Style of Parsian Azadi hotel and ambience

Parsian Azadi Hotel Tehran was built back in 1975 and started its work in 1978 with the name Hyatt Hotel. Its name was later changed to Parsian Azadi Hotel. This building was renovated in 2011 by architects from multiple different countries. Parsian Azadi Hotel is one of the tallest, largest buildings in the city . It can also be considered as one of the most luxurious hotels in the country. The building, having been built in 26 floors, is equipped with 475 rooms of various different types; such as: single, twin, and double rooms along side junior, royal, and presidential suites.

Parsian Azadi presidential suite

Parsian Azadi, presidential suite

The hotel is also equipped with rooms made and designed specially for the comfort of disabled persons. The architecture style of the hotel is quite modern. When entering this hotel you will be awed by the beauty of each and every part and its decoration and design, starting from the spacious lobby up to the 26th floor.

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The rooms in Parsian Azadi Hotel are very comfortable, spacious, clean, well lit, and are equipped with beautiful furniture. They over look the city of Tehran from one side of the hotel and on the other side you can see the Alborz mountains standing tall and strong. Despite the luxury and the extremely eye catching modern architecture style, this hotel is exactly like a home away from home; with the friendly professional attentive team of staff , the amazing food and all the available facilities this hotel brings you a once in a life time experience.

Parsian Azadi hotel suite

Parsian Azadi hotel suite

Special features of the Parsian Azadi hotel

This five star hotel has many special features and facilities which will definitely help improve the quality of your stay. Some of these facilities are listed down below :

Parsian Azadi Hotel Halls

Parsian Azadi Hotel Halls

Parsian Azadi Hotel Halls

1. Paniz Hall
Paniz Hall has been designed for VIP guests. This hall is located on one of the top floors of the hotel, giving the guests a beautiful view of Tehran city. Paniz Hall is one of the most luxurious halls of the hotel and has enough space for 120 guests at a time. It is used for gatherings and unique celebrations. (There is also a sound system available in this hall.)
2. Zomorod Hall
This Hall is quite spacious and is proper to use for meetings. Zomorod hall is equipped with a separating panel making it possible to hold “aghd” ( wedding) ceremonies. It can also be used to hold workshops, seminars, and exhibitions.
3. Almas and Berelian Halls
If you are looking for a place to hold formal meetings or news conferences then these two Halls ate the hotels best offer for you. You can also use these halls to hold seminars, workshops and celebrations. Almas and Berelian Halls have enough space for up to 100 guests.
4. Zarrin Hall
This spacious hall with its jaw dropping architecture style can be used for different purposes from extremely important international meetings to cocktail parties. Zarrin Hall has enough space for 100 to 500 guests and it is equipped with its own bathrooms along side two separate entrances and exits.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Restaurants

1. Parseh Restaurant

Parseh Restaurant

Parseh Restaurant

This restaurant offers you high quality, delicious cuisine. Having been located on one of the top floors, Parseh Restaurant enables its guests to enjoy a view of the city as they are eating their meals. You can reserve Parseh Restaurant for your family celebrations, business meeting breakfasts, wedding celebration dinners and etc. This restaurant is able to serve 120 guests at a time.

2. Aseman ( sky) Coffee House

Aseman Coffee House

Aseman ( sky) Coffee House

The best part about this Coffee house, of course besides the very nice drinks, is its glass roof which lets the guests see the sky as they are enjoying a drink or a small meal. The wooden furniture and the decorative flowers which are surrounding the Coffee House turn it into a peaceful relaxing place for you to sit and spend hours talking.

Parsian Azadi Hotel Amenities

1. Parsian Azadi Shopping Center

Parsian Azadi Shopping Center

Parsian Azadi Shopping Center

The hotel’s shopping center, equipped with different kinds of stores, is located next to the lobby. You can buy the things you need with a reasonable price. This shopping center includes: various gift shops (where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs and Iranian handicrafts), a place to buy Iranian SIM cards, a jewelry section (including a jewelry shop and gallery), and a supermarket.

2. Parsian Azadi Business Center

The guests of Parsian Azadi Hotel can visit the business center if they need to use computers, internet services, or to get prints. This section of the hotel is equipped with multiple computers, printers and other related facilities. The guests can also buy internet data from the business center. It is open and working from 7 am to 8 pm.

3. Parsian Azadi Sports Center

Parsian Azadi swimming pool

Parsian Azadi swimming pool

Parsian Azadi Sports Center offers different facilities such as: a body building gym ( with the best sports equipment), three different massage rooms with separate bathrooms ( with professional masseurs and more than 10 different massage types), a pool, Jacuzzis, dry sauna, steam sauna, traditional bath, and etc.
* the sports center is only available to guests who are above 15 years old.

Other facilities of the hotel

1. Private Lounge

The private Lounge is located on the 23rd floor of the hotel. Being away from the noises of the lobby makes it a great place to hold VIP meetings. The lounge has enough space for 30 people at a time.

2. Concierge

Parsian Azadi Hotel’s concierge services include: a complete guide om the hotel services, giving an introduction on the city’s attractions, giving the guests any information they need about flights, flight reservation, giving the guests information about cultural programs like concerts, theaters, and etc. and ticket reservation for the guests, tour ticket reservations, planning special services like the VIP services.

3. Dry Cleaning and House Keeping services

4. Parking lot
The hotels parking lot has enough space for 400 vehicles.

5. Hotel Data
As it was mentioned before, guests can use the business center if they need access to the internet. There is unlimited free internet available in the lobby and in the presidential suites.

Location of The Parsian Azadi Hotel

The hotel’s address: Yadegar-e-Emam Intersection, Chamran Highway, Tehran, Iran
Distance from main attractions:
( all distances listed are in kilometers.)
• Golestan palace: 14
• Sa’dabad complex: 5.6
• Azadi tower: 14
• Milad tower: 7.3
• Niavaran complex: 9.6
• Carpet museum of Iran: 9.4
• Tabiat Bridge: 6.6
• Tochal tele cabin: 6.4
• Mellat park: 4.7
• Tehran museum of contemporary art: 9.8
• Darakeh: 3.5
• Darband: 7.4
• Jamshidieh Park: 10
• Tehran Bazaar: 15
• National Jewelry Museum: 13
• Negarestan Garden: 13

Evaluations of Parsian Azadi Hotel

Parsian Azadi is a 5 star hotel. According to the TripAdvisor website it is rated 4/ 5 by the guests who have previously stayed at this hotel.
Reviews show that most of Parsian Azadi Hotel’s guests were satisfied with the rooms, services, and the staff behavior.

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