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While most Mashhad travel guides recognize this city for housing Imam Reza Shrine, this pilgrimage destination has a lot more up her sleeve. It’s in Mashhad that you get to read Ferdowsi’s (the poet famous for writing the epic that saved Farsi) poetry by his tomb, while also enjoying the fantastic and clement weather of Kang village. Here you can not only find the highest quality saffron in Iran, but you’ll also get to learn about the piety culture of this country and meet its Sunni communities. To learn more about the golden mosques and shrines of this city, other literary figures born in it, and its lesser-known travel destinations, check out our extensive recourse below.

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Top 5-Star Iran luxury Hotels To Make Your Stay Comfortable

Iran is a perfect place for those people who love adventures. With stunning historical sites, delicious cuisine, beautiful handicrafts, wild mountains, and welcoming locals, Iran has something for everyone.  Iran offers a variety of accommodation options for tourists to choose from. Ranging from hostels, eco-lodges to the most palatial hotels in the world, with all the luxurious facilities you could ever imagine. The best part – a five-star hotel experience in Iran will not bust your budget! Rooms in Iran luxury hotels start from 40 EUR per night!

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Where to Sleep on Budget in Iran? (Iran Budget Hotels)

Traveling has nothing to do with lust for you and you don’t care a whit about hotels? Then this article is for you. Focusing on price, comfort, and cleanliness, this articles gives you a good start in choosing the right hotel.

In Iran, you’ll easily find many cheap hotels, called Mosaferkhane in Persian, that offer dorms for a few dollars per night (10-20$). If these places are suitable for backpackers, they would definitely repel the tourists. I considered a hotel as budget if it offers double rooms for less than 50$ a night.

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