Iran’s landmass is 1.65 million square kilometers. This is seven times the size of the United Kingdom, four times larger than Germany and one-sixth the size of the entirety of Europe. If you’re planning a trip to Iran, you need to consider how you’re going to get around. So what are your domestic transport options? Along with hiring a driver, both domestic buses and flights in Iran are good options for traveling through this country.

Due to the vast distances between Iranian cities, flights save travelers time. Flights are also well priced and easy to book. With over 300 airports in Iran, there is an extensive flight network across the country with hourly flights between most major cities.

For all the inside info on domestic flights in Iran, read on.

flying above Iran

Iran’s extensive domestic flight network includes more than 300 airports and 15 airlines.


How to buy domestic flight tickets in Iran

Travelers have several options for purchasing flight tickets. You can purchase them:

  • at a local travel agency after you arrive
  • at the airport; or
  • in advance online via a booking agent.

Local travel agents are plentiful in Iran, however, not many travel agents will speak English. You will need to pay cash as international bank cards (such as Mastercard and Visa) do not work in Iran. Buying tickets at the airport is a great option for the impromptu traveler but be prepared for a long wait as flights often sell out.

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What are the benefits of booking online?

Mehrabad Airport | Iran Airports

Tehran’s domestic airport, Mehrabad.

To guarantee your seat at a suitable time, we recommend booking your flight in advance through an online provider. Due to sanctions against Iran, you cannot search Iranian domestic flights with an online search engine such as Webjet or Expedia. Rather, you must use a specialized booking service.

1stQuest fits this description and can connect you with all Iranian airlines through their online platform. You can search, browse and compare flights across more than 15 airlines. Booking is secure and easy. After you book, 1stQuest will issue your ticket instantly.

You can book your Iranian domestic flight today with 1stQuest!

How much are domestic flights in Iran?

Like most goods and services in Iran, prices for domestic flights are extremely affordable for international tourists.

For example, prices for direct flights from Shiraz to Tehran range from 25 to 50 EUR depending on the time of day, airline, etc. Less common flight paths, for example from Mashhad to Kish Island, start from about 35 EUR. To search for all flight prices and routes, visit

At an international airport, you can always guess which flights are bound for Tehran because Iranians are notorious for traveling with tonnes of luggage!  The good thing about this is that all domestic flights include a 20-30 kilograms baggage allowance in the base ticket price.

Complimentary refreshments and meals are served on board so you won’t have any extra expenses during the flight. you can book flight from Tehran to Shiraz easily through 1stQuest.

Is it safe to fly in Iran?

 In a word, yes.

Iranian airlines get a bit of a bad wrap because the planes are old. Due to sanctions against Iran, very few new air crafts have been allowed into Iran since the revolution. With this said, the planes are constantly repaired and renewed using the latest technology by world-class engineers.


Although Iran’s planes are old, worldwide statistics show only one Iranian airline in the world’s top ten oldest aircraft.

Many Iranian airlines are now members of the International Air Transport Association which standardize and regulate safety measures. Member airlines include Iran Air, Iran Air tour, Iran Aseman, Mahan Air, Kish Air, and Qeshm Air. Further, studies by the International Civil Aviation Organization found that Iranian airline fleets perform above the global average regarding airworthiness. you can book flight from Tehran to Isfahan online through 1stQuest.

Although often dubbed as unsafe, Iran is not on the list of countries with a high number of airplane accidents.

Fortunately, terror attacks and plane hijacks are virtually unheard of in Iran. In 1988 a domestic passenger plane was tragically shot down by the US military however there have not been any such events since that time.

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Airlines in Iran

Iran has more than 15 domestic airlines, all of which are partnered with 1stQuest.

In my experience, some airlines are better than others. While all Iranian airlines are passable, flying with Mahan Air will usually ensure you don’t have any delays. Iran Air, Qeshm Air, and Kish Air are also pretty good.

for booking flights from Shiraz to Tehran, check out 1stQuest prices.

Flight classes, refundable tickets and more ….

 Like most airlines worldwide, Iranian airlines offer economy, business, and first-class seats.

Iranian airlines use some terminology that can be confusing to first-time passengers. The term ‘system ticket’ usually means the ticket is fully refundable according to the cancellation policies of each airline and the selling agency. Whereas a ‘chartered ticket’ is usually non-refundable. In most cases, chartered tickets are cheaper than system tickets.

Each ticket will include details about making changes to the ticket and refunds. If you book using 1stQuest’s flight booking system, all exchange and refund information is clearly outlined for you, before you confirm your purchase.

How to arrange an Iranian Tourist Visa

All incoming tourists need to obtain a visa to gain entry into Iran.

Visas are issued on arrival at some international airports such as Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport. Waiting times can exceed two hours and rejection rates for visas on arrival are higher than applications made ahead of time.

We recommend applying for an Iran visa in advance. 1stQuest can handle your application for you. For fees and more information see Iran visa page.

Need more information?

 For more information on domestic flights in Iran, see our flights page.

For assistance with visa, insurance, hotels and more visit or email our friendly support team at [email protected].


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