About Tehran

Tradition, modernity, high fashion, historical palaces, green gardens, and friendly people. You name it, Tehran has it. A short drive in the mild northern areas gets you to the giant palaces of the Pahlavi dynasty. You can also visit Golestan Palace and walk to the many museums around it, especially the Treasury of National Jewels and the National Museum of Iran. Got an artistic soul? Being the hub of modern art and culture, many galleries, theaters, and cinemas are all over the city. Tehran is also the ultimate destination for nightlife seekers. There are many cafes and restaurants around every park and campus, bustling with college kids. If you’ve got a taste for the expensive, Tehran has many popular malls for you. But if you are looking for tradition and handicrafts, go to the Grand Bazaar to find cute knickknacks and souvenirs.

Best Time to Visit Tehran

Visiting Tehran during March means you get to be a part of Nowruz festival. The return of March is the return of the sun, and with that the pollution starts to drop. The next best window is late September to early November when the temperature is at its most pleasant; neither too hot nor too cold. You can also expect rainfalls and crunchy orange leaves. 

Suggested months to visit Tehran

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Weather in Tehran

Tehran has a semi-arid climate, which means most days are warm and sunny. During autumn and winter, temperatures can vary depending on the directions of the prevailing winds, bust you can expect cloudy skies with sporadic rainfalls.

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