Nobody likes interruption, especially on a trip. You’ve packed your bags, found a nanny for your pet, given the necessary instructions to your partner or family to water your flowers, and you go on to buy your ticket when, suddenly, the hard truth hits you; this is not going to be a straight trip. You need to have a stop in a third country, even if the country is warm and welcoming as Iran and its people. Despite the sense of frustration taking over you since you know you’re going to have to spend a couple of precious hours somewhere between the way, you come to terms with the concept of having to stop in Iran, and now you want to know how to get an Iran Transit Visa.

As much as we feel sympathetic towards you, we think that an unwanted stop in the jewel of Middle-East won’t do you any wrong, and, in contrary, it might plant the seed in your mind for a one-way well-planned trip to Iran and make you fall in love with the lands of Persia. So, stay with us through this article on how to get Iran Transit Visa; may it be the first step in convincing nurturing your dreams about the homeland of Aryan people.

Iran Transit Visa

First things first, you don’t need to get a Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval for this type of Iran visa. So, that’s one annoying thing to cross on your sheet of “Steps to Take an Iran Transit Visa” and to be happy about it. However, still, you need to get the visa authorization number from the ministry and be in contact with them; so, it still sucks and is a painstakingly dull procedure.

Iran transit visa includes different types of permits which the foreign office issues to those in demand depending on the duration of their stay and how they enter Iran, by land, sea, or air. Unfortunately, the tidbits of information on Iran transit visa seem unconvincing and far from reliable, which makes our job harder to give you the exact clues on how to apply or the duration of visas, but, nonetheless, we’ll share what we think you would need to know.

Iran Airport Entry or Transit Visa

Usually, this visa is issued for a 72-hour stay relating business trips, and the individuals landing at one of Iran’s International Airports only interested in transiting through the country will receive a 48-hour stay permit to sort out their next flight. Here is a list of documents you need to provide:

  • Confirmed ticket for the applicants of a 72-hour visa and a written request by the Iranian sponsor must be sent to the passport and Visa department- Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Mehrabad Airport branch.
  • Confirmed ticket to the third country for the applicants of a 48-hour transit visa.

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Iran Transit Visa for Drivers and Cargo Carrying

While the circumstances for drivers to gas their vehicles through Iran as a third country change from time to time, the standards for foreign drivers carrying any cargo or goods don’t see much difference. If you’re going to drive through Iran and have questions about the transit permit, first contact the nearest Iran embassy and ask them or get in touch with our 24/7 online support team and let us help you. If you’re transporting goods, on the other hand, after you have coordinated your efforts with the Diplomatic Missions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, you will need to get your visa verification number from the ministry, which still is the most significant pain in the neck.
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Expiration Date

Transit visas are only fractionally cheaper than tourist visas and, while they don’t require authorization from Tehran, only give you up to seven days. The choice, then, is whether to get a tourist visa in advance or on arrival. Usually, Iran transit visa is issued for five to seven days, as the final available resort. You must enter and exit via different countries, and have a visa or a ticket to an onward country.

Note that, due to rocky political relationships, the Iranian government bans incoming tourists from the US, UK, and Canada from entering the country unless they have a pre-trip plan given to them by an authorized Iranian travel agency, and a certified Iranian tour guide. This person must pick them up at the borders or the airport, and even under these circumstances, the ministry must be aware of their whereabouts all the time.

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