It’s a common question for those who plan their first trip to Iran: How many days to visit Iran? The very fact that you’re reading this article is that you are probably in the same situation. Let me help you. For sure, I could tell you that Iran is vast and has so many attractions that you would need at least 3 months to discover a minute amount of it. Personally, it’s more than one year that I live in Iran and I haven’t seen half of it.

In this article, I’ll try to help you to figure out how many days should you stay in the most popular cities in Iran.

Tehran, the modern side of Iran

Tehran is the capital of Iran. Although not so popular among tourists, it definitely has a lot to offer to those who know where to go and what to do. Try to spend at least 2 days in Tehran to have an idea of contemporary Iran. From its numerous art galleries, its palaces to its fabulous parks at the heart of the city, there are plenty of sites for you to visit.

Minimum: 2 days | I advise: 3 days (2 days as a minimum) | In-depth: 5 days

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Azadi tower in Tehran | How Many Days to Visit Iran

Azadi tower in Tehran

Kashan, a jewel made out of the dust

Probably your first stop on your way from Tehran to Isfahan. The city is pretty small and many historical attractions are close to each other. From the Tabatabaei House to the Borujerdi’s historical house is just a 5 minutes walk. If you are short on time, your best option would be probably to arrive from Tehran in the afternoon and to leave the next day around the same time to Isfahan. Consider that to go to Tepe Sialk and the Fin Garden it’s only 20 minutes taxi-ride away (9km southwest of central Kashan).

Minimum: 1 day | I advise: 2 days | In-depth: 3 days

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Abbassian house of Kashan | How Many Days to Visit Iran

Abbassian house of Kashan

Isfahan, the imperial capital

Some people would tell you that you need only two days to discover Isfahan. That’s definitely wrong. As the “Half of the world” (Nesf-e Jahan) and the capital of Iran on two occasions, you have to spend some days here. Boasting more than 40 attractions, from the Naqsh-e Jahan Square to the Shaking Minarets there will always be something to discover in Isfahan and a new story to listen. Three days would be a minimum and four days would be better. you can book Isfahan hotels easily with

Minimum: 3 days | I advise: 4 days | In-depth: 5 days

Imam Mosque in Isfahan | How Many Days to Visit Iran

Imam Mosque in Isfahan

Shiraz, the sweetness of life

Shiraz is, above all, the city of poetry and gardens. Most of the tourists allow no more than two days to Shiraz, but this depends on you. If you an early bird, 2 days should be fine to have a good overview of the city. Calm and poetic by essence, Shiraz is all about feeling, and some argue that you need around 3 days to grasp the whole feeling. Discover Hafezieh (Tomb of Hafez), the marvelous Eram Garden and the photogenic Nasir-ol-Molk and many more. Don’t forget to dedicate one of your days to visit the emperor Dariush in Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid). you can book Shiraz hotels easily with

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Minimum: 2 days | I advise: 3 days | In-depth: 4 days

The Eram Garden in Shiraz | How Many Days to Visit Iran

The Eram Garden in Shiraz

Yazd, the pearl of the desert

The driest city of Iran is an important center for Zoroastrianism and is famous for the quality of its handicrafts. Its unique architecture will fascinate the most apathetic of you. Discover the exceptional Tower of Silence, the impressive Jame mosque, etc. Consider that 2 days are enough to have a good overview of the city. book Yazd hotels at ultimate ease!

Minimum: 1 day | I advise: 2 days | At depth: 3 days

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Jameh Mosque of Yazd | How Many Days to Visit Iran

Jameh Mosque of Yazd

Tabriz, a civilizational crossroad

This city is out the way for most of the tourists coming to Iran. Situated in the northwest of Iran it’s a 6-hour bus ride away from Tehran. Thus, it’s definitely a worth trip and would require 2 days to discover it. The people in Tabriz speak Azeri, a very close variant from the Turkish language. The bazaar of the city is the biggest covered bazaar of the world and is inscribed as a World Heritage Site since 2010. Don’t forget to visit the luxurious Blue Mosque. Several times the capital of Iran, this city has witnessed the history by the richness of its architecture of the different eras and dynasties. you can book the best Tabriz hotels with

Minimum: 1 day | I advise: 3 days | In-depth: 3-4 days

Tabriz Bazaar | How Many Days to Visit Iran

Tabriz Bazaar

Mashhad, Ferdowsi, and the Shahnameh

On the opposite side of the country, the city of Ferdowsi and currently the second most populous city in Iran is worth the trip by itself. The city of Mashhad is a famous pilgrimage place for Muslim Shias as Imam Reza (who is their eighth Imam) is buried there. you can book the best Mashhad hotels with us.

Minimum: 1 day | I advise: 2 days | In-depth: 3 days

Imam Reza Holy Shrine in Mashhad | How Many Days to Visit Iran

Imam Reza Holy Shrine in Mashhad

Kerman, the heart of the world

Also a former capital of Iran, this old outpost of Ardeshir Ier is now a very flourishing melting pot mixing the Persian and Baluchis. Get lost in its countless mud-brick traditional houses and relax in one of the numerous qanat-fed parks. Consider that this city would be the best place to start your exploration of the treasures of this region. You can easily discover Mahan on a one-day trip from Kerman. book the cheapest Kerman hotels with 1stQuest.

Minimum: 1 day | I advise: 2 days | In-depth: 3 days

Shahzade garden in Kerman | How Many Days to Visit Iran

Shahzade garden of Kerman

Bam, the new-born of the citadel

Visit the exceptional citadel of Bam on a day trip from Kerman. Though this wonderful city has been deeply damaged by the violent earthquake of 2003, the citadel remains a very interesting place to visit.

I advise: 1 day | In-depth: 2 days

Bam Citadel

Bam Citadel in Kerman, Iran. Photo by Toshiaki Yoshitake

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By Antoine Molliere

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