The hospitality industry in Iran is growing rapidly and every effort is being made by local business owners and the government alike to attract more and more visitors yearly. This influx in the industry has meant that many cheap hotels across Iran are springing up!

Iran is home to many beautiful places, but Isfahan is probably Iran’s number one tourist destination for foreigners and locals alike. Home to gorgeous palaces, mosques, squares, and ancient architecture, it’s easy to see why Isfahan is Iran’s tourism hot spot. Anyone who has visited would agree, there is something magical about Isfahan.

You will find a lot of budget hotels in Isfahan that provide amazing amenities. They exude great hospitality and care to the guests. Just like five-star hotels, many Isfahan budget-friendly hotels also offer free breakfast and meals in their charges, thus reducing the cost of spending on accommodation. For some, they provide car rental services for guests so that they don’t go through the stress of looking for transportation to get to their destinations in the city center.
Isfahan has ample budget-friendly hotels that provide guests with comfortable accommodation. Perhaps more than mod-cons, Isfahani budget accommodation exudes hospitality and comfort for guests. Just like five-star hotels, almost all Isfahan budget-friendly hotels offer free buffet breakfast and a low cost snack-bar.

Apart from the cost saving benefits, many cheap hotels in Isfahan are centrally located near the major attractions and activities in the city. If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Isfahan, here’s a selection of accommodation for low budget travelers.

It’s not hard to find cheap hotels in Isfahan, provided you know where and how to find them. These cheap hotels listed allow you to have the best of both worlds: experience Persian hospitality in cozy lodgings while spending less. With proximity to tourist spots in Isfahan, you don’t have to spend time and money on transport.

Travelers should keep in mind that during the high season it can be hard to find a place to stay as virtually all hotels in Isfahan get booked up. It is therefore advisable to book your accommodation ahead of time. You can make online reservations through 1stQuest.

1. Viana Hotel Isfahan

If you are all out for a budget hotel in Isfahan, the Viana Hotel might be the place for you. In addition, the location of this 1-star hotel put guests in proximity to some of the best attractions in the city. Getting to the nearest bus stop is just a 5-minute walk away. The Naghsh-e Jahan Square, a significant historical monument of Iran is about 5 km away from the hotel. Other historical palaces within proximity to Viana hotel include Chehel Sotoun Palace (4 km) and Hasht Behehesht Palace (2 km). Other major attractions close to the hotel include Nazhyan Park, Birds Garden, Flowers Garden, and Si-o-Se-Pol, the most famous bridge over Zayanderud.
During the high season, it can be hard to find a place to stay as virtually all hotels get booked up. It is therefore advisable to book your accommodation ahead of time. More so, the Viana Hotel is family friendly. So if you are traveling to Isfahan with kids and are looking for a cheap yet kid-friendly hotel to stay, Viana hotel ticks the box. Kids under the age of 3 are free of charges. With 3 floors, the hotel has 13 rooms with each having a flatscreen television, minibar, split AC and central heating.
The establishment’s common area include Wi-Fi internet connection. Other amenities include laundry, car park, garage, wired internet, restaurant, and breakfast room.

Viana hotel Isfahan

Viana Hotel, Isfahan, Iran

2. Mahan Hotel Isfahan

Built in 2011, Isfahan Mahan Hotel is located in the eastern part of Isfahan right next to two major highways of Isfahan namely Aghababayi and Sayad Shirazi. Accordingly, you are not far away from the heart of the city either. Mahan Hotel is close to Ali Qapu, Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Flowers Garden, Abbasi Great Mosque, Ghadir Garden and Zayandeh Rud. All these places can be easily reached on foot.
The hotel is arranged on 8 floors with 48 well-equipped rooms. The hotel has enough rooms to accommodate about 174 people per night. And since it’s a bread and breakfast hotel, guests enjoy breakfast free of charge. Rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, AC, bathroom, drawer, fire extinguisher, LCD TV, cooling and heating system, telephone and a minibar. Other services provided by Isfahan Mahan Hotel include 24-hour front desk, parking, elevator, laundry, and other business facilities. The onsite restaurant serves delectable local cuisine. for more information about the best hotels in Isfahan, check out this article: The best Isfahan hotels

Mahan hotel isfahan

Mahan Hotel, Isfahan, Iran

3. Partak Hotel Isfahan

Partak Hotel is one of the most peaceful and quiet budget hotels in Isfahan that takes you far away from the stress of city life. It may be far away from the major tourist attractions in the city but you have the advantage of serenity and peace of mind. And just 32 kilometers from the hotel is the Shahid Beheshti International Airport. The hotel is just 30 minutes away from the city center. This means you’re not far away from the action.
With one floor the hotel has 24 rooms, each equipped with a safety deposit box, flatscreen TV, mini fridge, tea making facilities, and closets. Each room also features ensuite bathroom with a shower and all the necessary toiletries. Enjoy free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Take advantage of the fully equipped kitchen and put your cooking skills to test. Other services and amenities available include concierge, currency exchange, library, gift shop, and dry cleaning, among others. if you want to know how to book a hotel in Iran, check out this article: Iran hotels booking

Partak hotel Isfahan

Partak Hotel Isfahan, Iran

4. Zohreh Hotel

Zohreh Hotel is one of the most stylish pocket-friendly hotels in Isfahan due to its classic traditional décor and colorful furniture. The well illuminated and beautifully designed rooms and suites make it a place you’d want to stay while vacationing in Isfahan. Enjoy easy access to top attractions such as Chehel Sotoun, Hasht Behesht Palace, and not forgetting to mention Naqsh-e Jahan Square. Airport, subway station and bus terminal are just a few kilometers away from the hotel. Zohreh is indeed a great choice for those looking for an Iranian traditional style accommodation at budget-friendly prices. Enjoy delicious traditional dishes at the Zohreh Hotel roof restaurant.
Zohreh is not just about beauty and lovely décor but also about great hospitality and comfort. There are 57 rooms on seven floors for guests of all kinds. Room types include single, double, twin, triple, royal suite, and VIP rooms. This makes the hotel a perfect option for solo travelers, honeymooners, and families. Room facilities include a wardrobe, furniture, drawers, and indoor fridge just to name a few. for more information about traditional hotels in Isfahan check out this article: Isfahan traditional hotels

Zohreh hotel Isfahan

Zohreh Hotel, Isfahan, Iran

5. Jolfa Hotel

Jolfa Hotel is a 2-star hotel located on Hakim Nezami Street. The hotel is closely located to a top historical landmark in the city called Vank Cathedral. Other tourist attractions nearby include Chehel Sotoun Palace, Isfahan Music Museum and Si-o-Se Pol Bridge. Guests enjoy easy access to the airport (35 km) and the train station (18km). The hotel guests can easily explore major landmarks in the city by hiring a taxi. The hotel rooms offer stunning views of Vank Cathedral. Room types include single, double and triple. The restaurant serves a wide range of traditional Greece and Persian foods. Be sure to choose the Jolfa Hotel during your tour of Iran and experience the best moments of your life. here you can find the best boutique hotels in Iran: Iran boutique hotels

Jolfa hotel Isfahan

Jolfa Hotel Isfahan, Iran

It’s not hard to find cheap hotels in Isfahan provided you know where and how to find them. These cheap hotels listed above allow you to experience an ultimate holiday while giving you the opportunity to spend less. And with the proximity of the hotels to tourists spots in Isfahan, you don’t have to spend more on commuting expenses. Keep in mind that during the high season it can be hard to find a place to stay as virtually all hotels in Isfahan get booked up. It is therefore advisable to book your accommodation ahead of time. You can make your reservations online easily through 1stQuest.

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