If you are a fan of adventurous trips, car rental in Iran might be an option for you. Iran is a four-season country with beautiful landscapes and you might lose part of this adventure on a plane. Car rental is available in most big cities where you can pick your desired type of car from among a rather short list of available cars. Models of the car available for rental is wide-ranging; from an economy hatchback like Peugeot 206 which costs approximately 30 Euros a day to a luxury SUV like Toyota Land Cruiser which costs approximately 250 Euros. This article helps you with finding a suitable rental agency and untying the car rental knot!

Is driving in Iran recommended?

At first glance, Iran’s traffic is to some extent similar to many other Asian countries.

But it has some unique features; “Everyone seems to go their own way without taking anything else into account;” said a traveler “traffic outside of the big cities is quite mellow and easily drivable.” While the crazy drivers might discourage you from renting a car, there is a bright side to this story. Driving gives you an unbeatable freedom and comfort to explore less known parts of this huge country. Navigation won’t be a big problem; You can get help from Google Maps, Waze, and locals to find your destinations.

 Every Thing You Need to Know about Car Rental in Iran

Driving in Tehran, Iran

How to rent a car

There are many rental agencies in Iran which might follow a process of car rental slightly different from the common practice in Europe or the US. The famous agencies are Europcar and Takseir. In general, the process is straightforward; you choose a car, leave a guarantee for returning it, get the keys, drive, deliver it back, pay for it, and get the guarantee back. A traveler, who got his rented car from Europcar in Shiraz said “the return procedure at Imam Khomeini international airport is standard like in any other rental location world-wide. You drop off the car at the arrival level; a lady will check the car and off you go.”


Who can rent a car?

Anyone –who doesn’t want to be at mercy of a driver- can rent a car in Iran. Anyone between 18 (21 for some agencies) can rent a car.

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Is it possible to rent a car without a driver?

Yes. Many rental agencies make this happen. But there is sometimes a limitation for choosing the car model. Some agencies, for example, won’t give you luxury cars unless you hire a driver from the agency. There are also some agencies which don’t let the customers take expensive models out of the city.

Dena Plus, an Iranian car that you can rent without a driver.

Popular renting locations in Iran

There some famous rental agency including Europcar, Saadat rent, Takseir, Aradseir, Persiangasht, Parsianhamrah, and Hamirent. Some agencies –like Takseir- let the customer choose where to get the car; for some others, there is a limitation. Most agencies run their car delivery services in big cities: Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Yazd, Rasht, and Bandar Abbas. There are offices for Europcar, for example, at IKIA and Mehr Abad airports in Tehran. Before returning, it’s a good idea to ask if the agency charges you for delivering the car at the airport or not.


Guarantee for car rental in Iran

Depending on the agency, you’ll be asked for any of these as a guarantee: passport, valid driving license, or your visa. Your agency may ask for a deposit in cash; the deposit may range from 1000 to 5000 euros depending on the type of car and the agency. You’ll also be charged for an added fee of insurance. While your deposit will be returned to you when you deliver the car, some agencies will keep a small amount of the deposit as a guarantee for the possible fines recorded by police cameras; this money will be sent after your return in approximately 75 days.

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 Every Thing You Need to Know about Car Rental in Iran

Toyota Prado, a car for renting in Iran.

The prices

Car rental prices vary depending on many factors: car model, duration, mileage, and whether you’re hiring a driver or not. Like any other you can get better deals if you make longer (usually longer than a week) bookings.

Thinking of budget, you might wonder how much you should pay to rent a car. Well, the choices are different. There is often an economical option in the agencies; Iranian cars or older models of famous companies are included in this group. For example, an economy hatchback like Peugeot 206, or Dena, an Iranian sedan, might cost approximately 30 Euros a day. More expensive cars like Renault Logan/Symbol or Kia Cerato might be rented from 60 to 110 euros a day respectively. There are more expensive cars available for rental like Toyota’s luxury SUV, Land Cruiser, which costs approximately 250 Euros a day. Considering the necessity of having insurance, some agencies may ask for an extra amount for it. Prepare enough cash for renting the car as your credit cards won’t work in Iran.

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 Every Thing You Need to Know about Car Rental in Iran

The most famous rental agency is Europcar

Car rental or public transportation?

In conclusion, car rental is an exciting choice of letting you start and stop the car whenever you want and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. If this adventure fits in your budget, then why not trying it. Otherwise, you can use public transport which is cheaper and frequently available.

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By Zahra Mohammadi

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