Either you have fallen in love with Iran or an Iranian, either you are under medication or doing business negotiations with an Iranian company, you happen to travel to Iran often and therefore you need to get a multiple entry visa. This article is a guide for those who need such Iran visa and those who are only curious to know!

multiple entry iran visa

Iran visa

Is it possible to get a multiple entry Iran tourist visa?

The short answer is NO! You cannot get a multiple entry tourist visa to Iran but there is always a solution, nah?
The first time you get an Iran tourist visa, it is valid for maximum 30 days. It can be issued before your arrival or upon arrival—no difference.

If you need to leave Iran and go back later, you should apply for a new visa and that can be done easily at the international airports in Iran. There is no limitation in the number of your entries to Iran per year.
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Moreover, you can enter Iran free zones without an Iran visa. The list of free zones is as follows:

  • Maku
  • Anzali
  • Aras
  • Arvand
  • Kish Island
  • Qeshm Island
  • Chabahar
Iran tourist map

Iran map

Who can enter free zones without an Iran visa?

Passport holders of all countries except US, UK, Colombia, Jordan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Somalia, Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Who can enter any city in Iran without a visa?

Citizens of the following countries can travel to Iran with no visa:

  • Armenia – 90 days within 180 days
  • Azerbaijan – 30 days
  • Bolivia – 30 days
  • Georgia – 45 days
  • Malaysia – 15 days
  • Syria – 90 days
  • Turkey – 3 months
  • Venezuela – 15 days
  • Egypt – 20 days
  • Lebanon – 30 days
  • Oman – 30 days
  • Hong Kong – 21 days
  • China – 21 days

can I extend my Iran tourist visa?

surely and easily. When you are in Iran, it is possible to extend your Iran tourist visa twice and each time for 30 days. In order to do so, you should go to the police station for alien affairs and explain why you would like to stay longer. If accepted by the officer, your iran visa will be extended immediately.

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multiple entry iran visa

Iran tourist visa

Can I get a Visa on Arrival by a land border?

No. If you are planning to enter Iran by one of the land borders, it is mandatory to apply for an authorization code at least 10 days in advance and pick up your visa from an Iranian embassy or consulate.

Here’s what you need to do to get your code:

  • Fill out the visa form here (it includes your personal, contact, passport and Iran trip information)
  • Upload your passport’s first page scanned photo and a passport-sized picture of your face
  • Pay the iran visa service fee online with your credit or debit card
  • You will receive your code by email in 2 working days


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