Dress code in Iran

What is wrong, what is right, what is correct to be done? Dress code in Iran is
among the major concerns of many travelers. But packing for your Iran trip doesn’t have to be such a hassle. Ladies don’t need a burqa or a chador, just a light scarf to loosely cover their hair, pants that come down to their ankles, and a blouse that comes just above the knees. Get as creative with the colors as you want! Men can wear almost anything but shorts. That said, below you can find tons of resources that explore the topic of Iran dress code in depth.
Tip to the Trip

Dress code in Iran; Go long!

Dress codes can be real deal-breakers. Whether you’re a nurse who has set a Guinness World Record for a 26.2 miles race dressed as a nurse but are rejected for your scrubs with trousers being “too much like a doctor’s uniform” or getting booed and harassed in your hometown university for not wanting to wear a shawl in a European country, different cultures favor different dress codes.

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