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Step Back in Time in Egypt

This tour will bring you back in time. You’ll step on an oasis where ancient dynasties and empires ruled one of the greatest and most powerful civilizations in the history of the world. You’ll be amazed by the marvelous Pyramids of Giza and the architecture of other historical monuments in Cairo. You’ll also travel to […]

Wander in Ancient Jordan

    This 6-day trip plan covers most of Jordan’s highlights. You’ll have a chance to visit the outstanding Petra red city, Jerash where you can visit the ruins of the Greco-Roman city and learn about the history of ancient empires. Mount, the place where Moses was revered by the three monotheistic religions, and Madaba, […]

Exclusive Oman Journey

Be ready for a quest through Oman’s mountains! With this 6-day guided tour, you’ll go off the beaten tracks to discover Oman’s most famous historical forts and explore its hidden mountain villages. In this untouched environment, you can appreciate how Omanis have learned to adjust their lives to rules of nature. Along with these hidden […]