The city of Mashhad in Iran isn’t actually the best place for a romantic get-away unless you’re a devout Muslim couple which would turn the trip into a life-time experience and something comparable to a Paris tour. Nonetheless, having some clue about which hotels are the best resting places and the best hotels in Mashhad for couples traveling to the second largest city of Iran will cause you no harm.

Keep in mind that as the most sacred and holiest city of Iran and a religious destination for local and international pilgrims, Mashhad has been infamously put into bad light as a city with strict reinforced Islamic rules. Although the new-generation changes have already struck the city by storm and modern technologies and internet are widely used among the people still, it’s illegal for a single man or woman to book a hotel room together and only officially-married couples with authentic marriage papers have the right to book rooms or apartments in Mashhad.

1.Parsis Hotel

Parsis Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Parsis Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

With only 5-years of experience under its belt, Parsis Hotel is a fairly new and luxurious resort standing in a 1.5 kilometers distance to Mashhad’s most regarded spot, the Imam Reza Shrine. It’s built with 112 rooms on 17 floors with the capacity of hosting over 200 guests at the same time in well-decorated rooms fully-equipped rooms that give you a lot of options to work with such as a TV set, a closet, a safety deposit box, a phone, a tea maker, a hanger, an en-suite bathroom, unlimited free WiFi connection, and a fresh tasty breakfast which is included in the room price. Other amenities such as a traditional Persian teahouse, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a photoshoot studio, a barbershop, a swimming pool, a gym, and lots more. What makes this hotel more romantic and suited for married couples is its specially-decorated suit for newly-wed couples or general couples that have chosen Mashhad as their destination.

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2.Darvishi Hotel

Darvishi Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Darvishi Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Darvishi Hotel Mashhad booking is a luxurious 5-star hotel within short driving distance of the Haram that catches many tourists and pilgrims eyes alike. With a glassy surface and different rooms created according to modern architectural features of multiple nations, no couple is going to be able to forget this miraculous resort. This top 5-star hotel is capable of hosting guests in 223 rooms in 32 various sets such as season rooms, penthouse, nations’ room, and VIP rooms. At every corner of the hotel and at every service they provide two main characteristics are hard to neglect; comfort and serenity.

Darvishi Hotels is probably at the top of best hotels in Mashhad for couples due to the chance for guests to enjoy a good food at a garden or a rooftop restaurant emplaced in a green environment complimenting lots of additional options and amenities of the hotel compared to lesser stared hotels in Mashhad such as IPTV, Wake-up Service, airport pick-up and drop-off service, and duplex Presidential, Duplex Indian, Duplex Ancient Iran, Duplex China, Duplex Egypt, and Duplex Arabic rooms.

The atrium restaurant with a small pond in the middle and wooden seats and tables tastefully placed along its paved avenues with short alluring palm trees painting the view for diners are particularly romantic and heartwarming. Many people have argued that this hotel charges its guests highly and they had to pay for it through their noises, but the relaxing ambiance and convenient amenities and facilities with rooms of all cultures do make up for its through-the-roof receipts and a large portion of travelers, domestic or international, say that if they come back to Mashhad, Darvishi Hotel is one of the hotels in the city that they’d want to book a room at one more time.

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3. Ghasr Talaee International Hotel

Ghasre Talaee International Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Ghasr Talaee International Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

From father to son, Ghasr Talaee International Hotel was founded and operated by the Sezavar family since 2007 and still continues to water the eyes of any beholder with its modern design with a bit of touch of western architecture. Positioned closely to Imam Reza Shrine, this 2-story building is packed with features for couples and lovers to enjoy their vacation in one of the country’s biggest hotels with the highest standards and rooms and a lobby that are to die for!

Ghasr Talaee greets its guests with a wonderful bilingual and helpful receptionists that do their best to help foreigners with anything they might need and any questions. After a swift and seamless check-in procedure, guests are guided to the rooms of their choosing. Over 350 beautifully-decorated rooms spread through 20 floors of the hotel’s building give a traveler the option of picking from standard single or double rooms or to go with the imperial and presidential suites, all with a free breakfast included in their prices. En-suite bathrooms with necessary toiletries, Unlimited speedy WiFi connection joined with room amenities like flat screen TV sets, roomy closets, a tea maker for head-spinning Persian tea, and modern furniture sets make anyone happy and relaxed, especially a couple interested in exploring the pilgrim hub of Iran.

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Couples here can enjoy a plenty of unique features like billiard tables, spa salon, and a 24/7 front desk that is ready to point them at some cozy romantic cafes in Koohsangi park which is one of the city’s top spots for lovers and big restaurants with segmented traditional outdoor benches that make the atmosphere wonderful and sensational for a romantic afternoon.

Other amenities and services offered by the hotel include a library, a photoshoot studio, a pool, currency exchange, a shopping center, a gym, childcare services, a barbershop, medical services, a smoking room, luggage storage, a green space, housekeeping services, transfer services, laundry service, taxi service, and a free parking lot with enough space for 35 vehicles.

