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Isfahan Traditional Hotel; Persian Hospitality at Its Finest

Isfahan traditional hotel, the benevolent “Half of The World” city, embodies the soul, the much-praised culture and history, and the luxury of renowned families inheriting it for generations. Witnessing the hotel from the outside, it may seem it doesn’t have much to offer; however, as soon as the archaic ornamented door opens up on its axle, the real beauty of the hotel splashes out causing any enterer to freeze on their heels and have a moment on spasm.

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Persian cuisine, tradition and culture

Top 10 Traditional Houses in Iran

Most of us may prefer to stay at over-the-top and luxurious hotels when it comes to let our hair down and spend some downtime. Tourism industries in different countries are spending more and more on advertising 5-star, modern and expensive hotels to travelers. An opportunity of taking a one or two-week vacation in a luxury hotel can be exciting. But, staying in a 400 years old traditional houses in Iran may truly come once in a lifetime.

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