Any hotel ran by an Iranian family or manager is definitely the one you want to be booking a room in since hospitality runs deep in Iranian’s blood, no matter of the geographical location of the guesthouse or the ethnicity of the Persians in charge of it; Persians are absolutely crazy about hosting guests and showing them a good time. The same thing can be said about the Hotels in Mashhad, the pilgrimage center of Iran, and their managers.

For Persians, showering guests with unending pleasantries, doing the Taarof routine with them one at the time, and putting dozens of plates stuffed with mountains of Rice with multiple pieces of juicy meat at the bottom that altogether break the wrist of whoever is carrying it, and begging them to stay for the night even if they’re total strangers, is the most essential part of the social life. That’s why, when you’re planning on traveling to Mashhad, you can’t find a single tourist who complains about Iranian food or hospitality and they even might warn you that you might have the best time of your life traveling to Mashhad.

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Reza Hotel

Reza Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Reza Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

First on our list of budget hotels in Mashhad is the Reza Hotel. Holding the same name as the eighth Imam of Shia, Reza Hotel is also incredibly close to the holy shrine of Imam Reza, with only 150 meters to the shrine, it’s considered to be the closest resort to the sacred spot. Staying at such a close distance to the shrine gives you unbelievably easy access to the most prominent sight in all Mashhad. Here you can feel the spiritual and holy atmosphere taking over you and the stylish rooms, ready for all tourists, adds to the pleasant experience. This five-star newly established hotel is a suitable choice for travelers wanting to stay in a hotel with a very quiet environment and with the modern amenities for travelers.

The 100 fully-equipped rooms of the hotel alongside its complete services as well as big halls, four restaurants serving various tasty domestic and foreign foods, a traditional teahouse, and sports center make up a pleasant and relaxing stay for guests. Other mentionable highlights of Reza hotel are its unique Iranian and Islamic architecture, fine decoration, and lightning.

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Razi Hotel

Razi Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Razi Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Razi Hotel is not the best hotel in the city, compared to other budget hotels in Mashhad, however, if you’re traveling on a low budget and want to rest in a place that’s in the walking distance of Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine then Razi Hotel is the one to go with. This is a two-star hotel located in the heart of Mashhad and close to many shopping centers so getting a souvenir for your friends and family would be fairly easy and fast. The other good feature of Razi Hotel is its 15-minute driving distance to Mashhad’s International Airport.

Despite it having only two-stars, the staff is professional and very kind and some of them are even multilingual who can speak languages like Spanish, English, Russian, and Arabic. Also, the hotel’s policies towards children say that the little ones who are under 6 years old can stay free of charge.

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Espino Hotel

Espino Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Espino Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

This is a three-star newly-built hotel in Mashhad that aims at creating a memorable and exciting stay for its guest and tourists with excellent amenities. This residential complex has 8 floors and 37 rooms equipped with a free breakfast included in the room price, TVs, free Wi-Fi, private bathrooms, and refrigerators. As one of the best budget hotels in Mashhad, Espino Hotel is not close to the Holy Mosque of Imam Reza like Reza Hotel but it still only takes you a cab and 10 minutes of patience to get to it. To remedy that, Espino Hotel sits on one of the busiest economical streets of the city giving its guests direct and smooth access to some of the city’s most popular shopping centers.

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The hotel’s rooms are furnished according to the latest standard and designed with vivid colors to bring a peaceful atmosphere for those who are accommodating there. A restaurant at this hotel is providing the guest with qualified yummy dishes while the cozy coffee shop is a proper place for spending some quality time. At the end of the day when you are tired of the pressure-filled life, sauna and Jacuzzi of the hotel is just right for you. A traditional bath is where the guest could get relaxed. The experienced helpful staff of the hotel is constantly doing their best to fulfill the demands of every desire.

Canaan Hotel

Canaan Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Canaan Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Don’t let the only star of this hotel ruin your plans or cloud your judgment, Canaan hotel is one of the best budget hotels in Mashhad. Situated next to Imam Reza Shrine, all the 28 apartments that are constructed on four floors of the hotel have air-conditioning, a refrigerator, and a TV which makes this spot economically reasonable for pilgrims and tourists traveling on a shoestring. Most of the rooms are equipped with kitchens and cooking utensils enabling the guests to cook according to their diet.

The Canaan Apartment Hotel serves Iranian cuisine with delicious flavor and desserts and hot and cold drinks.  The cozy coffee shop of the Canaan Apartment Hotel is a good place for spending some quality time with friends or to get to know some locals or pilgrims and talk about the holy vibe of the city.

The luxurious lobby of the Canaan Hotel, harmonious with everyone’s taste and beautifully decorated, creates a tranquil environment for all people of all ages. Private parking space, taxi service, elevator, and free internet access are some other great amenities of Canaan Hotel. Lastly, the amicable and kind personnel of this hotel in Mashhad make it stand out and for sure makeup for the hotel’s only star.

Jam Hotel

Jam Hotel

Jam Hotel, Mashhad, Iran

Set three kilometers both from the 15th-century Goharshad Mosque and the Anthropology Museum Of Mashhad, the modest Jam Hotel provides its customers vast access to any part of the city since it’s just a 15-minutes walk to the nearest metro station, the Shariati station. Also, this hotel is only 20 minutes away from Mashhad International Airport.

The hotel’s building has 12 floors, 9 accommodation floors, and 154 rooms including single rooms, double rooms, and many larger ones for larger families and tourist groups. Each room of this three-star hotel, which by the way received a renovation not so long ago, has a western and also Farsi toilet, a fridge, a TV, and breakfast that is too included in the price. Rooms are beautifully furnished and the free Wi-Fi connection makes getting a Snapp, an online taxi service like Uber but in Persian style, very easy and speedy. Some of the rooms have a clear view of the Shrine of Imam Reza which are obviously the more expensive ones. Other facilities inside of the hotel are three different types of modern and traditional restaurants called Morvarid, ChashmAndaz, and AbShar. The spacious conference hall can host 300 people at the same time with a good internet connection. you can book your hotels online easily through 1stQuest.

For tourists traveling to Iran and Mashhad by car, a two-story parking lot is ready to accept their vehicles. The excellent staff, as a part of one the best budget hotels in Mashhad, is immensely welcoming and also speaks English.

Javad Hotel

Out of all the hotels in Mashhad brought to you in this piece, we have saved the last spot for a fancier hotel. The newly-built four-start Javad hotel is located near the holy shrine of Imam Reza for a calm and relaxing environment that guests can enjoy and spend their late-night time in. Javad hotel is the closes four-star resort to the holy Haram of Imam Reza with less than a 10-minute walk from the hotel’s door to the gates of the shrine.

If you really want to enjoy your free time in the city then you should book a room in this hotel before you start your journey to Mashhad. It offers an outstanding accommodation experience with exquisitely designed and artistically furnished rooms and suites which come in with all the necessary accessories and amenities. Every well-furnished room at Javad Hotel includes 24-hour room service and separated bathrooms stuffed with sanitized towels, a raised sink, and a shower. If you’re a big TV fan, then good news for you. There is a twenty-six inch LCD TV in each room with the satellite channels programmed into the receiver.

Having conventional amenities and a superb setting with an eye-catching view of Imam Reza Shrine along with a luxury restaurant serving tasty cuisines, this hotel feels irresistible to tourists and pilgrims alike.

Other amenities of Javad hotel in Mashhad include a complimentary breakfast buffet, a restaurant with full launch and dinner fare, a coffee shop, and a fast internet connection. Spa and other recreational facilities such as a gym are also built into the hotel for a more relaxing and convenient stay.

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