Iran. Those who have seen it, talk of its exceptional natural beauty and the inexplicable kindness of its people. If you do decide to visit it, be sure to pay a visit to the Afshinfar family and let them guide your adventures.


A warm hotel in one of the remote regions of Iran.

Saraye Ameriha, Kashan

A historic house in the heart of Kashan, this hotel is the perfect mix of modernity and tradition. Saraye Ameriha is one of the most popular places to stay in Kashan. One can enjoy both the historic ambiance as well as the good service. Good food is another feature of this boutique hotel. Additionally, it is a short walking distance to most historic sites in Kashan.

saraye ameriha kashan | Iran hotel

An ancient house restored to host art lovers.

Dizin First Hotel, Dizin

Ski-in the slopes of Alborz for a few days and enjoy a comfortable stay at Dizin First Hotel. The slopes and cable cars in Dizin were installed in the 1960s; you will feel the hotel has a similar 60’s ambiance and you might find it nostalgic. Its location is ideal as it is just a minute or two from the Tele-Cabin that takes you up the ski slopes.

hotel dizin | Iran

Ski in the outskirts of Tehran and enjoy your visit in Dizin 1st Hotel.

Barin Hotel, Shemshak

Shemshak is the second largest ski resort in Iran. It is a short drive from Tehran and so it attracts a lot of ski lovers from Tehran and around. While you are there, you can visit a real feat of architecture if you pass by or better yet stay at Barin residence. Designed in the form of igloos, this place seems anything but out of place. There are over 60 suits of different sizes that you can rent for a period of time and live more or less like a snowman.

barin hotel | Iran

One of the most exotic places to stay and enjoy skiing on the side.

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By Ali Jafari

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