Isfahan traditional hotel, the benevolent “Half of The World” city, embodies the soul, the much-praised culture and history, and the luxury of renowned families inheriting it for generations. Witnessing the hotel from the outside, it may seem it doesn’t have much to offer; however, as soon as the archaic ornamented door opens up on its axle, the real beauty of the hotel splashes out causing any enterer to freeze on their heels and have a moment on spasm.

The admiration for the hotel has been flying around as far as Iran’s Safavid history goes, same as every mud-brick and glass put together with aesthetic touches, which created this incredible structure. Saying no to the austerities of time and getting some love from Iran’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicraft Organization in the recent years, to everyone’s consent, has saved us this marvel to bask in its glory and also to rest our tarnished bodies in its great rooms. It’s a sigh of relief that, in our digitalized age where we’re getting ripped apart from our real roots, such a miracle still stands. Isfahan traditional hotel helps everyone, any people of any race, to touch their inner ancestral origins.

To truly appreciate the artistic magnitude and cultural importance of the hotel/house, a well-planned trip to Isfahan at the right time is a must. This way, the story of being terrified by the beauty of the complex never gets old in friendly gatherings.

Today, Isfahan traditional hotel not only attracts hordes of tourists hungry for an irreplaceable architectural eye-candy but, also, with a bit of renovation and change to the application, everyone can book a room and revel in a history-rich stay.


Finding Isfahan traditional hotel is like finding a needle in a haystack without the right tools or information since many of classic houses in the city share the same exterior view. Despite that, if pinpointed on Google map, getting to it will be a piece of cake. For those who find working with a location app challenging, they can ask a local cab pro-arrival to take them to the hotel. Keep in mind that street-cabs usually cost a lot more than new Uber-like commute services (called Snapp in Iran); and, they’re going to ask for some very steep tips if they pick up a tourist. So, it’s best to download the Snapp app or ask somebody to order a ride or get directions from a local.

Isfahan traditional hotel is ideally situated at the nexus of Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Hakim Street, with countless priceless historical sites neighboring it. Also, a few-minute stroll will get the guests to the nearby traditional bazaar, which is a handy blink-on-an-eye shopping stop for life-long Isfahani souvenirs. Being tucked away in the middle of the old district has other perks too. The hotel is off away from all the hustle and bustle of modern Isfahan, which boosts the gratifying experience of walking in the historical texture and visiting the much-enticing sites. In a way, it seems like the foreseeing fathers built the hotel where it is so it would stay safe from the distractions of the upcoming new-century developments yet to come.

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Artistic Architecture

Pulling up to the 3-star hotel, the hotel’s cubical shape with renovated lofty thick mud-walls covering it from all sides and the middle part having no roof (the courtyard) catches the eye. These outer walls are probably the guiding lanterns to the hotel since they being windowless makes the marvel a little bit easier to find.

Isfahan traditional hotel’s yard

As travelers enter into the edifice, they receive an extremely warm Persian-style welcoming at the reservation desk – a social etiquette tangible in the atmosphere inside the main building as well. After the small ceremony at the entrance putting a smile on visitors’ faces, the first step into the hotel quickly replaces the grin with a gesture of awe as heads rise up to gaze the architecture of the building, top to the bottom. The courtyard and adjoining rooms are symmetrically designed with small traditional sitting benches furnished with pillows in each direction, luring the entrees to sit down and take in the old Persian culture. At the center of the yard, the classical fountain pouring water eye-pleasingly into the small pool (Hozche) makes the invitation much harder to resist.

Amenities & Facilities

In terms of what amenities to be found in Isfahan traditional hotel, it’s safe to say the antique hotel has seen pretty impressive improvements over the last couple of years and now is far more capable of handling guests from different countries with different tastes and expectations. It’s safe to say the amenities seem enough at the moment to satisfy the guests’ desires, but they still need some tweaks here and there.

