Traveling to Iran as a solo woman in the Islamic Republic of Iran? Pretty scary isn’t it? Wise up! Here are the reasons why you can definitely travel alone as a woman in Iran and why it will be the best time of your life!

I am not trying to draw an idyllic portrait of Iran, but the country should be considered safe for solo women travelers. As everyone knows, wherever you go you’ll never be totally immune from a nasty surprise. Thus, if you read accounts of women who have actually traveled alone in Iran you’ll see that Iran is definitely a safe country for a woman to travel alone. Having said that, here are a few tips for your trip to Iran.

How to dress appropriately in Iran

Women dressing in Tehran, Iran

Girls dressing, Tehran, Iran


The hijab, the scarf and the chador

First of all, and as you probably know, Iran as a strict dress code, but no worries. Don’t mix the Islamic Republic of Iran up with Saudi Arabia. Even if you’ll probably see a lot of women wearing a chador, meaning by this a black outer garment, this is not a rule and even less mandatory. For you a simple scarf will be ample. If you want to know more about traveling to Iran, check out this article: The Ultimate Guide: 9 General Issues to Consider before Traveling to Iran

In Tehran and in the most important cities of the country you’ll encounter many girls who wear a loose scarf and use it as fashion accessory. However, if this is true in the biggest cities of Iran, especially the touristic ones, the situation is different off the beaten track. Book Tehran hotels at cheapest rates with 1stQuest.

Try to look at the positive and use the opportunity of coming to Iran to expand you collection of scarfs. Be as colorful as you want!

Long sleeves, long coat but not burka

Just landed in Iran? Why not starting by buying a manto? Those who have some notions of french language know what I’m talking about. It is a kind of trench coat that almost all women are wearing in Iran. It will be your best option to fit in with the crowd.

Arms’ skin should always be covered. Avoid wearing a t-shirt or something that could give what some consider as a tantalizing glimpse of you. That said, as long as your clothes are covering your body up to your knees, skinny jeans are definitely allowed.

For more details about safety in Iran, check out this article: Safety in Iran: What Travelers Need to Know

Useful tips for women traveling solo in Iran

Foreign women travel to Iran

Foreign women enjoying their travels in Iran

How to take the metro and the buses?

If you are alone, always seat in the women part of buses. In the metro you’re free to choose. That said, during peak hours try to travel in the women wagon in order to avoid unpleasant reflections. Men can’t and will never stick to you, so if you travel in these wagons some people could let you understand that you take the place of two people.  If you don’t have Iran visa yet, you can get your visa to Iran at ultimate ease with

How to take the intercity buses?

As you’ll probably travel in bus between the cities of Iran, always keep in mind to avoid seating next to a man. He would probably feel very uncomfortable and move seats. Don’t worry, the personal of the bus will take care of everything and direct you to a more appropriate seat. If you want to know more about travelling by bus, check out this article: Travel by Bus in Iran

How to travel by train?

A train is a very pleasant way to travel to Iran and I definitely recommend it. For solo women, there is no problem.Don’t forget to mention when you buy your ticket that you’ll travel alone in order to get a bed in the women-only carriage. If you want to travel around Iran with a degree of comfort, you can discover it on train or plane For more information, check out this article: Iran Travel Guide: Discover Iran on Plane, Train and Ferry

Travel Iran by train

When catching the metro and intercity trains, I recommend riding in the ladies only carriages.

How to spend a night in a hotel?

You will not face any problem regarding your accommodation. In a hotel, you’ll have to book a private room. You can easily book Iran hotels with If dorms are common for men in mosaferkhane (literally the house of travelers and equivalent of a hostel in Iran), as a solo woman you’ll be bound to take a private room. For more information about Budget Hotels, check out this article: Where to Sleep on Budget in Iran? (Iran Budget Hotels)

How to eat alone in a restaurant?

In most restaurants, men and women are not separated. In fact, during my travels in Iran, I did not see any restaurants where men and women ate separately. However, in some rare circumstances, there may be a separate men’s only saloon. If this is the case, the restaurant staff will direct you to an appropriate place to sit in the general sitting area.

By: Antoine Molliere


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