When it comes to culture and UNESCO heritage sites, Iran has numerous wonders to offer. Most tourists experience this culture through well-known cities like Tehran, yet others want to see something a little more adventurous and different. These are the same people who seek regions that are hidden from the tourist map. Places that every tourist wants to brag about because they were the only one having the chance to experience the true beauty of Iran.

Tabriz is the place that fit all these explanations. It’s a city selected as the 2018 Tourism Capital City of Islamic Countries. This marvelous region in northwest Iran is a historic city flooding with heritage and tradition. with a UNESCO-listed bazaar, beautiful architecture and the kindest locals you have come across; Say hello to Tabriz, the city of firsts.

The reason why it is called the city of firsts or the city of pioneers dates back to 1905 where the first constitutional revolution took place and along with it came lots of harsh living conditions. Unlike this unfortunate destiny, Tabriz turned out to be a place where modernity first manifested in Iran and from where it spread out throughout the country. The first publication house, the first public cinema, and the first new style hotels are among the many wonders of this spectacular city.

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We’re so excited about this awe-inspiring part of Iran that not only can we not tell you about it, but somehow to make you fall in love with it! So Here are the 5 reasons that make you consider Tabriz as your next memorable vacation destination.

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1. Tabriz Historic Bazaar; a time capsule like no other!

Though many of Tabriz historic monuments have been dismantled over time by invading armies, bad governance, or natural disasters what remains are unrivaled masterpieces of architecture – including the most noteworthy is the historic bazaar complex which used to be one of the most well-known commercial centers on the Silk Road. you can book Tabriz hotels easily with 1stQuest.

If you found your way to the grand bazaar, take a day or two to visit all the corners and enjoy the Iranian architecture at its finest essence. While walking, you will definitely smell the years passing in history, let alone the visuals you’ll see that just makes you wonder. Although the prices are reasonable and salesmen are kind, you need a guide if you cannot speak Persian or Turkish.

Tabriz grand bazaar in iran

Tabriz Grand Bazaar and historic paintings

2. The people of Tabriz; hospitality at its peak

The natives of Tabriz are called Azari and given the high percentage of Azeri people in both the Iranian Constitutional Revolution and Islamic Revolution, historical heritage runs in the blood and sweat of these people. you can book luxury hotels in Tabriz at the lowest rates through 1stQuest.

There are actually more ethnic Azerbaijanis living in Iran than in the Azerbaijan Republic, and Tabriz is a central hub for Azeri culture including food, art, and literature. Tabrizians are unbelievably warm and hospitable. Within a few hours of setting foot in the city, you’ll be greeted and welcomed by the locals at least a dozen times. This hospitality is not finished just by the greetings, because once they know you’re a foreigner, they’ll treat you like a local.

people of tabriz is a reason why you should visit tabriz now

A tourist and a Tabrizian in a rug store

Let’s hear some diary about a guy who visited Tabriz in summer:

“A boy named Behzat showed us around on our second day in Tabriz. Behzat’s a witty 21-year-old who wanted to practice his already-excellent English. An hour later, we were invited to the home of a girl named “Butterfly” and her giggly friend, Rozhan.

Needless to say, we had a blast. They were all extremely friendly and curious and refused to let us pay for anything. I offered several times, always getting a test! or a “You are our guest, we cannot let you pay for anything!”

It might seem funny but to a lot of tourists confuse Tabriz with TURKEY. The reason is that the natives in this city speak Turkish, but not Turks from Turkey. In addition to the language, everything else looks a bit Turkish,  The people, both their look and mannerisms and even the way women wore their hijabs. The shops and the sorts of souvenirs they sold. So if you want to experience Turkey with a taste of Iranian history, Tabriz is a definite place to visit. you can book Iran hotels online through 1stQuest.

3. Beautiful rug stores; a chance to buy a unique souvenir

Just type Tabriz into google and you will instantly see the recommendations of Tabriz Rugs. The reason? well rugs are the conventional Iranian souvenir and you can not talk about hand-made rugs and not mention Tabriz rugs; it’s practically impossible to visit Tabriz and not visit one of the many silk Persian rugs stores. You can even see some tracks of warmth and hospitality in these stores too, where the owner will happily invite you in for local tea and elaborate to you the unthinkable skill and effort that goes into each and every one of these hand-made rugs. did you get your Iran visa? you can apply for your Iran visa online through 1stQuest with only 19 EUR.

Famed all over the world, the Tabriz rugs are known for their variety of designs and for being one of the oldest rug weaving centers in the world. You might be thinking “Hey, I’m just in Tabriz to get a feel of Iranian culture, you know a genuine Tabriz rug will cost me an arm and a leg?”

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Don’t worry – most shop owners know tourists won’t be purchasing as a decent rug starts over 10k USD, but like everyone in Iran are just happy to sit, chat and share their beautiful culture with you.  

Things to buy in tabriz

A grand rug store in Tabriz

4. Tabriz El Goli Park; once in a lifetime experience

So far we’ve only talked about the historical heritage of Tabriz. But you might wonder “What if I want to ease off and find somewhere with more natural surroundings? Well, You have come to the right place because Tabriz El goli is considered a spectacular city due to its nature, pleasant atmosphere and beautiful landscape.

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What’s more, is that El Goli is not only a park, but it also offers many more awe-inspiring sightseeing places like the El Goli Lake, Garden pool, a palace, and restaurant or cafe. Finding a place to stay is hassle-free and you can easily settle in one of the best hotels near El Goli Complex with wonderful scenery.

El Goli Tabriz

El Goli Lake scenery in fall

5. Tabriz Traditional food; A delicious way to taste history

You might have already heard numerous times that all cities of Iran have their own traditional food; Tabriz is the crown of all these cities when it comes to extraordinary dishes that taste like a charm. Carrot Khoresh, Kufteh Tabrizi, and traditional Tabrizian Kebab are among the most delicious foods in Iran. You can find all kinds of great foods in the luxurious and traditional restaurants in Tabriz that are made to show you the genuine taste of traditional food in Tabriz. Some restaurants like Shahryar traditional restaurant, Haj Mohamad Ashpaz, Shandiz, Parviz Shishlik, Deleston, Gazmakh, Haj Ali and Berkeh are the best ones you can try.

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what to eat in Tabriz

Koofteh Tabrizi

The Bottom Line

Tabriz might not be the fancy tourist attraction everybody is talking about, but it can give you a whole lot of experience that very few places it can offer: A city well within the borders of Iran that doesn’t feel Iranian in the least (more like Turkey). Whether you’re more intrigued by the breathtaking Bazaar, the beautiful landscapes of El Goli or the taste of the traditional foods and the extremely welcoming locals, one or two days in Tabriz is a valuable addition to any trip to Iran.

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