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Discover Iran on a Budget

5 Cities 8 Days



  • Architecture
  • History

Age Range

  • 15-99

Service Level

  • Tight Budget


Nowadays, after a huge drop in its currency's (Rial) value, Iran is one of the cheapest destinations in the world, making it a great destination for almost everyone. Discover Iran package brings together a combination of top-rated budget hotels and high-quality bus transportation in an unbeatable deal.

What’s included?

  • Meals

    All breakfasts

  • Transport

    4 VIP bus tickets between Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz, for any date & any time you want, 1 domestic return flight: Shiraz-Tehran

  • Accommodation

    7 nights in private rooms in 2*, 3*, & 4*popular budget hotels

  • Additional Services

    Travel insurance for the duration of your trip, Visa authorization letter

  • Not Included

    Entrance fees, other meals, international flights, guides, personal expenses

Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1: Tehran

    Bustling Nightlife

    Welcome to Tehran! From the Shah to the Jazz, today we’re leaving no stone unturned. Let’s begin this trip at Golestan Palace and shake hands with Iran’s most iconic kings; from the Qajar ones to the Pahlavi Shah. Our next two stops are the National Museum of Iran and the Treasury of National Jewels. Following that, we’ll take selfies with THE Azadi Tower herself. Then we’ll have a tea break in the smallest cafe in the world at Tehran Grand Bazaar. For dinner, we’ll go where the cool kids hang out, at a Rock Cafe or a Jazz Café.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Omid Hotel

    Itinerary Image
  • Day 2: Tehran

    Grand Palaces

    Let’s head north! Today we’ll once again admire the Pahlavi family’s lavish life; this time in their summer house and garden. We’ll visit Sa'dabad Complex and Niavaran Palace, where the royal family’s everyday items are kept. We’ll have a stroll in their big gardens and visit a couple of the art museums in the complex. This evening, we’ll go to Ab-o-Atash Park to see its musical fountains. We’ll cross the beautiful Tabiat Bridge to take selfies with the fantastic view of the shiney Tehran. Finally, we’re going to picnic with the locals in Taleghani Forest Park.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Omid Hotel
    Transportation: Domestic bus (to Kashan)

    Itinerary Image
  • Day 3: Kashan

    Ancient Homes

    Rise and shine early morning, because en route to Kashan we’ll take you to see the impossible: the Shrine of Emam Khomeini. Then we'll get the original Kashan Sohan (a saffron toffee) to snack on throughout the trip. Once in Kashan, we’re going to visit the Fin Garden, the shining star of all Persian gardens. We’ll also take you to see the most beautiful and charming historical houses in Iran, and while we’re there, we’ll visit the ancient Yakhchāl (coolers) of Jalali Castle. After a delicious lunch, we’ll head to the gorgeous Agha Bozorg Mosque and its grand theological school.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Adib House Boutique Hotel
    Transportation: Domestic bus (to Isfahan)

    Itinerary Image
  • Day 4: Isfahan

    Party People & Lavish Kings

    Once we reach Isfahan, we’ll go to Naqshe Jahan Square and up a terrace with the same view of the square as the one in the brochure pictures. Then, one by one we’ll visit its iconic landmarks including Shah MosqueSheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and Ali Qapu Palace. And while we explore the Grand Bazaar, you get to visit a handicraft workshop in person. Tonight, we’ll have a leisurely stroll and a delicious dinner at a cheerful restaurant near Si-o-se-pol or Khaju Bridge.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Tolou e Khorshid

    Itinerary Image

Frequently Asked Questions

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Verified Purchase

Thanks Google, I found 1stquest and had amazing experiences in my Iran travel. All I needed was handled by Zara who had the best Italian accent ;)



Verified Purchase

Domestic buses were so cheap and reliable and made my trip affordable. Hotels provided perfect services for us. We just had a problem with Yazd to Shiraz bus ticket that was handled by a phone call to 1stquest.



Verified Purchase

A quick tip: If you need anything in Iran, just ask people in the street. People love tourists! Get along with them. They will invite you to their houses. Also do not forget to try traditional food in every city! I loved them, especially Beryouni in Isfahan!



Verified Purchase

Hotels were good. Domestic transportation system was on time. 1stquest team were completely supportive. I’d rather to stay more than 1 night in Tehran because I think it really has many things to discover. Spent 7 quality days in Iran and think it worth one other trip.



Verified Purchase

The price was affordable but the experience was not really cheap! Thanks to Zara and Daisy for their full support during this trip.



Verified Purchase

The trip is very well conceived and allows to visit many places in a quite short time. The VIP buses were, in fact, VIP. At first I was worried about not having a guide, but with the help of the above plan and the locals (very kind people, by the way) I was able to manage visiting all the attractions. Their support (Hi Zara!) was also very responsive to all my problems. The hotels were decent, much better than what I had been expecting, though they told me they would change them if I wanted to. The flight from Shiraz to Tehran is also very necessary because traveling between cities with buses is not as easy as it may sound. All in all, I can't wait to come back and I'm already planning to!

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