Among travel destinations in Iran, the southeastern regions are probably the most neglected ones, still unknown for many travelers. However, the area has some of the most unique landscapes of Iran besides a great history and tradition as the home to one of the oldest ethnic groups of the country. Located in Sistan and Baluchistan Province, Chabhar is one of these regions.

Situated near the equator, Chabahar has pleasant weather all year round which makes it a great option for people who are travelling to Iran in winter and fall. In fact, some believe its name comes from the Persian phrase “Chahar Bahar” meaning four springs. Here I would talk about what is awaiting you in Chabahar and what you can do to have a great travel experience there.

What to do in Chabahar

Let’s start with the places you can visit in Chabahar. As I said above, the area owns some of the most unique natural attractions of Iran, rarely found anywhere else in the country or even in the globe. Chabahr is among Iran visa-free zones, so you can enter Chabahar without a visa, for more information check out this article: visa-free entry to Iran

Pink Lake in Chabahar

Pink Lake in Chabahar, Iran

Starting the journey from Chabahar Port, on the coastal road to Govatr, the first attraction you can visit is Lipar Wetland. Located in Lipari Valley, the wetland also named as Pink Wetland or Lake has created an eye-catching landscape with its pink color which sometimes even turn to red. The wetland is also a great place for those who love birdwatching, an experience which you can enjoy in other places in Chabahar like Mangrove Forrest as well. Flamingo, different kinds of heron, see-see partridge, and coot are some of the birds you can see in this area.

The next destination on your way is Martian Mountains or Koohaye Merikhi as locals call them; a set of strange mountains located in parallel to the coasts of Oman Gulf, extending from Kacho Village to Govatr Gulf. The pointed mountains, in total contrast with the surrounding area, are not bizarre just for their peculiar shape and white, green or red colors but for the absence of any trees or plants in their vicinity. It is highly recommended to visit the Martian Mountains in the morning or afternoon and have an ample amount of water for a 1-3 hours walk. you can book Chabahar hotels at the lowest rates with 1stQuest.

Don’t miss Beris, ashore and village near the Martian Mountains, an amazing place to sit down and enjoy the tranquility of the vast sea in front of your eyes. By the time you arrive at Beris, it is probably evening and you can watch a beautiful sunset. However, you may be interested to come back in daylight to capture photos of this fishing bay.

mugger crocodile in Iran

Mugger crocodile in Iran

Visiting Beris, our next recommended destination is located near Kahir Village, not in Chabahar-Govatr Road, but on the way to Konarak, to see Chabahar’s Gel Afshan or mud volcano. These mud domes are landforms created as the result of mélange of gas, liquid and surrounding rocks. On your way to Konarak, you can also see some historical attractions in This Village including a colorful mosque and Tis’s historic castle or Portuguese Castle.

The other natural attraction of Chabahar and other southern regions is Sacred Fig trees which are mostly more than one-hundred-year-old. Also, visit Hara or Mangrove forests growing everywhere in the area. These trees with their unusual shapes and roots which are out of the soil have turned into interesting attractions for curious travelers.

Chabahar has another rare attraction too, mugger crocodile or Gwando as local people call it. The animal, native to fresh waters of Iran, Pakistan and India, is almost 4-meter long.  There is a pond in Chabahar City which you can see Gwando there if you wish.

Camel riding southeast of Iran

Camel riding southeast of Iran, Photo by Alireza Bakamal on Unsplash

Besides eye-catching landscapes and a verity of animal and plants, Chabahar is a destination to many professional water athletes who are interested in surfing, beach football, volleyball, tennis and also swimming and diving. Its sports complexes start working from 9 a.m. till afternoon.

When is the best time to Travel to Chabahar?

Chabahar’s weather is almost the same all year round but the best time regarding weather is November till April. However, this time is also high season and some of the attractions get very crowded. So If you are not interested in visiting a place with lots of people, May to September is the best time for you as it gets a bit warmer and more humid.

How to travel to Chabahar

Located in the southeast of Iran, Chabahar is in the borderline of Iran and Pakistan. Being located in the shores of Oman Gulf and the Indian Ocean has made it a strategic access point for nearby countries including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and so on.

To reach Chabahar, you can either fly from Tehran, Mashhad or some other main cities to Konark (almost 50 kilometers to Chabahar) or take a train from Tehran to Zahedan and then again fly to Chabahar or drive there. here you can book your flight tickets in Iran, Domestic flights in Iran

Beris bay in Chabahar

Beris bay in Chabahar, Iran

Where to stay in Chabahar

The region attracting the attention of many travelers recently has a verity of accommodations to stay in from 4-star hotels to eco-lodges. It is also a great choice for camping if interested as in any other place, be cautious where you are opening your tent. if you are looking for luxury accommodation in Chabahar, Lipar hotel would be a great option for you.

All in all, there are a lot to see in Chabahar. However, the most interesting experience for me was mingling with local people, listen to their music which is, in fact, a prominent one, eat their delicious local foods including Ghalye Mahi (fish), local bread, Beryani Mahi and so on. The nearest Iran province to Pakistan and its neighboring country, India, local people’s lives and traditions are highly influenced by the culture of these countries. It may be the reason the port is named as Iran’s India. Also don’t forget to buy beautiful souvenirs of the area which is usually produced by the hands of girls and women, depicting their interests and dreams. Handcrafts like Sozan Dozi which is unique to Sistan and Baluchestan and Sekkeh Dozi, mat weaving and so on.

I would highly recommend visiting Chabahar and its surrounding regions for at least 3 days. If you have visited the port or you have any question share it with us below.

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