4. Almas 1 Hotel

Almas1 hotel Mashhad

Almas1 Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

If you have set your mind on booking a room in one of the best hotels in Mashhad for couples that can bring you and your partner a lot of joy and leave some memories worth a smile in your mind, then Almas Hotel is the way to go. Being massively popular, Almas Hotel 1 was branched out and Almas Hotel 2 was introduced back in 2017 as one of the city’s most sumptuous resorts. However, any of the hotels will prove to be more than sufficient in making a few days get-away to Mashhad more than expected romantic and desirable for couples.

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Almas 1 hotel is 4-star premises in just a few minutes’ walks to Imam’s Shrine. The less inexpensive twin sits in a quiet district with great accessibility to public transportation in an easy-to-find location which makes going back and forth to or from the Almas hotel a piece of cake. Here you will not be put in an awkward communication mishap with the staff since most of them, especially the receptionists have a good command of the English language and handle guests in a very friendly and kind manner; Ergo, you can be sure that they won’t let you down in front of your fiancé and partner.

The delightful spirit of the hotel doesn’t end at the check-in and it fills the inner space of the fully-decorated rooms and suites that make you feel you are staying in a safe space. The 163 rooms are on 9 floors are split into different categories, some being named special royal rooms and offer occupants with more features and services and have a direct clear view to Imam Reza’s Shrine that makes them even more romantic for those devout couples that we talked about earlier. All rooms have an en-suite bathroom with a shower and all the essential toiletries and are equipped with a TV, closets, a hanger, a fridge, a tea maker, a phone, a safety deposit box, and basic furniture.

Medical service center, beauty salon, money exchange, children playground, business center, and amazing shopping center are just some but not all facilities and services offered by the hotel which has been standing tall since 2013 in Mashhad city.

Almas 2 hotel, however, is a 5-star top-of-the-game resort thriving in luxury and elegance. Over 200 rooms suits including 4 Honeymoon Suites, 24 Imperial Suites, 15 one-bedroom Suites, Six Presidential Suites, 15 Interconnecting Rooms, 15 Triple Rooms,136 Double & Twin Rooms are at guests disposal to choose from. Newly-wed couples can enjoy a memorable stay at the honeymoon suite while other couples can enjoy the excellent high-quality services of the hotel in total comfort and tranquility.

Almas2 Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Almas2 Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

The route to Imam Reza Shrine is not that long so an evening stroll to the blazing green lights coming from the minaret of the mosque has proven to be very popular in the past.

The list of amenities of Almas 2 hotel, as one of the best hotels in Mashhad for couples, go on to different styled restaurants with both Persian and western dishes, a café, a rooftop garden restaurant for an evening of unforgettable moments. As the probable most luxurious hotel in Mashhad, the hotel holds 217 very opulent tech-heavy rooms which tastefully complement the eye-catching furniture and Jacuzzi and sauna tubs.

5. Sinoor Hotel

Sinoor Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Sinoor Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Being constructed recently and having a glamorous look to them is something that you can expect from major 4 or 5-star hotels in Mashhad, especially from those closest to the holy shrine of Imam Reza which, unsurprisingly, are a direct result of millions of pilgrims and religious vacationers swarming into the city of Mashhad, particularly on religious holidays and events. Another name on our list of best hotels in Mashhad for couples that can catch their eyes with luxurious designs and one-of-a-kind services and amenities is going to be the grand Sinoor Hotel. With a wide range of amenities and services such as full-time front disk, a boutique, renowned Persian and international restaurants, a high-capacity private parking lot, laundry and taxi services, an unlimited constant WiFi connection for all guests, Sauna and massage spa, direct transfer service to the holy shrine, rooftop garden restaurant, and a traditional Persian café you are bound to have a great time with your partner in Sinoor Hotel.

Similar to Ghasre Talaee Hotel, having a rooftop garden restaurant with a great view of the city automatically translates into having a premier romantic location that you can spend your afternoons, after a long day of sightseeing in Mashhad, with your partner and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

As another great example of the best hotels in Mashhad for couples, Sinoor hotel is packed with different types of units and rooms to satisfy any guest of any class. Nearly 286 rooms on 22 floors sum up the total amount of units available in this luxurious hotel; rooms that feature both Iranian and western-style toilets, a bathroom, a balcony (some of the rooms), fire extinguishing system, furniture (beds, couches, drawer, coat hanger, and a closet), a phone, a fridge, heating system, and cooling system and a tea maker. The 1 to 3 person apartments inside the hotel gives families and especially couples a lot more room to get comfortable and enjoy the vast space given to them.

Other special features of the hotel include a Turkish bath and a 5 dimension cinema which are advantages for couples and pretty much everyone else to have fun during their time at Sinoor Hotel.


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