Kashan is a true testimony to what beauties the massive central desert of Iran can hide. With thousands-of-years old mosques, ancient underground cities, historical sites such as “Tepe Sialk”, and an uncalled-for lavishly green Persian Garden in the middle of the city, Kashan is one the jewels in Iran desert with many other undiscovered historical and cultural heritage sites that put on display the true old Persian architectural art from vastly different eras for the eyes of any beholder or tourist. They tell us the story of this masterfully built houses that have served as unbreakable hosts to hundreds of thousands of people over its course of history that now are the most breathtaking old budget hostels in Kashan and one of the best tourist attractions in the city.

Today, the old buildings and houses situated in the old town of the Kashan are far more valuable and precious to be left in the hands of anyone who just wants to purchase them to boast and brag. For that reason, Iran’s national handicraft and cultural heritage organization decided to give them to the people who are actually concerned about them and are capable of preserving these irreplaceable marvels with so that they can turn them into museums and budget hostels in Kashan ready to host any traveler.

Sana Historical Hostel

Sana Historical Hostel, Kashan, Iran

Sana Historical Hostel, Kashan, Iran, (Photo: andy.net.au)

A masterfully restored historic hostel in the heart of Kashan old town, the Sana hostel is a treat for eyes with a classical central courtyard garden, but even with its traditional Persian design and classical looks it still fits in our list of Budget hostels in Kashan.

Check-ins start from 2 in the afternoon and check-outs are usually at 12 P.M. Sana hostel offers its guest with a charge-free storing area for luggage. The great bazaar of Kashan, the mosque of Kashan, and other traditional houses are just a ten-minute taxi ride away, and even some are in walking distance of the guest house if you’re up to it, and you can find other fascinating sites of the city rather easily from where you staying. For more information about Kashan, check out this article: a guide to Kashan

This hostel also organizes tours and the manager and the staff are well-known for their cooperation with guests and going out of their way to help tourists with transportation, providing the best services, and being super responsive.

At approximately 10 dollars for a room with a minibar, a TV, free WiFi, an included breakfast buffet, and an air conditioning, Sana hostel can be named an extremely affordable historical hostel in the center of Kashan. However, make sure to check if the room you’re booking has a bathroom or not since some of the rooms have separated bathrooms and others share one. Other free services are things such as arranging bus, train, or airplane tickets for you and a map of Kashan for those interested in exploring the city on their own.

Community feedback on this precious hostel is generally positive and most of the guests are pleased with the cleanness of the rooms and bathrooms. Some even note that out of many hostels they had stayed in for a couple of days in Iran, Sana hostel was the best and the most relaxing one with large rooms and great air conditioning.

Green House Hostel

Green House Hostel, Kashan, Iran

Green House Hostel, Kashan, Iran (Photo: Hostelgreenhouse.ir)

Another old guest house near Imam Khomeini Square in Kashan, the Green House Hostel is 150 years historical building that has been beautifully reconstructed not only once, but twice. This nice and cozy lodging facility in Kashan introduces its occupants to the true way of Persian life way before Iran was famous for its hospitality or out-of-this-world tourism attractions. Same as Sana hostel, the central courtyard of this historic house was once the gathering point for families to round up and tell stories and cook delicious Persian foods, and right now is the hub for tourists to share stories and anecdotes from their travels through Iran and meet up with friendly Iranian people.

The positive vibe and friendly atmosphere that is going on in the hostel makes everybody feel at home. Green House Hostel has vast types of rooms like private rooms with up to 5 beds, private mattress rooms, an enormous kitchen, and 2 shared bathrooms. With free Wi-Fi and free breakfast included in the rooms and the authentic feeling of the hostel and only 10 dollars for a night, Green House Hostel is one the best budget hostels in Kashan and definitely a place worth your money. If you are interested in historical hotels in Kashan, check out this article: Historic Hotels in Kashan

We recommend you heading for this hostel if you’re sick of the big smoke, which is Tehran, and you’re in love with Persian music, since Persian music can be heard in the courtyard most of the times, and the picture of a historical Persian house packed with house plants hugging a “Hoozche”, a small pool or a fountain in the center of a courtyard paved with Turquoise-like tiles, is stuck in your head.

