Maryam Persian Cooking Class

Isfahan Cultural




3 hours

Capacity: 8

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

What will we do?

If you haven't visited the Grand Bazaar already, we suggest you begin with a Spice Bazaar tour to do the necessary shopping for your meals. Then you will meet your host, Maryam, and she will guide you through 3 to 4 Persian meals and a desert. You can spend the night having tea and enjoying your dish at a traditional and homey Persian house.

What's included?

- Cooking ingredient

- Cooking utensils

What else you should know?

- The cooking class itself is €20.00 and takes about 3 hours. But for an extra €5.00 you could have a tour of the Spice Bazaar, which takes about 2 hours to complete.

- If you want to take the Spice Bazaar Tour, don't forget to inform your guide beforehand. 

Where we’ll be?