Welcome to the exciting world of Absolute Adventure. If you are looking for a new out of the ordinary adventure, Iran adventure is the perfect place for your ultimate exiting experience reality.Take the first step on the adventure of a lifetime, by either skiing, diving, trekking, caving or any other adventure dreams you wish to fulfill; Iran can offer more than the ordinary expectations.

Due to its geographic positioning, Iranian benefits from mountainous areas, Ski slopes, Deserts (with one of the hottest/driest areas in the world) seashore of the biggest lake in the world (Caspian Sea) and even has the biggest Persian Gulf coastline and benefits from its rich coral life.

The amazing rivers and hills and different landscapes offer more opportunities to be experienced than just a nice view or a good shot for your camera. to find out more about Iran, check out our article: Iran trip: 7 Reasons Why It Will be the Best Trip You Ever Took

Let’s have a look at some adrenaline pumping adventures offered in Iran:

1) Skiing

Snow capped mountains: a paradise for the ski lovers

Do you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or even jumping on a sledge and losing track of time in the heavenly snow? Then pack your bags and gear and head to one of these places and get ready to enjoy.

Dizin, with lifts to 3,600 meters, Shemshak, at 3,050 meters, Darbandsar, are just a couple of many of Iran’s famous resorts.

They offer chalets, hotels and equipment hire. They are close to Tehran the capital and are easily accessed by main roads and seasonal transportation offered. to know what else you can do in Tehran check out our article: 10 Things to Do In Tehran

For those of you with limited time on your trip, you can benefit from Tochal’s ski resort which is based in one of the northern parts of Tehran, and has been a host to many tourists during the winter season and amongst one of the favorites as it benefits from being one of the best slopes in regards to the quality of the mountain for the slope.

If you happen to be more in the center or south of the country, fear not as Shiraz’s Pooladkaf which is 85 km from Shiraz in the south, peaking at 3,400 meters, let’s you hit those slopes anywhere in the country. you can book best Tehran hotels  easily with 1stQuest.com


snowboarding in Tehran,Iran

snowboarding in Tehran, Iran

Travelling during spring or summer?

Fear not my friend! this is the part where Iran has something to say…Not only can you enjoy skiing almost all year round depending on the region you’ll be visiting; but also, you can also enjoy the sand boarding, grass boarding experiences offered in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and many other places.

But if you are a more traditional skier/snowboarder and prefer the white snow, you can always travel to a western destination within Iran after you finished with your safari, or Sahara camping for a game of ski. if you want to know when to travel to Iran check out our article: The Worst & Best Time to Visit Iran: A Month-by-Month Guide

2) Desert Fun

If snow doesn’t float your boat how about a bit of fun under the sun?

Have you ever heard of the hottest and the driest place in the world? Why not experience it yourself and tell your friends about it?

Iran is home to one of the driest regions in the world. Dasht-e Lut desert, is a (hardy) trekker’s dream. Lut benefits from incredible rock formations, sand dunes, salt plains and the Valley of Meteorites ( imposing landscapes that enchanted Marco Polo) If once in a lifetime experiences is what you are looking for, don’t forget to add this adventure on your list. If you want to know more about general issues before traveling to Iran checkout this article: The Ultimate Guide: 9 General Issues to consider before Traveling to Iran

Maranjab desert, Iran

Beautiful Maranjab desert, Iran

Now for those who do not wish to go as hard, there is always many Camping and safari options available throughout the year, more favorable around autumn and spring time as it offers better temperature during the day.

You can even add a 4X4 safari or an overnight stay either in one of the local houses, traditional guest houses or even a tent, staring at the star filled sky dreaming about the rest of your adventurous days in Iran.

3) Adventure and culture

We all love a bit of both good things in the world, so here is a couple you can actually enjoy:

Following the Silk Road. Many tourists either, trek, cycle, ride or drive on this path, experiencing the unique landscapes and wildlife on the way, while getting to know the culture of the locals and more about the history of the silk road which our ancestors have walked on many years ago.

How about following the “ashayers” on the migration

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors lived and survived the natural course of life, farming, and sheep herding, cooking, hunting and migrating from one part to another? Well Iran’s ashayer (gypsies) live to pass on their learning and ways to date.

The ashayer group are formed by a couple of families which migrate around Iran during different seasons, with their children, family and their farm animals. They earn money by selling their out of the world organic natural products (a must taste!) and live off by consuming their own production.

Most Ashayer groups make tents the traditional way and still dress up in their traditional colorful costumes for women which mingles with the flowers in the valleys as they sing and dance while they do their chores.

They’re one of the friendliest people you will ever encounter and if you are lucky enough to experience migrating with them, you’d experience a once in a lifetime experience, techniques and lessons which you’d have with you forever. To know how to get Iran e visa check out this article: The Ultimate Guide for Iran Electronic Visa (Iran e Visa)


4) Witness the wildlife

Depending on the part of the country which you wish to visit or that your trip takes you, Iran has many unique wildlife it can offer you.

