The words “Turkish bath” may sound the most familiar, but there are several other cultures that incorporate bathhouses into their lives- cultures such as Korean, Japanese, Russian, and, of course, Iranian. While the majority of bathhouses in Iran have either been converted into teahouses or tourist attractions and give insight into the age-old rituals through the use of wax figures, one bathhouse, in particular, is offering visitors a new and exciting adventure. Now in addition to soaking up the rich culture, spectacular architecture, and delicious delicacies in Isfahan, you can also experience the traditional Iranian bathhouse at Qazi Persian Bath. And as always, 1stQuest can help get you to and book accommodations in this crown jewel city of Iran nicknamed “half of the world.”

A brief history of Iranian bathhouses

Iranian bathhouse

Iranian bathhouse | Photo courtesy of Qazi Persian Bath

The Iranian bathhouse (“hammam” or “garm-abeh” in Persian) dates back centuries, even prior to the Islamic conquest. More than just a place to wash up, the bathhouse served as a space to do everything from chatting and gossiping with friends and neighbors to discussing current events and resolving disputes among politicians. Major life milestones such as the birth of a baby, entering married life, ending a mourning period, or preparing for the new year were also marked at the bathhouse.

The typical bathhouse consisted of several parts: a changing room (sarbineh), hallway (miandar), main heated room (garmkhaneh), and a water-filled basin in the center of the room (khazineh). Using a scrubbing mitt (kiseh) and a special chalk-like substance made of various hardened minerals and fat (sefid-ab), a masseur (dallak) exfoliated and massaged the client. This was also a time for men to shave their beards and clip their nails.

Qazi Persian Bath

Photo courtesy of Qazi Persian Bath

Over time, as modern life allowed for showers and baths in the privacy of ones’ home, the custom of going to the bathhouse began to wane. While a few are still in use today, their number has greatly dwindled. And of the ones that exist, none are nearly as beautiful or quite as traditional as the ones that are now museums. Until now. Qazi Persian Bath has gone to great lengths to revive this part of Iranian culture and allow its visitors to experience an authentic Iranian bathhouse in modern times.

Qazi Persian Bath

Khazineh at Qazi Persian Bath

Khazineh at Qazi Persian Bath | Photo courtesy of Qazi Persian Bath

So what can you expect at Qazi Persian Bath? Located in Isfahan’s historical texture, this restored 300-year-old bathhouse has preserved its original character to leave you with an unforgettable and unique memory of Iran. You’ll start by receiving a cool beverage along with an explanation of the bathhouse’s history and its rituals, after which men and women will be taken to their respective areas. When you change, you’ll be offered a cloth to cover up with so you won’t be completely in the buff. The dallak will give you a vigorous scrub that will leave you delighted (and mildly horrified) at the dead skin sloughing off. After sudsing up with some natural handcrafted soaps to get your skin squeaky clean and enjoying a massage to release any lingering tension, you can spend some time relaxing in the khazineh or pool.

Qazi Persian Bath pool

Qazi Persian Bath pool | Photo courtesy of Qazi Persian Bath

Hygiene is of the utmost importance here, so you can put your mind at ease knowing that supplies used will be new for each individual. The khazineh and pool have been renovated with the latest technology to include water purification and a disinfection system.

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Bath supplies | Photo courtesy of Qazi Persian Bath

Before seeing you off, your hosts will again offer you something to eat and drink. We’re sure that you’ll not only leave feeling more energized and rejuvenated but that you’ll also make Qazi Persian Bath an absolute must-visit on your next trip to Iran. So what are you waiting for? Let 1st Quest help you start booking right away!

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