Isfahan has always been a host to many different types of guests during its enriched and fascinating history, foreign and domestic alike. From Kings, Queens, Sultans, and wealthy traders to ordinary travelers and tourists, Isfahan has never left anyone without a roof on their head while they were staying in the city. That’s why when it comes to accepting guests, hotels and hostels in Isfahan are so wonderfully reviewed by tourists and travelers from any country and background.

Family-run hostels in Isfahan are suitable options for who really desire true Iranian hospitality and want to know a little bit more about Persian housing and traditional Persian guesthouses. These houses don’t just preserve the families that have been living in them for centuries, they carry on the true essence of Persian culture, elegant Persian architecture, and old patterns and designs. Hostels in Isfahan are sometimes very unique and ancient and sometimes their owners add a tiny bit of modernization to their design so that everyone feels comfortable and accepted while staying in them.

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Howzak House

Howzak House, Isfahan, Iran

Howzak House, Isfahan, Iran

This house is one of the hostels in Isfahan that you should definitely keep on your bucket list. Howzak House is a traditional Persian house passed on from one family to another who took it upon themselves to preserve the house as best as they could and also to enrich its history with their stories. The unique setting of this house will immediately take your mind to the traditional houses in Kashan, which are being used as hostels or hotels too since Howzak is also a century-old too and has the same design and architecture. The fountain-centered courtyard filled with local green plants is the best place to chill and gather around with friends and families or just meet new people during the summer. In fall, it’s the best hang-out to drink some Iranian herbal tea while the cool breeze of early autumn complements the warmness of the traditional Persian drink. Also, check out: 5 must-see landmarks in Isfahan.

This family-run guest house is located in the heart of the city and is one of the best budget hostels in Isfahan, with it being only a few-minute walk from a prestigious tourist attraction such as Jameh Mosque. Also check out: what to see and do during your first time in Isfahan

Rag Rug Hostel


Ragrughostel, Isfahan, Iran

If you’re fascinated about resting in a hostel that is not so much traditional as it’s conventional and new, then definitely you should check out Rag Rug hostel. This is one of Iranian’s modern hostels in Isfahan built by a millennial Iranian entrepreneur. The only thing very Persian in the interior design are the tiles lined with old Islamic patterns and in the color of blue. Other than that, the complex feels like a standard hostel with very good amenities, clean beds, and very affordable rooms. Rag Rug consists of different rooms for smaller or larger groups with bunk beds.

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This hostel is the best place to feel the true Persian hospitality. The reception is working 24/7 to help any guest with their reservations. It has a marvelous rooftop with a panoramic view to nearby Isfahan streets and a side yard filled with plants for a warm friendly chat while you’re enjoying your coffee. The hostel has ever-running hot water, all-season central heating system and also air conditioning, and storage services for guests. It serves Iranian breakfast and provides airport pick-ups. Each guest will get an individual locker and curtain for privacy.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel is among the best Luxury hotels in Isfahan you can book this hotel easily through 1stQuest.

Narcis BnB

Narcis BnB

Narcis BnB, Isfahan, Iran

Narcis BnB is a comfortable hostel apartment in the center of Isfahan and close to some of the major tourist attractions. During the day, you can stroll to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Naqsh-e Jahan Square and other historical buildings in under 15 minutes and in the night, you can enjoy a good night sleep away from all the city noise.

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When it comes to deciding what to eat, Narcis hostel has got a lot of options for you. Alternatives like having a delicious traditional home-cooked breakfast or ordering traditional food for lunch and dinner with a little extra fee. This small and friendly-atmosphere hostel in Isfahan also includes a large living room and a small balcony, free laundry, and there is a shared kitchen with everything you may need if you decide to cook for yourself. If you are interested in staying in a warm, homely, and welcoming environment in Isfahan, Narcis BnB is the spot for you. This is another one of lovely and budget hostels in Isfahan with private apartments that offer bright rooms. All rooms are equipped with comfortable double beds, and free WiFi connection but unfortunately you have to share a bathroom with other guests. Hairdryer and ironing facilities are available.

