If you are reading this article, you are probably a journalist, press photographer or writer and you are planning a working visit to Iran. Getting a press visa is no easy-peasy job. However, here in this blog post, we explain how to apply for an Iran Press visa and a Press Card step by step. The first thing to know: You cannot apply for an Iran press Visa (type H) on your own. You must have an authorization code for your visa and for getting the code you should apply through a media assisting agency in Iran.

The Ultimate Guide for Iran press Visa

Iran press visa

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Let’s get it clarified: First, you should find a media assisting agency in Iran and contact them to know if they are willing to assist you with a press visa.

Second, fill out the Iran visa application form they send you. In the form you should indicate the information below:
• Your personal information
• Passport information
• Iran trip details
• The agency you work for
• The purpose of your trip
• Your contact information
Besides, you need to upload your picture and a scanned photo of your passport.

And what happens next:
The media assisting agency applies for your Iran visa. The authorities will check your job status and the media you work for. If you provide false information, your visa application will be refused immediately.
If everything goes fine, you will be granted an authorization code and that will be sent to your email address.
You should print the authorization code file on paper, get travel insurance and go to an Iranian embassy or consulate to pick up your visa.
After the visa collection, you can book your ticket and enter Iran.


Iran press visa

Get your Iran press visa

What else: In addition to a Press visa, you are required to have a press card as well. A press visa alone doesn’t allow you to work in Iran. The agency you choose for your visa for iran will take care of the press card as well. They have all the information they need; nothing extra is needed.Check out 1stQuest website if you need help with booking hotels, domestic flights, buses or insurance for your Iran trip.

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Important to know: It is illegal to work as a journalist, press photographer or writer in Iran on a tourist visa. You must have a type H visa, so-called Press Visa. In case your job involves working with the media and you would like to do a trip to Iran on a tourist visa, please contact 1stQuest support team at [email protected]. Their dedicated team will help you with detailed information.

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