Iran and India have friendly relations in many areas. Both countries share a lot in literature, religion, and history. In recent years, more Indians choose Iran as their holiday destination because of the huge drop in the Iranian currency value. The article below provides you with helpful information about Iran visa for Indians passport holders.

How can Indians apply for an Iranian visa?

It is super easy! As an Indian passport holder, you need to apply for an authorization code through a travel agency in Iran. The authorization code functions like an Invitation letter from a host in Iran. 1stQuest provides you with a code within 3 working days. In order to apply for your authorization code, you need to take the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the visa form. You need to provide your personal information, contact information, passport information, and your arrival and departure dates.
  3. Upload the photo of your passport’s first page and a passport-sized picture. Note that women do not have to have a headscarf, so-called Hijab for their visa photo.
  4. Pay the visa service fee
  5. Your code is in your inbox in the next 3 days!

Here is a sample of accepted passport photo:

Here is a sample of accepted passport-sized picture:

Passport sample photo

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Do you want to get your visa in 2 days without any hassle? 1stQuest will take care of all the process with best support. It`s cheap, easy and the chance of rejection is almost 0%.

How much is Iran visa fees for Indian?

It depends where you would like to collect your visa.
If you are planning to pick up your visa at the airport, upon your arrival:

The authorization with 1stQuest costs 19 EUR that you may pay online and your visa fee is 50 EUR that you need to pay in cash at the airport.

If you are planning to pick up your visa from the embassy of Iran in India or any other country:

The authorization with 1stQuest costs 29 EUR that you may pay online and your visa fee is 60 EUR that you need to pay in cash at the embassy. (Please consider that sometimes it might take 2 days and you need to leave your passport, and come back)

So in general, if you collect your visa from an Iranian embassy or consulate, you have saved yourself a 10 EUR!

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What types of Iranian visas can Indians apply for?

Tourist visa:

 Visa for foreign citizens who intend to travel to Iran for tourist purposes.

Pilgrimage visa:

 Visa for Muslim foreign travelers who intend to visit holy places in Iran.

Transit visa:

This visa allows you to pass through Iran with no purpose of stay. You need to provide enough documents that show you are aiming to travel to another country

Medical visa: 

Visa for foreign citizens who wish to travel to Iran for medical purposes and have already received an approval letter from one of the authorized medical centers

Entry visa:

Visa for those who have an invitation letter from governmental organizations, private and public sectors with the purpose of doing business in any level.

If you need more information about the visas above, please feel free to contact 1stQuest support team at [email protected]

You can fill Iran visa application form online through 1stQuest.

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