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Ski Resorts in Iran; Slope Away From The Heat

Every time I went down to our storage room back in my childhood days to get everything, I had to go through my father’s old-ass ski equipment gathering dirt just standing there, if not rusting away. He kept them for so long it felt like a lifetime, but he would never use them, claiming he was too old to use them, but they were too dear to let go. The mere sight of the ski equipment got my head rolling every time; how would it feel to put them on and give it a shot? Where are the best ski resorts in Iran, close to my home, where I could try those rusty little ski poles and worn-off shoes on and make a complete fool of myself since I knew nothing about skiing and the gear would probably get me injured seriously?

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Travel Guides

Guide to Iran Deserts; Dangerously Bewitching

Iran deserts make up a huge chunk of any YouTube bit or tourism-related blog uploaded to the internet about the enigmatic socially-polarized Iran. This got us reviewing our blog stash and realizing we needed to pump up our game on “Iran deserts” and bring you a solid description of what awaits you in these god-forsaken baron dry-lands. So, bare with us through this piece as we take a more in-depth look at the subjects to fetch you a complete “Guide to Iran deserts” that educates you on the elementary material of these two mysterious landmarks, Dasht-e Kavir and Kavir-e Loot.

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Tip to the Trip

Iran Transit Visa; an Uncharted Territory

Nobody likes interruption, especially on a trip. You’ve packed your bags, found a nanny for your pet, given the necessary instructions to your partner or family to water your flowers, and you go on to buy your ticket when, suddenly, the hard truth hits you; this is not going to be a straight trip.

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