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The front fascia of the 2022 X-Trail featured the same design-signature V-shape chromed trim included on the radiator’s grille. On the sides, it was flanked by new LED headlamps, with an upper lamp for the parking lights and blinkers, while the lower ones served as headlights. The bumper sported a pair of side scoops that channeled the air on the car’s sides, while on the lower area, it featured a broad grille. From its profile, the X-Trail was surprised by its D-pillar’s shape and the raked-forward rear windscreen.

Inside, Nissan tried to create a premium atmosphere for its customers. Gone was the analog instrument panel, replaced by a TFT, while atop the center stack, it placed a 12.3″ infotainment display. In addition, the carmaker offered the 2022 X-Trail with up to seven seats inside, with an option for two jump seats in the trunk area.


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