Cairo, the capital of Egypt, has so many interesting places and activities to offer to any of its visitors. This ancient and historic city is also known as the city of Thousand Minarets since it is home to so many mesmerizing monuments with Islamic architecture. In this post we’ll go through all the amazing places you can visit during your stay in Cairo. So stay tuned and take notes:

1) The Egyptian Museum

It might be interesting for you to know that the Egyptian Museum is the oldest archeological museum in the Middle east and it’s home to one of the largest collections of artifacts in the world, dating back to the ancient times of Pharaonic reign, including mummies, hieroglyphics, and statues. So it’s the ultimate place for anyone who is looking to learning about the history and culture of Egypt, and if that’s what you’re looking for, make sure to add it in your plan.

View of the Egyptian museum in Cairo and its artifacts
The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

2) Khan-el-Khalili Bazaar

If you’re looking for a place to experience the daily lifestyle of Egypt locals, then you definitely need to explore Khan-el-Khalili bazaar ,located in the heart of Islamic Cairo, and also one of the oldest bazaars in the world. This place is also the perfect place to go to, if you’re getting any souvenirs for your friends and family back home, as it’s full of interesting and unique Egyptian items and goodies.

Local shops at Khan-el-khalili bazaar
Khan-el-Khalili Bazaar, Cairo

3) The Hanging Church

Another fascinating and unique monument which you need to stop by, is the Hanging church of St Mary. The architecture of this church is quite unique and it is a great mix of Arabic, Roman, and Greek architecture along with so many religious symbols. It also gets its name due to the fact that it has been built on the Southern part of the Babylon Fortress and just above a gate which is no longer visible because of the ground beneath it, rising.

People walking in front of the Hanging church of St Mary in Cairo
The Hanging Church, Cairo

4) Al-Azhar Mosque

Al-Azhar Mosque, meaning “Radiant”, is one of the most important and well-known mosques and theological schools in Egypt and is the ultimate place for those eager to learn about the Islamic architecture as well. This mosque dates back to 10th century and it’s the first mosque that has been established in Cairo. Make sure you stop by, to enjoy its beautiful architecture and learn about its amazing and rich history in the Islamic world.

Dome of Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo
Al-Azhar Mosque, Cairo

5) Cruising experience on the Nile river

Another interesting and relaxing activity you can experience wile in Cairo is go for a boat cruising on the Nile river. You can also enjoy having dinner at one of the floating restaurants or night clubs available

A Cruise ship on the Nile river, Cairo
Nile River

6) The Citadel of Cairo

Another popular tourist attraction in Cairo is nowhere else than the Citadel of Cairo, also known as the Citadel of Saladin. This magnificent monument dates back to the the 12th century and has been a sanctum in which the rulers used to govern the country from. While there, don’t miss the beautiful city views it can offer by going up to one of the terraces and getting a mesmerizing view of the city.

View of the Cairo's Citadel
The Citadel of Cairo

7) Pyramids of Giza

Although not located inside of Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza are actually the highlight of your trip to Egypt. These pyramids has been built as royal resting place for Egyptian rulers (Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure) and they are among the seven wonders of the world because of how huge they are. We bet you’re going to be amazed when you see them in-person.

Sunset behind the Pyramids of Giza
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

8) The Sphinx of Giza

Being located very close to the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx of Giza is one of the Egypt’s most iconic monuments, and a must-see for any visitor. This monument is actually the body of a lion with a human head and it’s believed that this has been dedicated to Pharaoh Khafre.

The Sphinx monument in Egypt
The Sphinx, Egypt

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