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Noghli Traditional Hotel

Noghli Traditional Hotel, Kashan

Noghli Traditional Hotel, Kashan, Iran

This is not only about budget hostels in Kashan, but also about affordable Kashan hotels that are not going to dig a deep hole in your pocket and travel budget. In the historical houses gold rush in the seven-thousand-years old area of Kashan, Noghli Traditional Hotel truly shines as a traditionally built house with a square courtyard decorated with benches on each side accompanied with plants and a pool right in the center. As they describe it in their own website, they are not a lodging facility or a cafe, they are a home for all those far away from their original homes. The Noghli “Home” is almost 150 years old and a great combination of Qajar era architecture and modern designs and facilities for smooth and calming stay. The mud-brick rooms are arranged around the courtyard with free Wi-Fi, an ATM machine, and free breakfast which is included on room-prices. Also, The traditional local meals are freshly prepared daily with care and consideration and are plated for you on clay pots and plates. These are presented so that you may eat them with enjoyment (and forget about the false enjoyments of eating unhealthy fast food). Note that the food must be pre-ordered. As a budget hotel in Kashan, Noghli Traditional Hotel can really help you save some money to discover many more parts of Iran with only 17 dollars a night for a room.
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Amirza traditional hostel & hotel

Amirza traditional hostel & hotel, Kashan, Iran

Amirza traditional hostel & hotel, Kashan, Iran

Another budget hostel in Kashan is the Amirza Traditional hostel and hotel. This hostel/hotel is too located in the old town of Kashan among many other historical and cultural sites. It is in short distance of some tourist attractions such as the bazaar or Sheibani’s Museum of Fine arts and even a couple of minutes away from the brilliant Borujerdi historical house museum. Other magnificent heritage centers nearby are the Tabatabaei and Abbasian traditional houses, Jalali Castle (or Ghal’eh Jalali), and the Puppet Museum House.

The hostel/hotel is comprised of 12 rooms on a two-story building. As many other hostels in Iran, some rooms are blessed with a separate bathroom, while others share one with other chambers. So, be sure to ask the manager about the bathrooms. Each room is equipped with a refrigerator, a TV, an AC, a radiant, free WiFi, and mineral water. All necessary bathroom accessories such as Shampoos, towels, and slippers are provided for guests, before check-in. Breakfast is also included in the price of the room.

The Amirza traditional hostel & hotel consists of two main wings: The south wing or the Qajari part and east and west wings commonly known as the Pahlavi part. The building for Amirza hostel & hotel is a bit younger than say Sana or Green House hostels but it still dates back to over 100 years ago and holds the same features, like a comfy courtyard and plants all over the place.

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Ehsan Traditional Hotel

Ehsan Traditional Hotel, Kashan, Iran

Ehsan Traditional Hotel, Kashan, Iran (Photo: pinpars.com)

Last on our list of budget hostels in Kashan is actually not a hostel, but a hotel with a very warm and friendly environment. Ehsan Traditional Hotel can host 50 people at a time and is an ideal mix of value, comfort, and convenience, it offers a charming setting with an array of amenities designed for travelers. This house has been restored, same as Sana Hostel or Green House Hostel, and is Close to Tepe Sialk, a remarkable and popular historical landmark in Kashan. The house is beautiful with a lovely courtyard with a breakfast buffet included in the price of the room. Probably the best feature of this hotel is the fact that some rooms are located at the roof, which means you need to warm up for climbing some stairs before checking-in. However, all rooms come with a free WiFi connection and an AC system, and those that have a bathroom built in them, have all the necessary accessories.

Although its manager and staff do absolutely everything in their power so their guests can experience a wonderful stay, some travelers do complain about the quality of the internet and cleanness of rooms. Despite that, we still see Ehsan Traditional Hotel as one option for those who are traveling to Iran on a short budget.

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