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Money and Costs: Which Budget to Travel in Iran?

This question has so many occurrences and Google that I decided to write this article in order to help you clear things up. It would be unfortunate to run out of money after a few days in a country where you cannot use your credit card. In this article, I’ll try to detail the cost of life in Iran for a tourist considering a different type of travelers.

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How Many Days to Visit Iran?

It’s a common question for those who plan their first trip to Iran: How many days to visit Iran? The very fact that you’re reading this article is that you are probably in the same situation. Let me help you. For sure, I could tell you that Iran is vast and has so many attractions that you would need at least 3 months to discover a minute amount of it. Personally, it’s more than one year that I live in Iran and I haven’t seen half of it.

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10 Things to Do in Tehran

One commonly reads that Tehran is more known for its urban congestion and pollution and is in nowise a touristic attraction. That’s definitely wrong. Here is why. Follow me in the twists and turns of the capital of Iran.

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