Wi-Fi We start things with the Wi-Fi internet access from all rooms and the courtyard, which pretty much is the best feature of it yet. Due to inconsistency of internet connections in Iran – a direct result of lacking infrastructure in smaller metropolitans like Isfahan and the occasional conflicts between the government and the people – a speedy and stable internet access is a blessing factor to have. We recommend getting your own sim-card data services from one of the Iranian private network providers if you rely heavily on a good internet connection; otherwise, the hotel’s Wi-Fi passes for some basic online trotting and social media notification-bar erasing.


Nothing can be more delightful and spirit-lifting in a trip than waking up to a long table of tasty local food, and bread with few plates of complimentary homely western morning snacks. Fortunately, one of the strongest points about Isfahan’s traditional hotel is its much-appreciated self-service breakfast table. The mouth-watering meal can do the trick for an energetic full-day digging-up of sites spread all over the half-of-the-world city.


To cite some other appealing amenities/facilities, we can talk about the air-conditioning system rigged throughout the hotel. As many may already be familiar with the dry semi-arid climate of the area, they know it’s ill-advised to take it as a joke. Isfahan traditional hotel has been equipped with some of the finest and most reliable ac systems available. Still, even that proves to be a deficit counterplay to the scorching heat, especially when the sun is at its highest point in the sky.

Although most of the rooms on the first or second floor don’t face any overheating problem in summer – thanks to the magnificent ac – the top floor rooms tend to get a bit torrid from time to time (depending on the level of heat). To avoid any discomfort during the stay, we recommend tourists booking a suite or room on the lower floors.


The 16 rooms available in Isfahan traditional hotel can be sorted out into six groups:

  1. Double room with private bathroom
  2. Twin room with private bathroom
  3. Triple room with private bathroom
  4. Quadruple room with private bathroom (Shahneshin; King’s quarter) 
  5. Quintuple room with private bathroom
  6. Quadruple suite with shared bathroom

As these rooms can be booked for tourists in groups that differ, the quality of rooms stays at the same high standard for the occupants regardless of their numbers. They represent the best trades of both Safavid & Qajar masterwork art in the way they are designed. Even after the renovations, the old vibe entombed in the rooms’ artistic stucco and plaster crust still lives and transforms them from an ordinary quarter to a hypnotizing chamber hard to forget.

Isfahan traditional hotel

Aside from great air-conditioning in almost all of the rooms, the units at this oasis receive daily, and careful cleanings from the crew and are kept at the best form – when it comes to cleaning, nothing slip passes under the crew’s nose. This positive change generated positive reviews for the hotel since a few years ago when the overall quality of the rooms was somewhat questionable.

The spacious Persian-style rooms give the visitors the clam they crave after a long day of doing touristy things in the city. Some of the upper-floor rooms provide an eye-catching view to the main courtyard through glass-stained human-sized doors, which incorporates into some lucky guests having their own very traditionally-decorated “balcony.”  In contrast to one-after-the-other traditional delights vivifying the rooms, quite a lot of modern facilities and devices are at disposal to take comfort to the world-class level. In each room, the latest means to a wonderful stay such as telephone, refrigerator, CD/DVD player, Western toilet and its complimentary toilettes, satellite TV, closet, hanger, safety deposit box, tea-maker (cause we Persians love our tea), and conventional furniture are available.

Kids & Services

Isfahan traditional hotel excuses f children under the age of six from any expanses. However, this only applies as long as the children don’t use any of the hotel’s services.

As for the services, the phenomena begins from the front door. The reception gives tourists all the necessary information on the daily walking tours, transportation tricks, and best sightseeing paths to save time and energy. Additionally, to hotel updates its newsstand with the daily papers and has a library and a game room in case of drastic situations (weather, pandemic) for book-lover and gamers. Also, there’s no need to get worried about dirty clothes or basic financial business since a 24/7 laundry service and a currency exchange shop work inside the hotel. In the case of ATMs, a machine can be found nearby. For the epicures, a traditional Persian restaurant, a cozy café, and another buffet-style restaurant work around the clock to satisfy the guests. And what does a marvelous finishing to a heavy Persian dish with rice better than a relaxing kick back in the traditional tea-house in the hotel with a hookah’s hose in your hand?

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