From its unique cheetah to it’s “ghazals” or even our own type of birds and turtles. The northern part of Iran has more of a tropical climate which is a host of many wild animals which can be seen on one of your camping or trekking adventures.

The southern part of Iran, located mainly near the Persian Gulf and on the Persian islands are hosts to many of world’s bird’s migration and also many sea animals. The eastern part of Iran is one which is less explored by national and international visitors and benefits the impressive landscapes and nature which bewilders you. You need more than a camera to capture the essence of the beauty it offers and the hospitality of the people that comes with it.


wildlife in Iran- beautiful gazelles

wildlife in Iran- beautiful gazelles

5) Camping in the clouds


Most of us have experienced a night in a camp, in a tent or a hotel in a far off village somewhere for a bit of an adventure. But have you ever slept on clouds?

Yes, you can wake up on clouds, and no, you are not dead!

Jangale Abrha or “forest of clouds” is an ideal location for travelers who seek more than just a climbing or off-road experience.

It can be reached by trekking, climbing or even taking an off-road car to get to this location which will not seize to amaze you with its beauty. As you stand on the clouds watching the tree covered peaks, you can sense how it really feels to be free.

6) Trekking

Now here is something which even the lighthearted can enjoy!

Trekking paths in Iran are endless and you cans have a go at it as a beginner all the way up to the advanced professional, Iran has something for all!

There are many Trekking routes in the suburbs surrounding Tehran (the capital) or most big cities in Iran, but if you are looking for something more unique how about testing your skills in the valley of The Valleys of the Assassins, Trekking through the Alborz to the Caspian Sea, Masuleh, Rasht, Alamut & Lambers historic castle.

You’d be experiencing spectacular mountain sceneries, the tea and rice plantations in the Caspian sea region and also finding a couple of friend with the wildlife there.
During your break you can have a go at trying out your pottery skills in one of the workshops, weaving traditional carpets, making your own homemade bread, while barbequing the fish you caught earlier on and having it for lunch. You can book best hotels in iran at the cheapest rates.

7)  Biking

Biking through Iran’s Central Desert, western mountainous region in Kurdistan and Luristan, the Caspian Sea region and the south and central cities like Shiraz and Isfahan all offer a variety of routes, paths and experiences which would leave a cyclists wanting more. You can experience all terrains and mix and match climates and geographical regions in your cycling route to benefit a wide range of experiences. If you are unsure about what you want or the routes and paths available, one of the professional cycling guides would be able to help you plan or accompany you on your journey.

You will not only be benefiting from the unique paths for your experience but also get to see many villages, mountains, sea, lake, river and oases on your way.


biking on mountains of Iran

Exploring Iran by mountain bike

8) Climbing the tallest mountain in the Middle East

The highest mountain in the region belongs to Iran as Mount Alborz and Zagros. These two Mountains are a haven to mountain lovers, climbers, and trekker.

Damavand is a 5,671-metre volcano and it takes roughly about four days to reach the summit. This is one of the most accessible high mountains due to its strategic positioning so there is no excuse for not including this on your list.

For those of you who enjoy a bit of trekking and also love to hangout amongst the locals and enjoy a local dish for breakfast or lunch, Darband, and  Darakeh offer a walk on the mountain and restaurants with beds on the river bed while your view could be a waterfall.

The good thing about these places is that as you are walking to choose between these colorful restaurants to sit for a meal of Kebab, dizzy or even a smoke of shisha you don’t realize you have also trekked a lot and have joined the trekking community.

In case you want to take that a bit further you can always continue your path, after all the restaurants and tea houses finishes and discover the hidden villages way past these popular touristic places and even visit their old mosques and graveyards.

Darband’s mountain offer locations like Shirpala hut where the visitors can stay the night in a hostel type accommodation, where you share stories and adventures with the locals.

Many local and international adventurer’s use these mountain paths and trek to the Caspian sea or other locations In Iran after days of camping out and waking up to unique experiences in the morning.

Don’t miss out your chance to have a local omelet on the mountain when you reach the top at one of the on the way tea houses.

beautiful Darband in spring,Tehran, Iran

Beautiful spring day in Darband

9) Backpacking & Hitchhiking

As mentioned in the climbing experience, you can backpack in one of those adventurous routes, however there is a new trend for you to try out as a backpacker looking to indulge yourself in culture and fascinating stories.

Iran may not be known for its hitchhiking, this could be due to the fact that many don’t know what it actually means, and some still consider the thumbs up sign as a disrespectful symbol throughout the country. But worry not, this is about to change, with the technology improving as days go by, the people of Iran have started to learn and adapt the idea of hitchhiking, yet there is a long way to go where you’d be experiencing the full culture sinking in. However having a local hitchhiking buddy is never a bad idea. This would help with the language barriers as some drivers may not be able to speak the language and also help with the explanation of hitchhiking concept when you are faced with a newbie!

However, the travel costs are very cheap in Iran compared to most countries in the region and travelling but the train, coach, shuffle taxis and other local public transportations are experiences which by itself fulfills an adventurer’s desires. you can get Iran visa at ultimate ease with 1stQuest!



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