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Safari In The Sea Of Sands

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Daily Tour

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About this activity

A trip to Oman without experiencing the tranquility of the desert wouldn’t be complete. Embark on a 4WD for a private desert safari to Wahiba Desert, a sea of sand dunes located less than 3 hours from Muscat.

This day tour can be a perfect start or ending to your trip, as simply a must and probably your most memorable souvenir!


1. Wear comfortable shoes for the desert and wadi (water shoes).
2. Camel ride is not suitable for young children.

Free Cancellation :

You can easily cancel this tour based on the policies mentioned in the following sections down below. 

Tailor-Made :

You can fully customize your tour. Add or reduce days to it, change the route or services, tailored to your needs.

Need a piece of professional advice?

Contact Mohammad, our Oman travel specialist, who can help you plan your ideal trip. Feel free to contact him on WhatsApp.


From Wadi Bani Khalid to Wahiba Desert

The unique adventure experience begins with Wani Bani Khalid (1h away from muscat): Leaving Muscat in the morning, your first stop is Oman's most famous wadi: Wadi Bani Khalid. This rocky valley holds waterfalls and stunning natural pools; the perfect place to enjoy a swim in its warm waters just before a cup of Omani coffee with Cardamom. It's time to depart Wadi towards Wahiba Desert (2h road trip).

Continue your trip: the desert awaits! Soon, you enter the peaceful and quiet Wahiba desert, also known as Al Sharquiya Sands. There, sand dunes sometimes reach 100 meters! Hidden at the heart of this golden ocean is the Bedouin camp. Here, we swap your car with a camel, the precious companions of the Arabian nomads, for a memorable desert camel ride. Efforts must be rewarded: it's time to have a barbecue in the desert, cooked in the most traditional style by your very hosts; another great way to get familiar with the culture and tradition of the Bedouins.
As the sun goes down, we head back to Muscat and leave the silence of the desert behind. But you will always keep the souvenirs of its quietness in your mind.


  • English-speaking driver-guide with 4W
  • Meals, personal expenses (like shopping), visits and activities not included in the plan

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • Once booking the experience, the entire fee should be paid.
  • Free cancelation up to two weeks before the arrival date.
  • 30% penalty for 14 to 5 days before the start date.
  • The tour will be non-refundable after five days before the start date.

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