Saraye Safir

Saraye Safir

Saraye Safir, Isfahan, Iran

Located in the north side of Isfahan is the 80 years old traditional hotel of Saraye Safir which has recently received a renovation. This is must sleep-even-for-a-night hotel for those interested in staying at a hotel with traditional Persian hospitality and modern features. Saraye Safir is packed with different amenities for tourists and guests. Traditional shops, multipurpose hotel conference hall, Spa and swimming facilities with a traditional Persian bath on the side, and fancy restaurants ready to serve your desired Persian dishes and cousins are all located inside the hotel. This hotel has 7 rooms and 21 beds, and probably the one thing that makes this resort truly stand out, compared to many other budget hotels and hostels in Isfahan, is its “Sharbat Khane”, a kind of traditional Persian tea house with the exception that instead of tea you will be served the famous Iranian Sharbat, a drink squeezed from different fresh fruits and flower petals.

As for tourist attractions, almost all the hot spots are fairly close to the hotel. Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Shah Mosque, Chehel Sotun, Bazaar of Isfahan, Si-o-Se Pol, Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, and Ali Qapu Palace are just a 5-minute-taxi drive away and the hotel staff is generally very helpful and kind and they’ll help you with the directions or with getting a taxi. Another memorable feature of the hotel is its big yard decorated with flowers, plants, chairs and sits, and let’s not forget the traditional Persian small pool/fountain which like many courtyards of houses in Kashan is located in the center of the yard that gives the whole compound a homely warm kind of feeling so that nobody feels left out.  Saraye Safir is definitely the place, that at the end of your stay, will leave you wanting to stay for more days to explore and relish in its beauties. If you’re interested in booking a room of this hotel in Isfahan, make sure to check out its dedicated page on 1stquest website for more details and instructions on how to reserve a room.

Seven Hostel

Seven Hostel

Seven Hostel, Isfahan, Iran

Another one of budget hostels in Isfahan and an additional link in the SevenHostels Group. Seven Hostel is a joint project between SevenHostels and Orchid Hotel in Isfahan. This is another budget option for tourists and Isfahan-lovers since it’s located near some important sights of Isfahan and the metro station. The staff is really nice and helpful. Breakfast is included in the room price and each one comes with a free Wi-Fi internet connection. Another good news is that rooms come with their private bathrooms which solves the problem of occasional awkward encounters with other guests in the corridors.

Seven Hostel is a neat and clean hostel for those thinking of saving money on accommodations and spending more on seeing the city so enriched with history and culture it’s known as “Nesf-e Jahan” or the city that holds half of the world in it.

The manager of the hostel is a smart local who has many years of experience in the field of management and is one of the best features of the hotel. He has great knowledge about the tourist attractions in Isfahan and gives his guests the easiest directions to reach the popular tourist spots.

Tak Taku Guesthouse


taktaku hostel, Isfahan, Iran

Tak Taku is a recently renovated, heritage-listed guesthouse in the tiny village of Toudeshk Cho. It is surrounded by mud-brick homes, near a beautiful mosque and a very old Haman, about an hour away from Isfahan on the way to Yazd. Tak Taku is a family-run guesthouse that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a traditional home-cooked Iranian style. Rooms are available with separated or shared bathrooms. The rooms are centered by a beautiful courtyard with a fountain, or a small pool as some say, a place for family and friends to sit on traditional Iranian benches.

Mohammad is the very-friendly owner of the house who goes out of his way to help his guests in many things such as organizing trips to the desert or the Gavkhuni Salt Lake and camping under the starry night of Isfahan’s deserts.

Everything about Tak Taku feels so authenticate and original and the friendly atmosphere is so addictive that many tourists find it hard to let go of this traditional Persian guesthouse. Out of all hostels in Isfahan or close to it, this one is by far the wildest and natural one.

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