Iran in Depth, Tip to the Trip

Money matters – Do you need a travel debit card for your Iran trip?

So you’ve decided to take a trip to Iran! Afarin, as they say in Persian, which means something like, good on you!

Because Iran is a bit cut off from the international world, there are some additional considerations to ponder and decisions to make before you set out. Don’t panic, Iran’s isolation is largely diplomatic and political so unlike other countries that suffer major sanctions, in Iran, you will always be able to find decent food, healthcare, transportation, English speakers and hotels.

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Tip to the Trip, Travel Guides

Iran’s Secret Backpacker Destinations- Off the Beaten Track

Calling all intrepid travelers! Do you want to explore off the beaten track?

Iran is a huge country with infinite places to discover. First time travelers to Iran usually stay within the central provinces and visit the historic cities of Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz. These places are popular for good reason. Established tourism infrastructure together with beautiful sites, historical monuments and picturesque architecture guarantees a good time. This is the quintessential Iranian tour, giving you a taste for Persian life over the ages. Here is the list of Iran’s best Secret Backpacker Destinations.

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