Kharmohre Workshop: Learn Age-old Handicraft Techniques

Qom Cultural




4 hours

Capacity: 8

Offered in English

What we’ll do?


The unique, artisanal production of Kharmohre, a six-thousand-year old handicrafted legacy from ancient Iran, has been kept alive by the Saadatmand family from the city of Qom, Iran. Kharmohre, with its mystical blue color, has become an integral part of Middle Eastern culture as generation after generation has worn it both for jewelry and as a charm believed to bring good luck.

In 1963, German Iranologist Hans Wulff discovered the city of Qom, Iran was the only remaining place in the world where Kharmohre was still produced.  Wulff began referring to the production of Kharmohre as the “Qom Technique.” Kharmohre of Qom has been registered as a cultural heritage of Iran since 2010.

Attend this tour to hear the mystical story of Kharmohre from Saadatmand family. The tour offers offers hands on experience with Kharmohre clay, visiting the production area and shopping Iranian handicrafts at the shopping area of the center.


 What you experience:

  • Learning about the history of Kharmohre and self-glazing technique.
  • Getting familiar with Saadatmand Crafts and its history.
  • Figuring out how Kharmohre clay, glaze and crafting tools are used in the process.
  • Walking around the production area to see the production process and kilns.
  • Attending the production workshop to produce Kharmohre beads on your own.
  • Visiting the shopping area.


What's included?


  • Snack and drink: During the workshop you can enjoy having Iranian Black tea, coffee, and some snacks.
  • Other services: English guide is available.

Where we’ll be?

Qom Kharmohre Workshop

From €25 per person